Christmas Eve Preparations

Christmas Eve is here and my day will be filled with baking and some last minute gift-wrapping while waiting for Hubby to get home from work. The utility company he works for lets them off a half-day with a full days' pay, so he doesn't mind having to go in for just a few hours. :) Once he gets home, we will be traveling to spend time with family, then on the road again tomorrow.

I made a big batch of hot tamales for my family get-together... I've been asked before if this is some way we celebrate a family heritage and the answer is no~ it simply started many years ago when my mom and her two sisters wanted a break from the usual holiday ham and turkey, so they started making huge pots of chili with cornbread and hot tamales and the tradition has continued for over 30 years. As you can see in the background, the food inspector approves. :)

Speaking of Lily, she got a new sweater for Christmas.

And to all who read this blog: 
A wish for a safe Holiday season along with much love from all of us here on the Fraker Farm~ 
Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!


  1. Merry Christmas dear friend! We're having joke!
    Tired of turkey! Love all the photos...

  2. Lily and her new sweater filled my heart with JOY and your beautiful tree makes me feel warm and cozy... a blogger friend just started last year having Mexican food for Christmas and her family loves it... Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your hubby!! We'll be going to our daughter's house for Christmas since we have big chickens and I usually don't get in to have enough time to cook for all. We've also started a tradition of soups and chili; a good break from turkey and ham. Safe traveling!

  4. What a lovely, cozy, glistening home...a perfect Christmas Eve surely. And Lady Lily is quite the fashionable gal most truly.
    Thank you for being so gracious as to welcome us all into your home has been a delight.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Christmas filled with love, joy, and light!
    Sending hugs your way ...
    Judy x

  5. oh, little lily...

    be safe and well.

  6. Tamales sound really good, and yours look so neat all tied up and ready to go. Wishing your a very Merry Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your husband also, sweet Paula. May you be safe in your travels, and may Christmas be filled with blessings, and warm memories. Give that Lily a hug for me :)

  8. I think that is a great idea!
    I am making a ham but decided to make stuffed cabbage this year too.
    Everybody loves it and it is something different.
    Lily is so cute in that new sweater!!
    Have a safe trip.
    Pretty window shot of your tree too!

  9. Merry Christmas, Paula. God speed and be safe.

  10. Merry Christmas !! I have enjoyed reading your posts and will be look forward to next years. Love LIlys new sweater. Next year I will re-think my boring menu for x-mas dinner -- Noriko

  11. I love the idea of a Mexican or Tex-Mex Christmas meal! I'd do that except both our moms seem to think we'll have had too much turkey, so there have been a few years where we've had NO turkey dinners!! That's just wrong, we decided, so now I always do a turkey and all the fixin's, and sometimes it's still the only place we get one at Christmas.

    Love your tree photos. So beautiful. Best wishes for safe travels and a very wonderful Christmas, my friend!!

  12. Yummy! And that sweet doggie looks so cute~!

  13. Those look so good. We need to change the menu around here. Turkey and ham is getting I hope you had a wonderful and blessed day and Happy New Year. Hugs,xo

  14. What a lovely post. We did have a Merry Christmas and hope you did as well. Love ya. By the way, that last picture is stunning.


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