Autumn Scenes and Other Things

I have to say it out loud and let it soak in for a minute before I can grasp that it is already December.

It begins the season of no pasture for the sheep, with the exception of a green sprig here and there.

And the start of unexpected winter weather, like this snow the week of Thanksgiving.

Fall was pretty this year... Lily took time to pose in front of some leaves for me.

This time of year there aren't many outdoor chores to do, 
so I keep busy indoors where it's warm.
Mostly sewing..... 

I made a few things on my embroidery machine for our little nieces, who are 5 and 2~
a couple of trick or treat bags for Halloween:

And some Thanksgiving shirts, too.

We took our yearly trip to the apple orchard for my birthday in October....

Also for my birthday~ I finally got the sewing studio of my dreams; complete with robin-egg blue paint on the walls and brand new cabinets made by Hubby. *squeal*

I'll save the pictures and details for next time. ;)

Oh, and I went to market and bought a piggy.... 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. i like your sewing projects. really sweet gifts. :)

  2. Sure is good to hear from you, Paula. You've certainly been a busy gal. I can't wait to see the sewing room! Now you'll be whipping out all sorts of things!

  3. Hi Paula! It's so nice to hear what you've been up to. How exciting to have your very own studio. I can't wait to see more pictures of your new space, so cool. Love those shirts and bags. Give Lily a good scratch for me, and have a great evening. :)

  4. Adorable projects Paula! What a lucky girl you are to have such a great sewing room and I sure miss the pretty leaves of fall, already bitter cold and snowy here *sigh* have a blessed day!

  5. Hi,
    I am excited to see your sewing room. How fun. :-)

  6. Hi sweet friend.
    Happy belated birthday to you. Sounds like it was a great birthday... trip to the orchard, and renovated sewing room... awesome!!!

    Love the farm pictures. Snow even... looks wintery, that's for certain.

    Love the sewing projects that you've made for your nieces; adorable.

    Looking forward to seeing how your sewing room looks now.

    Warm wishes..

  7. Hi Paula ,
    Happy Belated birthday , hope it was a wonderful day.
    Talented you are with the embroidery machine !
    Seasons greetings ~ December seems to now be in full swing.

  8. You are so good to make gifts.
    A crafts-women :)

    Say hello to sweet Lily from me :)

  9. the only thing sweeter than that piggy is Lily's face. when I see her i want to hug her.. her face makes me smile.. glad you got a giggle out of my E card...

  10. Hi Sweetie!
    Love your piggy! The sewing and embroidery you do is SOOOOO beautiful. You are so professional.....
    Can't wait to see that studio!!!

  11. My winifred looks like a fatter version of lily

  12. Love your work, dear heart.. Your pics are lovely as is Lily..xo

  13. Paula, the studio sounds fabulous; anxiously waiting for those photos. The picture of the sheep is wonderful, love it!

  14. You sure have been busy. I love all of your pics and crafts. I would love to see those sheep up close and thank you for giving me the next best thing. Hugs to you sweet friend. xo

  15. Paula Fraker, long time no see! I'm so glad things are well in your neck of the woods.... have a happy Christmas!

  16. Good Morning Paula! I'm rather envious of the sewing room. Look forward to seeing the pictures of it. I completely understand about the blogging thing. I'll start to write a post, I know what I want to say but just cant' seem to say it. Ms. Lily is so cute!! I love her grin.

  17. is a delight to discover a post from Fraker Farm! No matter the season, your patch is a little slice of heaven.
    Sending hugs and blessings your way...

  18. The piggy is cute and Lily is even cuter. Ah snow, don't think it'll come around our way but, it looks good on your farm, Paula! Have a great weekend!!

  19. Happy Birthday a little late. I love your photos as always, but I really love the one with the sheep grazing! So beautiful. Of course, Lily is always so cute!

  20. Love all of your pretty photos. Also love what you are doing with your embroidery! Happy Birthday!

  21. That piggy is precious BUT Lily Bell is still the cutest thing on the block!!!

  22. Your home is beautiful in every season! Happy belated birthday. I can't wait to learn the details of your new sewing room!


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