A Dream Come True

Time sure flies... it's hard for me to believe that we've been living in our home for 8 years now.
All this time I have longed for my very own sewing/craft room. I'm certainly not complaining, because most of the time I've been fortunate to have a room with my sewing machine set up and ready to sew, but the spare bedroom it was in has always been shared with lots of other stuff- a kind of "catch-all" room; things that we didn't have space in the closet for and didn't want to throw away found their way into this room, at one point even a huge treadmill and stereo with CD collection were crammed in there as well.

A couple of months ago Hubby told me he would build some wall cabinets for me and help me paint, and my new sewing room would be ready just in time for my birthday. (Yep, I think I'll keep him. *swoon*)
So, after some planning and several trips to the local Goodwill with old clothes and what-nots, the room was cleaned out. The walls were painted and the cabinets started going up....

And now my dream has come true.
Here are the before and after pictures~

The "before" was a mess of this and that with no place to put anything, 
but now I have a place for my computer and large work space for my embroidery machine.
(Plus a bed for Lily underneath the table.)

This is where I do most of my sewing~ now I have room for an ironing board close by in case I'm working on a project that requires frequent pressing.

Instead of a cluttered computer area, 
now I have a huge cutting table with wheels that I can move around the room.

 And I'm most grateful for the gorgeous cabinets Hubby made for me... 
which hide all my clutter behind closed doors. *squeal* 

And the first project out of my new room? 
A quilted table runner for a dear friend, just in time for Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by to see the makeover! :)


  1. Oh Paula, your sewing room looks fabulous! I love the cabinets, and how cool is the roll-around cutting table. Very cool, indeed.

    Love the stitching on the table runner. Your friend will too, I'm sure. Have a great week!

  2. And you have a very beautiful home in the country where I've always wanted to be.You lucky gal! What a great gift your hub has given you. So happy for ya. I really like that runner with the pretty fabrics.You have a place to put that talent to work.

  3. What great space !
    We so need some renovations here.

  4. Wow! Paula, this is fabulous. Yep, your hubby is a keeper. Enjoy your new crafting/sewing room, hon. You deserve it.

  5. Wow! Awesome place to be creative! The tablerunner is so festive. Merry Christmas!

  6. I loved my visit here and finding your wonderful blog.

  7. Awesome and even a special place for Lily. Such a sweet guy to offer to do all that work.

  8. Beautiful. I love the Table Runner. We have such a room as you described but it will soon become very useful. lol. Hugs

  9. your makeover is worthy of HGTV makeover. love it. and your home is what we have dreamed of, either a log cabin or what you have. beautiful. and my favorite part of your new room is the desk and chair by the door in the 3rd collage. my taste completely

  10. Oh it's wonderful!!! I agree-you have a keeper-not only does he love you-he's a great carpenter! I'm so happy for ya!

  11. Oh Paula!!! It's Beautiful and so Big!!
    I Know you're just Loving it!
    Enjoy it sweet friend!!

  12. Your sewing room is wonderful. The cabinets are so pretty and it's such a cheerful room with the sunshine coming through the windows. What a lovely room. Thank you for sharing the makeover. It is fabulous.
    I cherish your blogger friendship and hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  13. WOW, Paula! So happy for you! I like having a designated room just for sewing; one can close the door and leave the works in progress scattered everywhere. My room is a little crowded because of the quilting frame. Aren't we lucky to have hubbies with such talent!

  14. Wow, that is a great Birthday gift.
    I love it.
    A bed for Lily too. :-) Sweet.

  15. Love, love, love it!!! It's beautiful and my two favorites are the roller cutting table and all the shelving and cabinets,,oh that's three oh well. By the way, beautiful table runner!

  16. It is wonderful!!!! Honestly, your space was pleasant before hand, but now it looks so cheery and all the pretty white just POPS and those lovely cabinets. Yes, your hubby is a gem to know exactly what you want. and what a lovely runny and lucky friend! Many blessings!!!

  17. "Swoon" is the perfect word for what your husband did for you ! I love the transformation. It is so much easier to work and create in a room set up just for that purpose, and the color...well, it's my favorite. Happy , happy you, and of course that makes your husband happy too !

  18. Hurray for you! It looks wonderful! Love the quilted runner!

  19. So wonderful! The perfect place to create!

  20. I love your house picture and the sewing room is an inspiration. I have a craft room, but it collects lots of stuff and has an abundance of leftover furniture that is repurposed for now. The hope of the future is to get it more simple and neat and functional. Get rid of everyone else's leftovers :o)

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  22. your home is so cozy! and gorgeous.
    the animals in your farm look so happy, i wish i could give me chickens a home like that. :)


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