Friday Farm Fotos: Bad Girl

It was getting dark and someone was missing; one large red hen with a pair of big yellow feet and an attitude to match. I looked up and down and in every nook and cranny with my flashlight there was no sign of her. The only clue was a red tail feather I found in the grass near the barn, and that is never a good sign. Most of the time if there has been a predator attack there is more than one feather on the ground, so that made me think she could still be out there somewhere, but as darkness fell and my batteries started getting weak, hope of finding her alive faded with my flashlight. 

I was sad.... I never like to lose any of my birds.....

Morning came. It was unusually foggy.... I didn't think it would ever get daylight. I had just poured a cup of coffee and was staring out the kitchen window, when....

I saw her.

Meandering across the back yard, looking over her shoulder as if she was hoping nobody would see her sneaking back to the chicken coop before dawn. My heart was happy!
But then, I chuckled...
At the thought that her hiney was safe but her reputation was ruined.... :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Ha ha, that's hilarious!
    I bet she found an unbelievably good cache of bugs and lost all track of time...or maybe not, she is a looker. o.O

  2. So funny!! a couple of weeks ago we had three hens party all night too! And like you thought they had met their destiny, next morning there they were, Looking , and acting like nothing had happened. Oh the worry our children put us through! ~grin~
    Enjoy your weekend, give Miss Lily a hug for me.

  3. to funny, a chicken that is out on the town.. did you smell her breathe or make her take a drug test? to show you what i know about chickens, if i saw this girl i would think she was a rooster. so how do i tell the difference.. how about a post on that

  4. You have a way with the word or turn of a phrase. You had my attention. I thought maybe she was out in the hay loft sitting on a nest full of eggs!
    You may have to put a tracking device on her leg....
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I love the cute way you shared this story. Wishing you guys a good weekend.

  6. Beautiful sky in the first photo.

  7. I was holding my breath and turning blue while I was reading; all the while thinking why did I not take that Evelyn Wood speed reading class...
    WHEW!! finally I could breath and my hear twas happy she was okay.

    HEY, dont you have a dog... Miss Lily is her name......cant she use that nose of hers and go sniff her out??? hum????

    HOPE all will be calm on the farm for a bit so you can relax and enjoy this cooler weather sitting on the back porch sipping and rocking.

  8. You certainly know how to tell a great story! Thanks for the chuckle!

    Happy weekend, my friend.


  9. Glad she's home safe but now she's a loosey-goosey.

  10. Haha...that is funny and I love how she is looking over her shoulder.

  11. LOL! You are so funny. So is that hen!

  12. PS Paula, so glad we have a good story to laugh at. ;D

  13. Hahahaaa....slipping in at all hours of day and night! TuskTusk!!
    Glad she's ok!!!

  14. Oh Paula-you made me smile today!
    :) Love you!

  15. That was so sweet! I am glad she is well. LOL!

  16. Hee hee Glad she is safe. Keep an eye out, she may be trying to hide a late clutch of eggs to set ~ sneaky lol

  17. LOL. good one Paula. She'd been hanging with the dry cattle as my mama use to

  18. What a floozy... out all night. LOL That's one wild chick you have there.

  19. I love happy ends! Thank You!

    Once the fox family have party with my hens. I didn't feel so nice after that. But I believed that some fox didn't have a empty stomach.

  20. Oh, I'm so glad the chicken was safe. She's such a lovely bird.

  21. Thanks God! She was safe. She is soooo pretty!

    Tanmay Roy


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