Morning Masterpieces

I enjoy the foggy, early mornings we have around here in late summer; you can almost see the humidity in the air in the daytime, but in the mornings the dampness settles on everything like a liquid blanket.

It makes the spider webs look even more amazing, too. 
I've mentioned here before that although Charlotte's Web was my all-time favorite childhood book, I've never been a big fan of spiders or  their webs~ especially when I accidentally walk into one. However, I can't help but to admire their beauty and be amazed that God made such a tiny creature that could spin silk from its own body to create a work of art in which to catch its meals.

This one was so tiny and delicate, I almost walked right past it.

This one was huge, and I kept thinking I was glad I didn't see the spider that built it.
(No offense, Mrs. Spider....)

I loved the little "bulls eye" in the middle of this one.
It made me think the spider either got busy on something else and didn't finish it, 
or put it there on purpose as if to say, 
"Come on, little bug... right here. Riiight in the middle. Hehe."
(I've been told I have a morbid sense of humor.)

And then there was this web....

The one that Daisy decided to eat....

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I always stop to look at spider webs. They are both art and fiber miracles to me. What I want to know is how a spider can get from point A to point B with no visible way to get there. I am always amazed by that. Wonderful post, but where is our Lily shot?

  2. I find them fascinating too. Sans the spider, I agree. Though I have a LOT of them in all corners of the house I'm constantly vacuuming. But back to the anyone could think that such order could result from disorder is beyond me. I like those webs that look like they have a vortex in the middle. They are all amazing. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. Wonderful pictures, Paula! Whenever I run into a web, I'm imagining the spider saying, "Boy I've caught a big one this time!"

  4. I am the same ~ I absolutely LOATHE spiders, but I do love the sight of a finely crafted, dew- or mist-covered web. Really quite beautiful.

    Ugh, we were staying at a lakeside camp last weekend and there were some MASSIVE spiders at work there. {{shudder}} They seemed to come out only in the dark, but they were easily visible against the white buildings in the yard light. Gross. And fascinating all at the same time!

    Great shots!!

  5. I had to laugh when I read this - I walked under our deck out back this morning to check on something and got my whole head covered with a spider web that I didn't see until it was too late - wheweee, that was awful.
    Go Daisy!! *grins*

  6. Spider webs fascinate me too, I am always amazed at how quickly they go up. Beautiful photos, and Daisy is so cute. Wishing you a most blessed day.

  7. What gorgeous captures of the spiders webs, Paula...I find them so very fascinating!

  8. they are beautiful - and to think they sometimes have to build one every.single.night from scratch.

  9. I need Daisy down here to eat spiders and their webs. these are awesome photos, it is hard for me to get a good shot of a web. i do so hate when i walk through one in our jungle. we have those star spiders and they can make one between two bushes in a few hours, right where i can walk through it.

  10. It has always amazed me what one spider can do overnight.

  11. spider web probably full of good nutrients for a sheep! I hate walking into the long spider trapezes seem to appear in my wooded property - can't see 'em until you are already enveloped - :::shudder:::::

  12. Gorgeous! Spiderwebs always remind me of bobbin very lovely!
    Wishing you much joy Paula...

  13. Hi Paula, Daisy is cute as can be. Those are some intricate webs and nice photos. Have a good evening.

  14. Just amazing Friend.
    Woolie Blessings

  15. These are works of art, Paula! Here today and gone tomorrow. Beautiful!

  16. These are works of art, Paula! Here today and gone tomorrow. Beautiful!

  17. The spider web stuck on my head wasn't that cool
    Benny & Lily

  18. I'm with you, spiders scare me, but their webs fascinate & amaze me. I just don't like walking through one and having to worry about the spider being somewhere on me... and that has happened too often, me finding a spider wandering in my hair shortly after I walk through a web. I think though, the spider is as scared as I am.

    Beautiful pictures. Will Daisy come eat the spider webs around here ?

  19. I love to look at them but it scares me to death when I run into one. I think of the morning my hubby came in the house with a big spider on his back.. lol.

  20. Great photos. I am with you, I am not a fan of spiders. My boys know it. They like to hide plastic spiders around the house on me.

  21. Fabulous photos!!! But I sure can't imagine eating one of those web. bphthphth

  22. I really enjoyed the spider web photos and Daisy (too funny). The writing spider comes here around now with the cooler Fall like weather, big yellow and black ...fascinating, but a bit intimidating !
    Have a bountiful, beautiful Sunday.

  23. Cool shots Paula! And maybe they taste sweet? I'd heard that somewhere...

  24. spider webs are incredible works of art but I've never wondered what they taste like -lol-.

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  26. Love your spider webs! I love to watch spiders weave their web. They are amazing.


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