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Morning Masterpieces

I enjoy the foggy, early mornings we have around here in late summer; you can almost see the humidity in the air in the daytime, but in the mornings the dampness settles on everything like a liquid blanket.
It makes the spider webs look even more amazing, too.  I've mentioned here before that although Charlotte's Webwas my all-time favorite childhood book, I've never been a big fan of spiders or  their webs~ especially when I accidentally walk into one. However, I can't help but to admire their beauty and be amazed that God made such a tiny creature that could spin silk from its own body to create a work of art in which to catch its meals.

This one was so tiny and delicate, I almost walked right past it.

This one was huge, and I kept thinking I was glad I didn't see the spider that built it. (No offense, Mrs. Spider....)

I loved the little "bulls eye" in the middle of this one. It made me think the spider either got busy on something else and didn't …

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Humming Along

We have a new (and faster!) internet now, so I'm hoping to get back into blogging more regularly than I have the past few months. The frustration of the old internet connection combined with having lots of things to do this time of year have kept me away far too long.... it's good to finally be back. :)