Friday Farm Fotos: June Happenings

A stormy June sky turns into a beautiful sunset.

It's hard to believe June is already here~ good grief! 
So much to do outside... mowing, weeding the garden and flower beds, 
and with hotter weather comes the job of cleaning the barns and coops out almost daily to keep flies under control. We had a little dry spell a couple of weeks ago where the grass and plants slowed down, but we've had lots of rain lately and now everything is hopping again.

Hubby was off from work last week and he spent a lot of time working in the garden. 
He put up trellises for the green beans to start climbing, and also planted some cantaloupe. 
Some of the head lettuce is ready to pick so we had our first fresh salad from the garden this week, and it was so delicious and tender. 
The cabbage still needs a couple more weeks, but the hens are on the job making sure no bugs or worms get to it before we do. 

The bees are working so hard right now~ 
they've already made three supers of honey and working on the fourth, 
which is wonderful considering we had such a cool spring this year.

We had a batch of late babies this year.... 
but of course fuzzy-bottoms are welcome anytime around here. 

It's way past time for the sheep to be sheared, but our clipper blades just got back from where I sent them off to be sharpened so I've got a lot of work ahead of me. 
I'm pretty sure the sheep aren't looking forward to getting their yearly haircut either, 
but they've been so hot and miserable I know they will thank me for it later. 
At least that's what I tell myself... *sigh*

And Lily just wants to stay out of the heat these days....
doing her "business" early in the morning and late in the evening,
then sleeping the rest of the time.
(Rough life, you know.)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Good Morning, What a pretty sky. You make me hungry talking about your garden. I know your fresh salad was delicious! I'm with Lily, I don't like to get out in the hot sun either. Wishing you guys a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Paula! Your cabbage looks great. I think yours has passed my up as mine are in raised beds needing water every day.

    Love the bees, you'll get lots of honey. That sheep face is priceless. Good luck with the shearing - sounds monumental to me. We shear our Goldens (sometimes) and it takes FOREVER.

    Lily, well, what a girl!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. There's just no life like a farm life! and your pictures are a great testimony to that. How I wish I had a garden like yours! The farmer doesn't seem interested in working the garden soil this year, so there's nothing fresh to eat except what the daughters bring.

  4. It's nice to see that you not are workless:)

    And the sallad have come long for you, that is good to eat.

    Honey to everybody is the bee's calling to you ... hehe.

    So sweet all chicken is.

    Something that is nice to see is how the sheep can sleep sometime, it's looks like they are dead. Remember that I have to called my neighbour sometimes when their sheeps was having a nap:)

    Beautiful Lily have a little rest and the harmony is lying over her.

    What a nice friday evening you must have!

  5. Beautiful sunset. Love the sky colors. So glad your honeybees are doing well. Here's to lots more honey from your hives. Oh, the chickies are soooo CUTE! and just love dear Lily. Who can blame her wanting to stay out of hot weather. I wonder if I'd be brave enough to shear a sheep : )

  6. Beautiful sunset Paula. I'm with you on the gardens. We are having a time keeping the weeds out. I need to get me some chickens. I would if the critters would leave them Your garden is so pretty. Our beans are running on trellis now and we've had lots of Lettuce and Mustard Greens too.. You take care and don't work to hard. xoxo

  7. I always enjoy visiting the farm! Great pictures.

  8. oh, those little chicks are so darn cute! i'm with lily - starting to get that way here, too. when it finally gets cool enough to sit outside, the skeeters are too bad and drive you back in.

  9. Paula, I love all these photos; they are so peaceful and reflect all the hard work needed to keep a farm going.

  10. Love your photos. Thank you for sharing.
    Yes, I can not wait for a fresh salad. :-) I have a long way to go here in Northern Wisconsin.

  11. Oh my, days on Fraker Farm are lovely indeed. Such a breathtaking sky, yummy veg, the joy of buzzing and peeping, along with comfy snores from Lily (on her special quilt no less.) Thank you for sharing such enchantment Paula!
    Wishing you a splendid weekend, and sending hugs your way...

  12. Awww Miz Paula! Love the photos! Y'all are certainly hard workers...
    You done and gone wore out Miss Lily!!Hahaaaa....
    Sweet weekend girlfriend!

  13. What, you have miss lily info at the bottom.... she needs to be up top and first and formost.
    Your garden looks so green and brautiful, I bet the salad was awesome. The days start getting shorter this month so Fall will be here before you know it.

  14. I have missed your posts, but from you just posted I see why you have not had lots time to keep us up on what's going on. I feel all caught up now! The garden looks really great. We have never grown cabbage. I am into potatoes this year. I can't wait for your next post.

  15. I catch myself, smiling every time I visit you,Paula, as one farm girl to another, I relate so well about the goings on the farm. Your garden looks wonderful, and that Lily is so adorable. Thanks for sharing,
    Enjoy your weekend,

  16. Hi Paula.. So glad you are enjoying your days though not as much as Lily is.. grin.

  17. Hello darlin'!
    Yes, I can see Lily takes her job seriously-being seriously cute!
    Oh, those babies! I want to squeeze them and pet that sweet fluff! I've gotta go hold a goose now-those feathers made my hands want to squeeze a goose bottom!
    Love you!

  18. I'm pretty sure I looked exactly like Lily during my sunday nap. I woke up so disorientated I had no idea what day it was. I want to hold a baby! What cuties!!!!!!

  19. Your garden looks lovely and, of course, Lily takes the cake! Do document the shearing day! I know they'll kick up their heels.

  20. Lily always makes me smile! Beautiful photos. Love your garden! Do you sell your honey and do you make anything from your wool?

  21. Wonderful photos! Lily always makes me smile. You need to get yourself a weaving loom for all of that wool!

  22. Sounds like our place, so much to do, so little time. But all things you seem to enjoy and yes, even the sheep will enjoy their haircuts !

    Isn't life on your farm wonderful ? Fuzzy bottoms , sweet dogs, naked ( by now ? ) sheep, fresh from the garden are so blessed !

  23. Farm life is so beautiful!
    much better than living in the city...


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