Friday Farm Fotos: Let them eat grass!

It's the day the sheep have been waiting for all winter~ time to start grazing!

No more dry, dusty hay.... 
The pasture is finally bursting with lush green grass and sweet clover.

Tiny is their unofficial flock leader when it comes to eating.
(Maybe because he is an expert on the subject?)

They follow close behind him to see what new yummy spot he has found.

Sheep are moving grazers~ they are constantly walking while they pick grass.
(Sorry for the unflattering angle, Molly...)

This picture reminds me of a bucolic scene in a painting I once saw.

This picture reminds me that I need to get the shearing blades sharpened soon....

Happy Friday!


  1. And I just dread gromming my Aussie! I'm so lazy. You know I love your sheep. They just look so peaceful and happy.

  2. so beautiful, and peaceful. maybe if i grazed and kept moving all the time like they do, i would not gain weight LOL....

  3. I am so jealous of your green, green grass, my pastures have already turned brown and dry, going to be a long hot summer with no measurable rain until Nov/Dec coming my way.

  4. Oh my goodness! We need a sheep in our back yard!

  5. 'Mornin' Paula! Love your sheepie pics - I'm a huge fan of pastoral paintings with sheep. So soft and fluffy and soothing. I'll bet they ARE enjoying their green grass.

    Love Sandra's comment! LOL!

  6. Ah, Paula, thanks for my dose of "zen" this morning. Such beautiful sheep grazing on those greener than green pastures. (sigh) xo

  7. just so dang beautiful! peaceful!

  8. What a serene scene. Sigh. Could you just stare at that all day long? And the beautiful grass looks good enough for me to eat! Paula, you live in a delightful place!!!

  9. Wonderful, wonderful pictures!

  10. Great pictures! The grass looks so green and beautiful. We had a couple of inches of snow yesterday. This has been the weirdest spring I can remember. I just checked my garden and it looks like most of the veggies will make it. I was worried yesterday, though. I bet you love sitting on your porch watching the sheep graze. Perfect picture. (grin)

  11. Those sheeps are so cute! I graze in the grass too
    Benny & Lily

  12. I do love all the green...that's one thing about all this rain...everything is so green! And your sheep look so content! :)

    Have a great weekend, Paula!

  13. Such a beautiful scene, Paula. Wishing you all a good weekend.

  14. Oh what beautiful pics!Can I just say I am so jealous.I would love to have some sheep.As a child I had one as a pet and it is a dream to have more someday.Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen

  15. Oooooooo, I can't WAIT till it looks like that here!!!!!

  16. Hahahaa...I think if Miss Molly sees this photo...someone's 'gonna be in Serious trouble!!Hahaaaa
    Love these!

  17. Hi Paula!
    I love all the sheepy photos! Your pasture looks great, and look at at the munchin' going on. I love Springtime!
    Have a great weekend!

  18. it's almost spring here and my critters are happier. Carly, the old ewe in the yard, is especially happy; her old bones like warm better than cold.

  19. Such beautiful pictures of your meadows and fields. I would love to have some sheep here.. Hope you've had a nice, enjoyable weekend. Been rainy here.. Blessings and love. xoxo

  20. ¸.•°✿✿⊱彡

    Campo verdinho e florido!
    Ótima semana!

  21. Love the sheep! They looks so happy getting that nice green grass! That spillover is so interesting. I forgot to mention it two posts back. :-)


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