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Saturday's Songbird (Special Edition!)

For today's special Songbird post, I'm featuring the Tennessee state bird~ the Mockingbird.  We have an abundance of these wonderful (but loud!) bug catchers in our yard, and they usually stand still long enough to let you take their picture better than most birds. But be careful getting too close to their nest... they're aggressive and will let you know you're too close for comfort by swooping toward you, and have even been known to give a perceived predator a swift peck on the head.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Memorial Day!!

Wordless Wednesday: Buddies


Wordless Wednesday: Daddy's home! (With Dinner!)


Friday Farm Foto: Happy Mother's Day!

A shout out to all you momma hens out there~ hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

I Love.....

The vastness of the sky.....

Old tractors.....

My sweet Hubby, who knows how much I love sunflowers   and surprised me by planting some for me...

My pink handkerchief...  It's handy for wiping sweat while mowing on a hot day but still makes me feel "girlie".

Daisy's silly grin....

My makeup bag, because the cute little monster fixing her hair  makes me smile every morning....

The view from inside a barn.....

Friday Farm Fotos: Let them eat grass!

It's the day the sheep have been waiting for all winter~ time to start grazing!

No more dry, dusty hay....  The pasture is finally bursting with lush green grass and sweet clover.

Tiny is their unofficial flock leader when it comes to eating. (Maybe because he is an expert on the subject?)

They follow close behind him to see what new yummy spot he has found.

Sheep are moving grazers~ they are constantly walking while they pick grass. (Sorry for the unflattering angle, Molly...)

This picture reminds me of a bucolic scene in a painting I once saw.

This picture reminds me that I need to get the shearing blades sharpened soon.... *Sigh*

Happy Friday!

Wordless Wednesday: Workin' on a Tan