I never meant to stay away so long....

But after a long, cold winter it is very hard for me to stay inside right now and I find myself looking
for reasons to be outside, even when I still have LOTS of indoor chores to do.... 

  I've been pondering about blogging lately; I miss not being able to visit my blog friends and even though I try to whenever I can, sometimes it makes me sad when I feel I don't have the extra time to spend on the computer. I've also been trying to decide which direction I would like to go with my own blog. My subject matter seems to be getting stale these days.... I thought about closing this one and starting a new one for just my sewing projects, but I'm sure after a while that would get boring too. For now I think I will keep things the way they are because I like having this blog as a farm journal for Hubby and myself.... but with the exception of a few special stories I've been saving up, my future posts will probably be more photo-oriented since I don't know how much time I can devote to writing right now. I feel as though I can do a better job of posting with more regularity if I keep it short and sweet~ and simple. And I'm all about simple, which brings me to my other dilemma.... 
I heard recently that Google Reader would soon be no more, so I'm not sure how I will be able to keep up with all the blogs I read. I'm hoping I can find something similar or even easier to use... I would love to hear from some of you as to how you keep up with your favorite blogs. 

Oh, and Lily says "Hi"..... :)

I'm off to try to catch up on some of my blog reading.....
Until next time~ take care and Happy Tuesday!


  1. Happy Tuesday, my friend. I love all of your posts & they are truly happiness to my day!

  2. Love the black and white photo of the old tractor, and the colors of green grass, blue skies and sheep and Hi Lily.

    No need to create a new blog, why not just add sewing projects to this one.

  3. I always love your posts, Paula, and believe me, pictures ARE worth a thousand words. I know what you mean, though, about thinking you are boring, etc. I feel I've run out of things, too. From my perspective, my life is boring, but I think everyone kind of thinks that way about themselves. I'm with Nancy about adding happiness to my day. Lily adds a LOT!!!!!!

  4. I have missed you, Paula, but I understand about blogs going stale; mine has, I'm afraid. I've told all the stories I know ;) and I'm too slow to blog about a new quilt every few days. So, why not just continue your blog with your beautiful photos, your farm stories, and your wonderful sewing projects ~ a variety of things.

  5. Hi Paula, Blog friend, Sandra @ Madsnapper, has this tutorial of how to follow your blogs

    Please don't change anything about your blog. We all love you and the life you lead just as it is. Blog when you can and we all understand about visiting/commenting.
    Lily looks precious in this photo. Tell her "Happy Spring!"
    These are great photos today.

  6. "Blogging Without Obligation" - I love that saying. I stick to it as much as I can. I can never understand how people blog long posts with 30 photos every day. They have help. Their helpers may not be getting "credit". Random is another word I love, unless I had a hobby that was my all consuming burning passion. I have no grandchildren to fall back on with their cute escapades. So I chillax, I don't worry about numbers, I never expected to earn a dime (and I haven't even with Adsense),I'm thrilled with each and every follower I have, and I just enjoy blogging for the fun of it! Make no apologies for an absence, we've all been there. And we understand. xo

  7. just dropped by and now i am in love with Lily... she is somewhat like my Jake. only shorter.. i love the birdwatcher pose....

  8. Nice to see you..... Lily is a delight x

  9. Hi, Paula!
    I never tire of hearing about what you're doing or looking at your beautiful pictures. There's not anything stale about farm life, for sure. I look at blogging like each post is a visit with like-minded friends. Some are short and sweet and some are longer, but really it makes no difference its all good. :)

    I'm undecided, as well, about what blog reader to use. I've only looked at BlogLovin but don't think I'll use it.

    Have a great week!

  10. I always love your posts, too! Especially the ones about your BEES! Your li'l patch o'heaven is always a great place to visit!! Good you popped in today to let us know you're still kickin'!! ;)

  11. love the photos. and i say keep the blog open-ended and post when you can and feel inspired. i appreciate when you visit. :)

    and, yes, i switched to feedly (like maple lane suggested, go to sandra's post about it). it is currently synched to google reader so will migrate your lists with hardly a glitch. and they're continuing to make refinements to the program almost every week. :)

  12. Love your blog and would miss it and you terribly if you disappeared. I understand about a blog-quandry though-I feel the same way. I love your photos, and your beautiful farm. Give Lily a huge bug hug for me!

  13. Your posts are never boring and I agree just add your sewing stories to this one and yes pictures can be worth a thousand words...Lily for instance.
    I like simple too...I try to keep mine that way. Come sign up for my spring giveaway :0)
    Glad your back.
    Happy Spring

  14. Paula, it's a delicate balancing act and I fall off the high beam all the time. I try and catch up one or two nights a week, am a fast typist and still fall behind. Doesn't keep me from trying though; nice to see you back.

  15. Bloglovin is what I have chosen to keep up with blogs. It is pretty simple and self-explanatory. You can't post from it so it's just another kink in an otherwise semi-crappy system. If it were my choice, I would do as you like but stay with this blog. You can change your direction but if you change your place, some might lose you and it has been perfectly good place. Please don't change.
    I know I haven't been consistent with my blogging, but I haven't given up. I would love to read about your sewing projects...

  16. It seems like the old gang I starting blogging regularly with about 4 years ago (which includes you)have all slowed down as you have, and I have too. I miss everyone, but I think we've said it all, showed it all, painted it all, and moved on to other things. I read, but seldom post. Just can't find anything to say or anyone to say it to anymore. Like you, I have a lot to do around here and as I'm getting older it takes longer. :D Still, I'm going to keep my options open. Miss ya,

  17. Well I Love pictures! No problem for Me! Especially Miss Lily!Hahaa...
    Do you mean Google reader thingy will affect our blog rolls??
    I'm not up on what Google reader does...

  18. I completely understand questioning to blog or not to blog - I had hardcover books made of my blog (and comments on it!). I do treasure that journal of one of the best and hardest times of my life - however I've taken nearly a year off from blogging and not sure I have enough to add to the world to keep on doing it. Whatever you decide -your pictures and joy for life have blessed my socks off! Thank you Paula - and Hiya Lily - you little hedonist you!

  19. I have missed you! I always enjoy visiting and never find your blog stale. It is hard to find different subject matter to talk about, I have that problem too! Then I realized, we are all just ladies living our day to day lives, and it is just not always EXCITING! But if you lived next door and came for coffee every morning we would always find some little thing to talk about and have a great time doing it. So, dear lady, just imagine yourself having all of us over for coffee and let's just chat. Doesn't matter about what, we'll just enjoy the company!

  20. So glad to hear from you.. I love your pics and posts.. I'm afraid the same has been happening with me.. Just can't get much time to blog anymore.. I too, love being outside and needless to say it is a very busy time for everybody..I feel so bad that I can't visit like I once did. You do what you have to do and don't worry or stress over it.. x0

  21. I don't think your blog is stale. You have wonderful pictures and a nice variety of content. But I think blogging should be fun and not guilt producing. You know?

    I'm using feedly and really like it. Bloglovin' is another choice. The hard part is learning new computery stuff. Oy.

  22. Paula, just blog when you feel like it no matter how much time goes by in between. As another comment said, you already have this space and I love to read when you post.

    I too, had my blog published yearly just for my family and my husband said ,"this is OUR family history". My grandchildren have taken to reading the published books when they are over and when I look at my blog just two years ago I find myself saying " oh, I had forgotten that", and "what a good time we had". So even if I have no followers, and think it is stale, the things I write about matter to my family. I think what you write about matters too. Besides, how else would we be able to read about Lily ?

    As for keeping up with the blogs I love to read, that is the real question. I can't understand why Google is giving this feature up, guess Google is working at making Bing even more popular by disillusioning it's proponents. Google's reasoning for this does not make sense.

    Anyway, I can completely understand wanting to spend more time outdoors, especially on your beautiful ( and enviable) farm !

  23. I struggled with the same thing you did about my blog after not blogging for over a year. I decided not to scrap the old one and get a new one. Just going to hang with what I got. You will hear no complaints from me about your content. I live in the city so any news about the country makes living here tolerable. Don't change a thing, except for one tiny little thing...more Lily pics. That was from my Lucy!

  24. Don't change your blog! It's not stale at all! It's always wonderful to drop by and to see what is happening with Lilly and the gang! I am just keeping my favorite blogs bookmarked so that I can visit them.........would that work??

  25. I have just now discovered your blog, and it is ever so delightful! My visits to your special and welcoming spot, be it by way of your beautiful photographs, or splendid prose (or both) shall be most enjoyable indeed!
    Sending smiles your way...

  26. Dear sweet Paula...I understand your dilemma. I think we all go through this at one time or another, and I seem to be having some issues myself. I don't feel like going and looking for fences and gates right now and since I don't have a good camera for shooting birds, I don't feel like bird watching. I'm interested in gardening and sewing right now, and mindlessly sitting at my computer when I do have some time, and pinning stuff (:-0) (You should check out my new Bee Board!) Anyway, I can't wait to post pictures of the blooming palo verde trees, but once the blooms are gone, it will be very hot here and I will be staying in a LOT. Yet, my blogger friends are so important to me, and I need that connection so much! So, maybe I won't be posting as much, but will still want to check in on everyone. Please keep your blog just as it is! I love it. If you don't post a lot and keep it mostly to pictures, that's OK too. You are a special blogger friend, and I love our morning coffee now and then. :-)


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