Rainy Tuesday

Rainy days were made for napping... and Lily makes it look so inviting. 

We're having a frog-soaker of a day, and snow is in the forecast for tonight. 
With nothing to do outside but listen to the rain, I've spent the morning working on my little heart quilt~ 
umm... the one I've been working on for about two months~ *sigh* 

I can't believe I just admitted that its taking me so long because it is just a small wall quilt... 
but I've had so many other distractions I'm beginning to think I'm never going to finish it.
Just like yesterday....
A large tree fell behind the house a while back and Hubby decided to take off from work to cut it up before the rain made everything so muddy. I spent most of the day helping him get the huge chunks of wood hauled to the house where it can be split into firewood for next year.

I laughed and told him our backyard looked like Stonehenge. The Tennessee version. :) 

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest lately, especially after finding a quilting site that has pictures of some of the most unbelievable quilts and blocks I have ever seen. I could spend hours on there....
But I also found a recipe that I had pinned some time back and thought I would try it.
I made it over the weekend and I'll have to say~ it was DELICIOUS. 
Some of the things I've pinned haven't been as tasty as I thought they would be, 
(probably the chef's fault...)  but this was an exception. 
It's called Creamy Tomato Tortellini soup and you can find the recipe here

I love one dish soups and stews, especially this time of year, 
and this recipe is definitely going in my "keeper" box. 
I did cut back the garlic just a tad, because sometimes it's not very nice to my stomach, 
but it was still really good. 
Hope you can try it sometime.

I'm off to do some more sewing before Hubby gets home.... 
Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Lily looks so cute in her napping posture. And, oh, I just love your wall quilt. Love the colors!

  2. I love that...Tennessee Stonehenge! That's funny, and so is Lily. Love your beautiful quilt piece...as usual. Can't wait to see it finished. Stay dry!

  3. Lily has is all planned just right! So cute! I love the colors you have chosen for the little quilt! Stay warm and dry!

  4. Rainy, I should say! We have a river in the dip in the pasture that we see only when we've gotten a LOT of rain.

    Your quilt is really nifty! I love the shadow stitching. I, also, know how nerve-wrackin' it is to do it.

    The soup sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe link.

    Hope it snows a foot! (ha, not really) Have a great week!

  5. Lily makes me want to squeeze her..lol.. I love your wall hanging.. I haven't been able to get as much quilting done this winter .. One distraction after another.. I'm counting the days until spring.. I love Pinterest too.. I can't get on it much, to addictive..lol

  6. I want to join Lily for a nap, she looks so comfy. Love the quilt.

  7. Love the Stonehenge reflection. The stitching on your quilt is lovely. Quilting in on my to do list someday.
    We got a lot of rain today and it is snowing now hoping for a snowday.
    Have a great day Keep up the wonderful work.

  8. A face only momma could love
    Benny & Lily

  9. Lily is looking so peaceful there she is taking her nap.

    Tuesday and I went to the cinema and look on two movies.

    Have a nice day.

  10. Hey, I made that same soup on the weekend, too! We loved it. I especially love how simple it is to through together. :)

    "Tennessee Stonehenge" -- that's awesome. Looks like that should last you a while!

  11. Garlic (too much) is not good for my stomach too...Yum-I'm hungry-looking at that photo of your soup is making me growl! Does Lily ever growl? I don't think I've ever seen contentment like Lily's brand of happiness. Your quilt is gorgeous!

  12. The soup sounds wonderful! Just love to see Lily...........being Lily! Send some rain to me.......can you??

  13. What a darling quilt!
    Love that sweet Lily.... just a nappin' away.

    The soup looks so tasty... thanks for the link.

    Smiles :)

  14. Nothing makes my day like Miss Lily...Hahaaaa...love her!
    I do the Pinterest thing as well...I think I've put on 50 pounds just by looking at the photos...

  15. Lily looks quite content!
    This soup looks so delicious.
    We woke to light snow and TERRIFIC wind. What a day!
    So sorry about the tree and all the hard work to get the wood to the house.
    Hope you can enjoy your sewing time. Your heart wall hanging is gorgeous.

  16. Now you are making my mouth water.. grin.. Love that Lily and I think I will go to bed.. smile..
    Luv ya..

  17. Wood Henge TN version! :-) Oh, Paula, that quilt is wonderful! All that quilting on it. It's going to be a stunning wall hanging!

    So, you are on Pinterest too...gonna add you to my favorites! :-) And by the way, I hope you watch America Unearthed. In spite of my "Caveat" it is a really great show with lots of prehistoric wonders in America to marvel at! It came on over two months ago and I've seen every episode. That one was the first time he got into shaky ground! :-)

  18. You don't have a pin I can click on! Go to my blog and find my Pinterest pin on my sidebar and add me to you. I'll get you on mine that way. Have an awesome weekend!

  19. Lily does make a nap look relaxing! Hey, wow, you are doing such a great job on that quilt. Take your time,,it's lovely.
    And lastly, I love your TN version of Stonehenge.

  20. These are great pictures! I liked this post very much, it was interesting.


  21. °º✿✿
    º° ✿✿ ♫° ·.

  22. plant a kiss from me on Lily's beautiful face and that quilt is gorgeous. i have never seen one quilted like that. love it.


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