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Wordless Wednesday: Sunbathin' Sadie


Friday Farm Fotos: Frosty Fenceposts, A Flicker, and Flap

The sheepies head back to the barn after trying to find some greenery....

Since Friday is errand day (*ugh*), today's post will be quick and a little random~ but I thought I would share some of this weeks' pictures before I head out the door.

Whenever we have a hard frost, Daisy likes to nibble the ice off the fenceposts. I managed to snap this picture before she got to it..... There she is in the background, unaware of the tasty goodness on the corner post. (I'm thinking about getting her a snow cone maker for Christmas next year.)

We had a surprise visit from Mr. Flicker on Wednesday.... 

I looked out the window and thought he was just another dove at first,  but then I saw the flash of red on the back of his head.
He's very dapper with his black "bowtie",
and I just love that little squeaky noise he makes.

And finally~ I don't think you've met Flap, have you?

Flap is our young splash roo I kept from last years' hatch. We moved him and his three g…

Rainy Tuesday

Rainy days were made for napping... and Lily makes it look so inviting. 

We're having a frog-soaker of a day, and snow is in the forecast for tonight.  With nothing to do outside but listen to the rain, I've spent the morning working on my little heart quilt~  umm... the one I've been working on for about two months~ *sigh* 

I can't believe I just admitted that its taking me so long because it is just a small wall quilt...  but I've had so many other distractions I'm beginning to think I'm never going to finish it. Just like yesterday.... A large tree fell behind the house a while back and Hubby decided to take off from work to cut it up before the rain made everything so muddy. I spent most of the day helping him get the huge chunks of wood hauled to the house where it can be split into firewood for next year.

I laughed and told him our backyard looked like Stonehenge. The Tennessee version. :) 

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest lately, especially …

Saturday Songbird