Friday Farm Fotos: A "Tiny" Problem

This is Tiny.

Tiny is one of our "wethers", so his purpose in life is basically to do one thing~ eat. 
And eat. 
Which he does very well. 

So well in fact, that he bullies everyone else away from the food. 
Now before you judge him, let me tell you his story....

When Tiny came to us, he was supposed to be a "she"..... we brought him home along with two other ewes but it was soon apparent he was not like the others. After a couple of days we finally figured it out.... but by then we felt too sorry for him to send him back because we knew he would be going to the slaughterhouse. He was so small and timid... and he had been picked on by the others so much that he was very malnourished and weak. To be honest, I didn't even know if he would live or not.

This was not long after he got him, and he was so sad-looking. 
Under all that wool was nothing but skin and bones. 

Now, if you have read my blog for any time, you know how I am about helpless animals that cross my path... :)... so, of course he got a little "extra special" treatment from me. 
As in, extra helpings of feed and lots of snuggling and love.

And I think I created a monster.

Now he thinks ALL the food should be his.... but he is also so lovable I can't stay mad at him. 
He is the only one of all my sheep that will come up to me and nudge me 
and lay his head on my side and chew the buttons on my shirt as if to say, 
"Do you still love me? 'Cause I love you...." 
Almost like he knows what we did for him... 
In some way I think he understands what would have happened to him, had we not kept him, 
and he is eternally grateful for it.
And because of that, I always scratch his back and rub his nose. 
And give him a handful of corn....

(Which, I've finally figured out, is why Tiny is not "tiny" anymore...)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Ha-ha! I'm with you there, Paula. I always go for the small, the weak, the unloved. They look so vulnerable, the mother in us just can't help it. I'd say, Tiny has had it good.

  2. lol! a couple of my dogs resemble the 'improved' tiny.

  3. Hahahaaaa....Awwww!!! Poor Tiny!
    We All love him so you must Never get rid of him! And by the way? He's looking rather famished! Bring on some FOOD!!Hahaaaa

  4. Oh friend I am in love with your Tiny too.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. Oh Paula~this story just touched my heart so much. The photo of him 'before' is so sad. You've done a wonderful thing-I just love ya.

  6. Good job, Paula! I've taken in a few "tinys" over the years -- calves, that is, and know how attached to them you can become.

  7. Ahh, such a sweet story Paula. I think we figured out today why our little Buddy dog is getting far. Hmmm, he gets treats every day, then cleans up everything the cats leave. LOL We just call him our little butterball! LOL The snow storm predicted for us shifted south somewhat. Kansas City got about 12 inches of snow. We got about 4 or 5. Hard to tell because of the wind and drifts. I imagine most of this has moved your way. Stay warm and safe, my friend!

  8. Sounds like Tiny is making up for lost time (read that grub)! Hehe, he's just a victim is all. Bless his heart. I think animals, like people, just have different personalities. Maybe he will mellow with age.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Oh my gosh, he WAS pitiful, wasn't he? I'm the same way, I woul dhave kept him and fed him!

  10. Love Tiny and love your story! Such a cute face!

  11. Yep, I'm laughing! That last picture is a 'hoot.' I think you should change his name to Tubby and just keep on spoiling him rotten! :~))

  12. Love your Tiny! I so want to own a few sheep.I have created a monster or two like that myself.LOL!Hugs,Jen

  13. ✿✿彡
    Ele é desajeitado mas sem dúvida, muito agradecido e carinhoso.

    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.

  14. Tiny, like my cat Hannah Pearl and my dog Rubie Dubie, are lucky to have found us...They are special and need extra care, but they sure do pay it back with Love...Happy Weekend my friend!

  15. AWe!! He's just loved a lot, not spoiled at all!! I do love our sheep, I now know how God's loves His sheep! He loves this sheep with more than she will ever know! Enjjoyed reading about Tiny.
    Read some of your previous post and enjoyed them so much, your Dad looks like he would be a lot of fun, my DH is a joker too, and a lot of fun too! ~smile~.

    Congratulations on your new sewing machine, and like me it looks like we both have keepers when it comes to husbands, God never makes mistakes,.... and here i was thinking I was the only one with a perfect husband.Ahhh!

    Please give Miss Lily a hg for me.

  16. Aww... I'm so glad Tiny found you! I like hearing stories like this!

  17. Hahaha! Sweet Tiny. So glad you are well loved. It shows!

  18. Aww, I love Tiny. He's so cute even if he's a pig so to

  19. I just love Tiny! I don't care if he is "bad" he's a sweetheart! I have a soft spot for animals who need us too. You did the right thing by keeping him!

  20. i love tiny and you for keeping him.

  21. Me and Tiny have the same figures. For the same reasons. :D

  22. Tiny's not so tiny, but Tiny's got you figured out. You are a sweetheart, and he knows he can trust you for treats and affection. The difference in the pictures of him on arrival and now are amazing. Tiny is a lucky boy.

  23. That is such a precious story; you are love personified. That face...I'm a Lily gal, but now I'm a Tiny gal too :). I worked at an animal sanctuary and we had an old donkey who always called for his food before it was time...and you know they can call-LOL. Turns out he was found in the middle of a road in Grand Canyon park, starving asking tourists for food and water. Nobody ever begrudged him his food - just like you with Tiny. I would dearly love to kiss that face. And hugs to you for making his, and my, world better. GRIN!


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