Catching Up....

Hello, my poor, neglected blog.... I've missed you~ and all my blog friends, too. 
Life has a way of "getting in the way" sometimes... 

I've been spending a little time away from the computer trying to help my Dad... 
He was sick for a couple of weeks after Christmas, 
but lately I've been having to sort out some problems with insurance and his medicine. 
This whole process has been very frustrating for me, 
and I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him, or any older person for that matter. 
Growing old should never have to be this complicated.... *sigh*...
He will be 78 this week and even though his steps are slow these days, 
he is still a hoot to be around. 
You never know what will pop out of his mouth next, and that makes life interesting. :)

I thought I would share some things from my sewing room with you here today....

I finally finished the baby quilt~ 
(and before the baby arrived too! Yay, me!)

This was my feeble first attempt at "stippling"... 
I didn't do as bad as I thought I would, but I can see where I need improvement.

 The other big news from my sewing room~ 
Hubby felt sorry for me after seeing me try to quilt on my old machine... 
I was really struggling to fit the quilt inside the "throat" of the machine, which was very small. 

He surprised me for Valentine's Day with a brand new machine!! 
He had been looking at some online and doing research on which machines were better for quilting 
(isn't that sweet? I think I'll keep him...) and he said "I think you need this one." 
Well, after putting up quite a fight, (you know I really did... not...) 
we took my old one in to trade it for the new one. 
I shed a tear when I walked out without my old faithful because I had spent many hours with that machine, but I'm okay now. *giggle*

I made my first "real" quilt block over the weekend...

 By "real" quilt block I mean the first one I actually cut out all the squares and triangles and pieced myself. It took me sooo long to do just one, I'll have to get a lot better and quicker to tackle a whole quilt like this. I think I'll make another one and turn them into potholders. :)

Oh, and here are some fuzzy-bottoms for your viewing pleasure...

(which has nothing to do with sewing or quilting, I just thought it was cute... *squeal*)

 And here is a picture of Lily, gnawing on a stick.

(Which also has nothing to do with sewing or quilting....)

Happy Wednesday, everyone~ 
I'm off to get caught up on my blog reading and see what's been going on with you!


  1. We must think alike: I'm neglecting my blog too. And -- I got a new machine too! It was an anniversary/Christmas gift. It's taking me a while to get used to the different pressure foot and where the seam allowance marks are. You made a beautiful quilt block, and with one stitch at a time, you'll soon have enough for an entire quilt. Can't wait to see it!

    I'm not far behind your dad in age.

  2. Wish you dad a Happy Birthday, he is looking good there on the tractor. Love your new sewing machine.

  3. Dear Paula
    I finally found you and I hope to get to see more of your sewing and the fuzzy bottoms.
    Lily looks content with her stick and I see green grass WOW

  4. how SWEET of your hubby!!! adore that~!!

    LOVE the fuzz butts, too. :)

  5. oh, and LOVE that tractor of your dad's! good luck with the medical stuff. i've been battling my ins. co. for 16 mos. for a surgery bill... *sigh*

  6. Hey Girl!! I'm lovin' your quilt block. I love quilts, but have only made small tabletops. I piece on the machine and then handquilt them. It's very calming to sit and handquilt. Hope your Dad gets everything straightened out on his insurance and other issues. Mr D always says, "Getting old ain't for sissies", and he is right!!

  7. silkie butts and Lily being a dog have everything to do with quilting - you put your heart into your quilts and they are part of that very heart!

  8. Hi Paula!
    We missed you, bless your heart, I hope your dad will be okay now. He sounds like a fun character.

    The baby quilt looks fabulous! The stitching really made the patches pop. And good for you getting a new machine. We girls need our tools, too.

    Love that quilt block! They ARE a time consuming pastime but rewarding.

    Lily is a doll!
    Have a great week!

  9. Happy Birthday to your Dad! Hubby is a keeper for sure!It was so sweet of him to get you that beautiful machine.Have a wonderful afternoon.Hugs,Jen

  10. love you new sewing machine. whoohoo!

    By the way,,that baby quilt reminds me of cupcakes. Either that or I'm just really hungry. You have inspired me to get off my duff and finish one that should be in the mail.

  11. Happy Birthday to your dad and I'm so happy he's getting better.. Your quilt is beautiful and the block as well. I'm still learning myself and that one looks hard for That sewing machine is to die for beautiful.. I'm glad you're back I missed you.. I've not been doing much with my blog either, to busy with other things.. You take care.. Hugs, Susie

  12. Happy Birthday! And wow, your husband, how sweet! I may have said this before but I think you have a really good eye for picking colors. I love that baby quilt! The colors are all so perfect and so are your quilt blocks. Those will make cute pot holders. I hope your daddy is doing better. I have a mama that says funny things so I know what you mean about keeping things interesting. :) I plan on being that way myself. ha!

  13. Hugs to your sweet Dad, and hugs to you!!!
    If we lived close, I would give you a reduce your stress massage!
    I'm happy Lily & the farm are doing great! So happy to see your post!!

  14. very nice sewing machine but I would have hated leaving my old one behind. sigh.
    that's why I've got trouble with a house full of "stuff" ha!

  15. Hello ... Been wondering what you have been up to.. Your Dad is a year younger then my Mom.. bless them..
    I see some green grass there by Lily.. Can't imagine. smile..

  16. wow, I'm definitely impressed! Wonderful quilt! Good to see your posting, I've neglected mine also but am trying to do better. Hope your dad continues to heal and you get the paperwork under control. Its always a terrible job, I know.
    hugs from cold California!

  17. Lily is quite a beautiful creature. My Topaz so enjoys her sticks too. Happy B Day to your Dad. What a fine machine. You will have the nicest pot holder around. You may want to make and sell a few. Blessings! Lara

  18. Paula! What a nice Valentines present! Such a sweet husband you have! I haven't been blogging much either, so don't feel bad. Just been busy and not feelin' it~~~

    We're getting green grass, too! I'm so happy I could SQUEEEEAAAL!

    Cute fuzzy-butts...

  19. How sweet of your husband to get you a new machine. And I hope you Dad keeps coming along alright. Insurance can be such a pain. Love the fuzzy bottoms and seeing Lily enjoying her stick. I love the pretty quilt you made for the baby. Those colors ought to keep baby's eyes busy with staring : )

  20. Love your pretty quilt, Paula...I'm sure it will be cherished for years to come! Now that you have a new, snazzy sewing machine, the sky's the limit on what you can create! I just love seeing pictures of Lily...that girl never fails to make me SMILE!

  21. Oh happy love day for you.
    What a nice machine.
    Oh how handsome is your dad on his red tractor.
    Love all your photos and pretty quilt.
    Woolie Hugs

  22. At least you are quilting! Beautiful new machine. Looking forward to seeing the new blocks. I think you did a wonderful job.

  23. Awwww...makes me miss My Dad! He LOVED his tractor as well. It's not easy keeping up with their finances, for Sure.
    I think you'd best Keep that Hubby!!! What a living Doll!
    And I Always love fuzzy bottoms and...Miss Lily!!Hahaaa

  24. Oh Paula i LOVE your baby quilt! And you totally deserve that new sewing machine! There will be no stopping you now!

  25. I had to wait til the middle of the post for a squeal? I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get one, at all. Yep, Lily must be exhausted.

  26. No, things should not be so difficult at your father's age. He's blessed to have you to help. I really feel for those who are alone in the world.

    Love the quilt (and the generous hubby)!


  27. Paula. I love the life you living. Animals, sawing and a beautiful place to live in.

    Great pics as always!

    Well, I feel sad when I read about all work with and for your father.

    Have a really nice day!

  28. I'm so sorry your Dad has been sick. I'm glad he's better now. I LOVE the baby quilt. You did an amazing job!!! (Now that you are "back" check out my latest two posts on my piece-fulness blog, too) I have the Husvarna Viking Sapphire! It's almost brand new and I LOVE it!!!! Your hubby is a gem! The one you have actually would be better for quilting, but when I got the Sapphire it was on sale, and well, having a large throat was actually my biggest concern...which it does. LOVE your new machine though. So awesome! Your hubby is such a sweetie! Anyway, also loved the fuzzy bottoms and Lily. So good to have you back!

  29. I hope your Dad is doing real, lots, big time well; I love me some fuzzy bottoms, please will you give them a pat; I love me some Lily...Pal gives her a big ole smooch. And hugs to you and your lovely husband.

    Thanks for lifting my spirits!

  30. Its good you are there for your dad in able to help him. HE is blessed to have you.

    LOVE your new baby quilt and know its not far off to see it being used. HOW awesome your hubby gave you this awesome gift!!! He is a keeper!

    LOVE those fluffy butts on your chickens.... so cute. LOVE knowing things are doing okay with you and yours. I too feel like my blog is being neglected..... but praying by the end of May, I will be all settled in our new house and I then can have time to play.

    Miss you.


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