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Wordless Wednesday: Run Lily, Run!


Friday Farm Fotos: A "Tiny" Problem

This is Tiny.

Tiny is one of our "wethers", so his purpose in life is basically to do one thing~ eat.  And eat.  Which he does very well. 

So well in fact, that he bullies everyone else away from the food.  Now before you judge him, let me tell you his story....
When Tiny came to us, he was supposed to be a "she"..... we brought him home along with two other ewes but it was soon apparent he was not like the others. After a couple of days we finally figured it out.... but by then we felt too sorry for him to send him back because we knew he would be going to the slaughterhouse. He was so small and timid... and he had been picked on by the others so much that he was very malnourished and weak. To be honest, I didn't even know if he would live or not.
This was not long after he got him, and he was so sad-looking.  Under all that wool was nothing but skin and bones. 

Now, if you have read my blog for any time, you know how I am about helpless animals that cross my…

Catching Up....

Hello, my poor, neglected blog.... I've missed you~ and all my blog friends, too.  Life has a way of "getting in the way" sometimes... 
I've been spending a little time away from the computer trying to help my Dad...  He was sick for a couple of weeks after Christmas,  but lately I've been having to sort out some problems with insurance and his medicine.  This whole process has been very frustrating for me,  and I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him, or any older person for that matter.  Growing old should never have to be this complicated.... *sigh*... He will be 78 this week and even though his steps are slow these days,  he is still a hoot to be around.  You never know what will pop out of his mouth next, and that makes life interesting. :)

I thought I would share some things from my sewing room with you here today....
I finally finished the baby quilt~  (and before the baby arrived too! Yay, me!)

This was my feeble first attempt at "stippling…

The Little Soldier

She didn't make it. This little bee, with her legs forever folded and her tattered wings silent,  worked so hard for the good of her hive..... but she will never enjoy the fruits of her labor. Was all her labor in vain, then? Certainly not... Her efforts will help feed the next generation of bees.... maybe even a future Queen...  but not her.
I get a little sad when I see a dead worker bee,  even though I know I shouldn't because their life span is so short~  but I can't help but wonder....  did she venture out into the cold winter air for some water,  and not make it back in time before a deadly chill set in on her little body?  Or, had she just worked her little body to death and,  as workers bees do when it is "their time",  crawl outside the hive to die alone?
I will never know the answer, and her sisters that continue coming in and out of the hive  occasionally inspecting her lifeless body, are not talking. Either way, she is a brave little soldier in my ey…

Saturday Songbird