Friday Randomness

This is a picture from last week after three inches of snow fell... 
and then, right before dark, the sun came out and spread these amazing colors across the sky.

We are supposed to get more winter weather today~ but it's in the form of ice this time. 
I hope not, because Hubby works for the utility company and 
I might not see him for a couple of days if the power lines start coming down. 
The company he works for not only feeds electricity to our town and a few surrounding towns, 
it also feeds power "across the mountain" as we say around here- 
a remote area that is not very populated and also not very accessible in bad weather- 
but the people there need power just as much as I do, so.... *sigh*

Speaking of Hubby, today is our tenth wedding anniversary! 
I was hoping we could take a little day trip and see some sights, but... 
maybe another day when the weather isn't threatening.

While looking for some papers in a drawer the other day, 
I found a picture of us not long before we were married... 
Hubby looked so young, and I looked so.... thin... :)

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie...

Our weather has turned very cold this week so that means time to make sure the chickens- especially the Silkies- are taken care of with fresh warm bedding and plastic to cover the open ends of the coop.
This keeps the cold wind and rain (or snow) from blowing in on them. Silkie feathers feel like fine hair, and if they get wet they can die from exposure because they are not insulated from the cold like chickens with normal feathers.

I also put some plastic over the door to the big girls' coop to help keep them warm at night.

The sheep on the other hand aren't worried about the cold at all. Its been nearly 8 months since they were sheared and their wool has grown back enough that now they are sporting warm, woolly sweaters.

Hopefully the power won't go out, 
because I want to finish the crib quilt I've been working on for a while by this weekend.
The stippling is taking me longer than I had hoped for, 
but I am trying to take my time because I don't want to mess it up now. 
And I'm just naturally slow, so that doesn't help either... *grin*

If the power does go out, I've got plenty of firewood, good books, candles, 
and a pantry full of canned goods...

And dog treats... :)

Happy Friday, everyone~ stay warm where ever you are!


  1. Happy Anniversary! We might have icy weather also. I sure hope your husband does not have to work and that you guys won't lose power. Lily looks pretty confident that you have enough treats for her! Love the quilt....hope it's a nice, cozy weekend.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Paula! I do hope the ice doesn't snap the power lines. We have a layer already, but it's not bad at all.
    The crib quilt looks really good! I watched a video on stippling and tried it -what a mess I made, lol. Yours looks great.
    The sheep and Lily are so adorable! Have a great weekend!

  3. Wishing you both a very happy anniversary.
    You guys are adorable!!

    Hopefully, the weather will co-operate, and you'll be safe and sound, and your husband won't have to be out in the elements.

    Such a cute quilt!
    You are so talented; and always making cute things.

    Lily will keep you company.... she'll enjoy the cozy fire, and sweet dog treats :)

    Warm wishes...

  4. Dog treats --- you can never have too many of those on hand. Buster would consider that the main staple in the emergency supply kit!!!

    You are such a good momma to your chickies!!!!! I didn't know that about the silkies. See? I learned something today!

    And your sheep look so beautiful and. . .. regal. . . in their woolie sweaters. I miss snow, but I don't miss the cold.

    And happy anniversary to you, Paula! I loved your picture from "back then" but you are still a very beautiful person, inside and out!

  5. First off, Happy Anniversary!!! Not the way you need to be celebrating but hey, that is life on a farm.

    Crib quilt? I have been away so did I miss something???? HUM????? WIll have to go read up on what I have missed.

    GIVE my Lily a kiss for me.

    Well keep you in my prayers the power for your whole area and others stays on so hubby can stay home.

  6. That sunset is just gorgeous and I love how you take such wonderful care of your farm babies:) Happy Anniversary to you both!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! What a cute picture of the two of you! I can relate to the 'old, thin' pictures, LOL! I keep thinking I'll do something about the extra pounds.

    Hope your electric stays on and your hubby doesn't have to work so many hours. We're some of those 'across the mountain' people in our area--not many people but we love our electric!

    Loved seeing your sheep:)

  8. A very Happy Anniversary wish, what a beautiful photo of you two.
    We are expecting ice too, I pray that no one loses power, but like you I am so thankful that our pantry is full too!.
    Dh is out this morning checking on our farm animals!
    Tell Mss Lily she is still looking great.

  9. happy anniversary to you both! i do hope the weather will be kind to everyone in your area so he is not out for days. :(

  10. Oh, a Happy Anniversary to you, Paula! What a lovely picture from all those years ago! I hope your husband does not have to work all weekend! Stay warm!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and hubs.
    It was so cold here yesterday but today it is in the 40s. Hey
    It can stay this way.
    I loved Lily's idea of staying warm,she knows just the right spot.
    Stay warm and have a nice day.

  12. Happy Anniversary! If the power goes out, you can just snuggle with each other ........along with Lilly! Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!

  13. Happy Anniversary! Stay warm and have a great weekend!

  14. Happy 10th Anniversary! Let's see, the gift for the 10th is .... tin or aluminum for traditional, modern gifts says diamonds. :) I looked these up! HA!
    You could get a new diamond ring wrapped in Aluminum Foil!
    Stay warm. Your place is so relaxing, I hope your power stays on & that you two & the animals have a great weekend.

  15. Beautiful picture of the sunset, but it made me cold! Outside chores aren't so much fun when there's snow on the ground, huh? Hope the electricity stays on for your pretty sewing project.

    Such a pretty young lady you are! Ten years! Oh the good 'ol days!

  16. The sunset picture is beautiful. I can imagine how breathtaking it must have been in person.

    Happy anniversary, you two love birds! :-)

  17. Happy, happy anniversary to you both.
    Stay warm!!

  18. Happy Anniversary to you and yours!Time goes by quick don't it? Glad you are staying warm and comfy.

  19. It's always fun to visit the farm and see what going on! Our winter has left us, springtime temps in the mid to upper 70's. Stay warm, box up some snow and send it my way!!! Happy Anniversary.

  20. Happy Anniversary, beautiful! You guys look so good together. I love seeing all the stuff you do on the farm....

  21. Oh, what a gorgeous sky! And the quilt you are working on is adorable. I wish I could handle the cold like the sheep...and just grow a sweater. :) Happy anniversary to you! I hope you get to celebrate soon.

  22. Happy Anniversary, Paula. You and your hubby are so cute!!
    What a good mommy you are to all your pets, keeping them all warm and cozy. I hope your weather clears up. Here in Las Vegas we are having some cool temps too. But thankfully no snow or ice!!

  23. So nice to catch up with you! That first photo is absolutely gorgeous!!! Sorry the weather has been so cold there but looks like the chickens are snuggled in and safe. And Happy Anniversary! The photo of you and your hubby is great!

  24. SO SORRY I Missed the Anniversary!!!
    Hope y'all had a Wonderful day! What a Beautiful couple!
    Larry and I just celebrated our 40th in September...geeeez!!Hahaaaa
    LOVE MISS LILY!!Hahaaa

  25. Happy (belated) anniversary!!

    I LOVE the sunset picture you posted! Gorgeous. Even if it is surrounded by snow!


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