Everything is just Sew-sew.

Mrs. Wren, who frequents my suet feeder every day.....
Her chattering lets me know when it is empty.


If you've been missing me lately...
Sickness has been going around in our family,
and even my poor little Daddy~ who never gets sick~ has had something pretty bad. 
In between taking care of him and trying not to get sick myself I've not had much computer time... 
thankfully, things seem to settling down and getting back to normal.

Today I'm trying to get caught up with all my blog friends,
but I thought I would take a minute and post about some of my Christmas projects...
you know, the ones I couldn't show you before because it would have ruined the surprise..... :)

Here are a couple of dolls I made for Hubby's nieces...

Each doll had her own little bag with the embroidered initial of the recipient~

  Here is Ellie's....

 And here is Madison's.

 I also spent some time working on a crib quilt...
not for a Christmas present but for a soon-arriving baby at our church.

And now for the easiest project I finished:
Hubby asked me if I could make him an apron to wear while he is working in his woodworking shop... apparently he was getting tired of sawdust and wood shavings getting inside his shirt and pants.

Here is what I came up with~
an apron made out of a pair of his old overalls!

I was able to use the side with the most pockets (which he loves)
and sewed the two galluses into one adjustable strap for the neck.

I also used strips of fabric from the pants to make the ties for the back.
He loves it!
(I just can't get him to stand still long enough to model it for me...)

Speaking of Hubby, he was also churning out Christmas gifts right and left
from his little woodworking shop.

He made this gorgeous clock for his Mom....

He even did the "bow-tie" inlay by hand!

And he made this wonderful little wooden box with hand-cut dovetail joints for his Dad.

Not everyone around here was working hard to get ready for Christmas....
in fact, someone in particular wasn't doing much of anything.

Now that all the Christmas projects are over,
I've been working on a few things just for me...

Since I've already probably bored you to tears, I'll share those next time.
(A cliffhanger! *ha*)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Now that is what I call Christmas love
    Happy new year friend
    Woolie hugs

  2. OH my goodness! Those dolls are PRECIOUS. You two are some of the most talented people I "know!"
    I hope everyone is well soon. This season of winter has brought a lot of sickness, but hopefully as the sun shines more, we will all get more Vitamin D & be well!
    Have the most wonderful weekend!

  3. Such lovely gifts.. You are one talented lady, Paula.. Tell hubby he looks great in his apron.. grin.. Whatever you are making yourself looks pretty...

  4. Hi Paula! I wondered if perhaps you had been claimed by the flu bug - glad you are better.
    E&M are adorable, and the manly apron is a genius of an idea. Love the dove-tailed box your husband made, also.
    I'm looking forward to full-disclosure about what's on your sewing machine in the picture! :D
    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a productive Christmas season at the Fraker Farm! That workshop apron is fabulous and I'm so in love with the clock! and the dolls, and the box and the quilt...lol.Everything! Cannot wait to see this finished project on your sewing machine right now. Looks beautiful!

  6. Hello dear-Sorry to hear about your Daddy-I hope he is all better now. You and your hubby are very talented! I love the things you make!
    God bless you all (and the bees!)
    Love you.

  7. Loving the apron Girlie!! He looks very handsome in his workshop now!Hahaa...
    All the gifts look wonderful and there's our sweet Miss Lily!
    Have a sweet and STAYWELL Weekend!!

  8. Stay healthy, sweet friend! Hope everyone is well on the road to complete recovery. We've dealt with what feels like MORE than our fair share of illness this holiday season, too ~ bronchitis, ear infection, tonsillitis, colds... Ah well, at least no stomach flu for us this time!! :P

    What beautiful gifts the two of you make! The people in your lives are truly blessed to have such creative, thoughtful friends/family members! Homemade gifts like that are absolutly invaluable!! ♥

  9. the dolls are adorable and personalized. :) i was in love with the handyman apron!!! but then i saw his woodworking and oohed and aahed over that too. you two are fabulously talented! dammit! :)

  10. Your blog post title just drew me right in, and I wasn't disappointed! Precious little dolls, handy apron, wonderful wood creations -- all great! Hope we don't have to wait too long to see what's under the machine needle!

  11. What a great idea for an apron, a manly apron
    Benny & Lily

  12. Beautiful Christmas presents.. Especially the dolls, clock and aporn.. The sickness has hit here too.. I'm coughing myself to death as I type this.. The stuff won't turn loose either.. Maybe we'll all feel better when spring gets here.. I started some sewing projects and had to put them on hold.. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  13. Those dolls are adorable!! My cousin is in the process of making a cloak for one of his stuffed animals. I love the idea of making your hubby's apron out of a pair of his overalls. That is such a cute (and manly) idea!
    The gifts your hubby made in the workshop are just beautiful! I really love the clock. I can't wait to see what other projects you are working on!!

  14. Lily was simply worn out from all the 'supervising' you two very talented folks needed;-)

    I loved it all, especially the 'manly' apron. My son would love a workroom like your husbands. His paternal grandfather was very handy with wood like your husband. I so miss that cranky old dude.

    thanks for sharing.
    blessings, jill

  15. Oh Paula i LOVE all of the special things you and your husband created around the holidays. You are both so talented! You know i especially love the dolls, and the baby quilt!Keep making magic! Love, mare

  16. Hi Paula, So sorry you have had sickness during the holidays. Sorry I missed your call too. I agree with TexWis, you and hubby are both so talented. Your work is beautiful. These hearts in the "cliffhanger" have my curiosity up! I love the dollies personalized for the recipients. Hoping you all are feeling much better and may God bless in the new year.
    Hugs and smooches to Lily - who is adorable!

  17. Ah sleeping bulldogs
    The sound of pure relaxation

  18. OH MY what WONDERFUL creations!!!! Love that "manly" apron that is Genius! Looks like Miss lily is all tuckered out, lol, I'm sure she helped on all those projects;)Hope you have a wonderful day full of many blessings (((hugs)))

  19. So sorry about the sickness, Paula, but glad all are better. The dolls are precious, and the work apron for your husband is the best idea I have seen lately, your baby quilt I adore too, oh my goodness paula I like everything you do, and the project you are making for yourself, you must soon share, as far as Lily, Everyone has to have a supervisor, and I think she is perfect! ~smiling~

  20. Please forgive me, I forgot to mention how much I loved the clock you dh made for his Mom, so beautiful!! a keepsake for sure.

  21. Paula..
    Sorry to hear that you've all had the gomboo! Nice to read that you're feeling better now.

    What an amazing Christmas you both gave your family members!
    Homemade dolls, homemade woodworking project; so wonderful, and so nicely done.

    My Dad used to spend many hours in his woodshop, making gifts too.
    Spice racks, cutting board, etc... and one of my favorite things... spinning wheels.

    Looking forward to seeing what you are working on now.
    Looks a bit like something for Valentines Day :)


  22. Paula, it was so good to see you today.... and your projects are wonderful. I've always wished I could have learned to sew...my mother told me I was 'too squirmy".

  23. Paula, I love all the stuff you and your hubby made. Now that apron is so cool. I never thought about doing that. What a neat idea! I also love the clock your hubby made. Wow! You are talented with fabric and he is with wood. You make a great pair. :) I hope all the sickness leaves your family soon. Love you, girl.

  24. Paula those dollies are adorable! Love the goodies your hubby made too.We really need him to be still and model that fantastic apron a little better.That is such a cool apron.Can not wait to see what you are working on! Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen

  25. What wonderful projects! I'm gonna start hitting the thrift shops to see if I can find some old overalls to make me an apron. Do you have the pattern for those cute dolls or tell me where to find one. I'd love to make one for my sweet little granddaughter. What ever those hearts are have my curiosity up!

  26. So much talent at Fraker Farm!! It is always fun to visit and see what's happening at your place. Love the apron and that clock is gorgeous!

  27. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the sickness but hope everyone is on the mend. I love your projects and think you have really good taste in fabrics...colors and patterns. And wow at your husband's woodworking! Treasured gifts from both of you. Blessings!

  28. Todos os trabalhos estão lindos.
    Amei o cachorro, tão tranquilo!
    Um ótimo fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.

  29. You are both so talented, and creative.The dolls, the clock, the wood box, the apron! I especially love the apron.

    We have been recovering from the flu, and other maladies lately, and computer time is time we haven't had much of lately. Life is more precious and sharing it with the people we love is so much more precious . I hope you father is feeling much better now.

  30. You guys are both so handy.

    Some day I am going to learn to sew. My grandmother tried to teach me as a child, but I guess it just didn't stick!

  31. I'm sorry to hear you have been sick. I hope everyone is well now. I love the awesome dolls. How lovely. The crib quilt is lovely, too. What a lovely posting.

  32. Hi Miss Paula!

    You've been a busy girl this fall! Great job on all your projects. I love the apron you made for your hubby. That is such a great idea!

    You and your husband are so clever ~ I know the recipients of those great gifts were thrilled!

    Lily is doing what Lily does best!

  33. I'm so sorry to hear about the illness going around in your household and glad everyone is better now. LOVED seeing these wonderful projects! The little dolls are so precious! And that husband of yours is quite the skilled woodworker! Wow! I know he loves his apron...that was the perfect thing!

  34. You two both put alot into your Christmas gifts! I know they will be treasured! The clock is great....love those dolls...and your apron for your hubby is perfect! Great job you two! You're both very talented!

    I hope the flu hasn't hit your house!

    Blessings to you this 2013!

  35. What wonderful and beautiful handmades! Hope that you and your family return to good health!

  36. Love all of your creations! What a smart idea for the apron!

  37. You are very talented, Paula. Loooove the cute dolls and quilt. Great idea for an apron from old overalls. Your husband made a beautiful clock. It makes me think of a mix of Shaker and Amish : ) Love it. I love that he did the dovetail joints on the box. Not found too often, anymore. Love your dog!! And, your hearts have me quite curious. The fabrics are gorgeous!

  38. I'm afraid that I have the most in common with the dog... You are both so talented!

    Blessings, Debbie

  39. Paula, I love your heart quilt. I am retiring at the end of February and I'm hoping to be able to have more time to sew and enjoy my home. By the way, a good friend of mine and her husband just bought a working farm near where we live in Chattanooga. It's located around Powell's Crossroads if you are familiar with that area. I am going to see her soon and I can't wait to see her farm. Thank you for your prayers.


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