Friday Farm Fotos: Barn Cleaning

Hubby, Big Red, and the Poop Wagon. (Manure Spreader.)

It's probably the least glamorous job around here... cleaning out coops and barns. 
But if you have animals, you know it's a fact of life. 
It's a stinky chore~
especially after it rains, or in the hot summer months when the flies are horrendous; 
but on the flip side, you always have lots of valuable fertilizer at your disposal. 
I don't mind it too bad if I have Hubby there to help, 
and he doesn't mind it too much anymore since we got the little tractor
with the very handy front end loader. 
It makes quick work of what used to be lots of back-breaking shoveling.

First, the sheep have to be locked out of the barn.
They do not like this, because we have disturbed their afternoon nap.

Then, all the waste is shoveled away from the walls
and from underneath the feed trough and manger.


 Next, Hubby scoops it up the with the loader.

Easy peasey!

It's dumped into the manure spreader.....

And with some help from Big Red, Hubby takes it to the pasture. 

He has to engage the chain drive that spreads the manure...

Then back on the tractor and away it goes!


This will make the field beautiful and green next spring,


In the meantime, I finish cleaning the barn down to bare dirt.

Then we spread lime all over the entire floor.
 This not only gets rid of the odor but it also absorbs new waste.

Hubby does a very neat job at this.

Once we're finished it not only looks and smells better, 
but it's healthier for the sheep to not have all that stuff under their hooves.

"Can we come back inside? I have to go to the bathroom."


Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Gaaaaaaa, you still have GREENERY???!!! SO not fair!

    This is a great little photo essay ~ I love when you post like this! A little "day in the life..."-type deal.

  2. Isn't that just the way of it? Yep, they wanna come poop inside. I even think chickens do that, too.

    Love your instructional video... "How to Clean Out the Sheep Pen". I think you could sell it for about $49.95. Maybe an E-book. Whadaya think?
    :) This was great, Paula!

  3. Great post. I'm having some major tractor envy!

    You mentioned flies.

    We have had a lot of luck with using diatomaceous earth to keep the fly population way, way down with our poultry. We spread it under bedding (just like you do with the lime) and mix it in feed. Apparently, it passes whole through the animals' system and destroys the fly eggs that are laid in the dung. It is also supposed to help with internal parasites (not a lot of evidence on that one, though) and has lots of minerals.

  4. Paula
    I enjoy your farm life photos.
    Very interesting for a city girl.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. your last photo and commentary made me laugh. never-ending cycle! :)

    cutest little manure spreader ever!

  6. I Can Not imagine how people use to do this in older times, by hand!! Wow!
    Now...I need your expertise Girl!
    Skunk Attack on my blog...sigh..

  7. If only they would learn to poop outside and spread it themselves..... I bought a Newer Spreader last year, have 2 antiques that don't work. I add pasture seed thru out the manure as I load it to spread seed with the manure on pastures, works great.

  8. That last photo is so sweet. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Now thats a job! Such a pretty farm
    Benny & Lily

  10. Amazing! I wish they had smaller front loading pooper scoopers for my dog yard! I am the only pooper scooper around here and there's plenty of job security for me! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! Love, mare

  11. It might be stinky, but look how beautiful your place is! Sigh. It looks so peaceful. Blessings to you!

  12. Love your farm and seeing those gorgeous sheep. A stinky job but is rewarding watching the animals enjoy there fresh homes.Hugs,Jen

  13. It's a stinky job but someone has to do it!! My girlfriend puts horse manure on her flower beds and she has the prettiest flowers I've ever seen!

  14. What a job! I see you have it down to a science. Your sheepies are lucky! Very funny post, Paula. And I was thinking picking up poop from two dogs was bad:)

  15. There is never a job to horrible, when the results are worthwhile! Love those sheep!

  16. Farm chores, farm chores... yep.. never ending.
    It's always so satisfying when they are completed and everything is nice a clean again.

    We've been using a lot of herbs in the 'girls' chicken coop.
    Keeps everything smelling nice and clean.

    Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season .

  17. What a neat job! My hubby recently went to a friend's house where they have farm animals and brought home some manure for our vegetable garden. I wasn't too thrilled but we'll see in the spring!

  18. Hope your week is good so far! Love all of these pictures & that tractor is really cool!!!
    Stay warm!!

  19. Wow! You seem to have worked out all the kinks in the plan. You make it look so easy.
    It's kind of like that here. When we shampoo our family room, AKA the dog room, they all can't wait to get back inside. Then as soon as there is a rainy day, it starts all over. They hate the rain. And for that reason alone, they are only allowed in the family room. It really is the DOG room.
    Merry Christmas to you both. :)

  20. Just out visiting...hoe all is well with you! Come say hi. :)

  21. What a cute picture of the sheep. How interesting how the barn and pens, and coops are cleaned. Good thing your husband has a tractor. The grass will be so pretty and green come spring.

  22. Smiling all the way through this post, Paula, been there done this! I must show this post to dh, as we have not tried the lime, I really like this advice! thanks. Sheep manure is the best fertilizer!!

    How's is Miss Lily doing? Is she being a good girl for Santa, Tell her he's watching! ~smile~
    Thanks for coming by and for your sweet comment, it has been a long summer!

  23. I can really feel how you all are working at the farm.
    It looks so nice to see everything you are do there.

    Thank You for this day!

  24. Adorable post...a bit of farm life for all of us to enjoy learning about. And we didn't have to actually BE there for the odoriferous part! :-) Isn't it wonderful to have that front end loader and manure spreader...I couldn't help but imagine what having animals must have been like before there WERE such things! And baby Jesus born in a barn with all the animals around. It truly was a "lowly" birth!

  25. Okay, after reading this it has become apparent that we are NOT USING ENOUGH LIME! I usually spring some throughout the chicken coop. I think we need to take your approach and put it on pretty heavily in the coop and then put the pine shavings over top of it.

    Learn something new every day!!


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