Weekend Craftiness: A "Cozy" Project

"Hello? Avon calling..."

It was a wonderful weekend here on the Farm.... 
Once the cooking, eating, and cleaning up was over with on Thursday, 
Hubby and I had the rest of the weekend to do exactly what we wanted to do... hibernate.
Not that we weren't busy around here; there were still chores to do, 
like cleaning out the sheep barn and tidying up around the house.

I also made a batch of homemade hot tamales on Friday. 
I've had several people ask me how I make them, 
so I'm going to do a post on that soon to share my recipe.

After all the chores were done, I spent the rest of my time in my sewing room.
I've had some really cute projects I've been wanting to work on for a while now 
and since I planned on giving some of them as gifts for Christmas this year, 
I figured I'd better get busy.

I've been wanting to make up some of these for my coffee-loving friends~ a coffee cup cozy.

I've seen hundreds of patterns for these online, but the one I decided to try can be found here.

I wanted to add a little extra flair to mine, 
so I did some embroidery and applique on each one before I cut out the top pieces.

Once the embroidery is finished and the front and back pieces cut out, 
the next step is to cut a thin piece of batting 
to sandwich in between and then I'm ready to start sewing them together.

All that was left was to sew in some Velcro to fasten it together and....

Here they are!

Cozy #1: "Peace, Love, Coffee" (Cute, huh?)

Cozy #2: "Hot Stuff" 
(Somebody's gonna have to be feeling a little sassy to use this one...)

Cozy #3: "Downloading" 
(This one is my favorite... I don't know why, but it speaks to me... *grin*)

I thought about keeping one for myself and giving the others as gifts, but.... 
it's kinda hard to choose...
I have plenty of fabric so I could always make more, right?
Guess I'll be in my sewing room again today....   :)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. These are cuteness! Good job! LOL . All are very cute but love the downloading caffeine one LOL

  2. The sheep look so well kept! Love the pic & caption.
    Tamales = yum You have been very busy. Our youngest married the son of missionaries who lived in Mexico for ten years so she has learned to cook authentic Mexican dishes that we really love.
    Those cozies are over the top. My favorite is the caffeine one, too.

  3. Those are just adorable Paula! What a talented girl you are.

  4. Watch out Starbucks! Paula's got it going on the coffee cup! I love these! I can just see everyone who loves coffee using these! Love that precious photo of the sheep. I still have a desire and dream tucked far away of someday having sheep or two..........sigh. Have a great week!

  5. i LOVE the coffeecup cozies, especially the Peace and Love, and the caffeinating one...You could sell these! I'd buy them!!! Happy Day my friend... love, mare

  6. So cute, Paula! I agree with Kathleen - you're gonna give Starbucks a run for their money on these! Love them!

  7. Those are terrific gifts for coffee drinkers - caffeinating one MOST appropriate for many of us. Tamales are a traditional Christmas food here in Tex Mex land.
    You stay busy and your place is beautiful - well done!

  8. Those look pretty handy, and you've done a wonderful job of putting appropriate decor on them. Love the pics of your sheep.

  9. Oh the coffee cup holders are great! I always love seeing the projects you are doing.
    Love ya!

  10. Those cozies are really cute.

  11. Being a "coffee-holic," #3, downloading, is my choice. They are preceious and will make wonderful gifts. I enjoyed seeing the project. Your weekend sounded wonderful.

  12. Oh my goodness, the downloading one is just too darn funny!!! It speaks to me too;-)

    Since you are going to be kind and show us your recipe on tamales, the Mr. and I will not be upset we did not receive an invite to taste test. LOL We may be addicted to them, do not know how to make, and can't find anyone to show us. We have to resort to buying them in the freezer section. Help us please!!!

    blessings, jill

  13. The coffee cozies are awesome...but those tamales, WoW...I bet they were yummy. Looking forward to the recipe!

  14. i picked out the 'caffeinated...' one, too. :) so cute!

    tamales! yum!

  15. Awww, those are so cute.What better way to spend the day than in the sewing room.. I want to do some of that as soon as I can..I like the Avon Calling Welcome haven't heard it in a while.. our ladies quite selling around here. We have an Avon store but she's to high on hers.. Happy Tuesday to you as well.

  16. That one is my fave, too.. grin..
    I am crocheting one now for a gift..
    Peace, my friend..
    Oh.. where is Lily? smile..

  17. Cute gifts, Paula. Someone's gonna be happy!

    Love your new blog background!

  18. Good morning Paula. YOUR SHEEP ARE GORGEOUS!!!

    Hibernating..my favorite thing to do!!

    LOVE the cup cozies!

    wishing you a great day!

  19. Your comment on my Christmas tree post about the beans cracks me up!!
    I'm so glad you & hubby had a wonderful weekend!! I love weekends with not a lot of plans :)
    I'm always in awe of your projects! You are gifted in many ways, my friend!!
    Have a good Wednesday!

  20. These coffee gloves are perfect!!!

    Hahaha ... curious and friendly cheep :) I believe that they loves their new straw.

  21. You are making me finally get myself to a sewing class like I've always wanted!

  22. Those are so cute! Tamales? I can't wait to see how you do that.

  23. I loved them but I really liked #3 if I had to choose a fav.
    What a great gift idea.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. These gifts are so nice. You are indeed very talented. The food looks real good, too. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The sheep look content and happy.
    Have a happy weekend.

  25. Hi my busy, and creative friend.
    Looks like your friends are in for a real treat!

    Love the pictures, and seeing all the good stuff you've been up to.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Smiles :)

  26. Oh How CUTE! You come up with the FUNNEST Things girl...
    Make yourself that last one...TOO Cute!
    Happy sewing weekend!

  27. Love the sheep! Those coffee cup cozies are so cute!! Love the "downloading" one best.

  28. Awesome cozies! That's a great idea!

  29. Your coffee cozies are darling! You are so crafty and talented. :-)

  30. TEE HEE!!! That chicken is looking into your pot with very peaked interest!!! So adorable! =)


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