Friday Farm Foto: Got her Broody pants on.

Never mind that it is the end of November and way too cold to hatch chicks.
Never mind the fact that she's only laying an egg about once a week now.
When Sadie gets her broody pants on, you can forget it.
Her mind is made up to sit, no matter if there is nothing in the nest box but straw.
And woe unto the fool who tries to convince her otherwise by reaching under her.

Anybody got a band aid?

Happy Weekend, everyone!!


  1. thanks for the laugh! yikes! tough one!

  2. How funny and I don't blame her when it is cold one just wants to stay warm and not to be bothered.

  3. Awwww, she's too cute! Don't you just love their little personalities! Have an awesome weekend Paula.

  4. She is adorable and I like that she has fortitude. Those are some fancy broody pants. :)

  5. Well, bless her broody heart! O.O
    The first chicks we hatched after we bought our farm were Dominiques from eggs I got at the Knoxville Zoo. It was really cold in February at the time, and one of the hens there had a bunch of chicks following her around. I guess some gals have to go broody whenever the urge strikes.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Come on up, dear and I will put some iodine on it.. grin..
    She reminds me of someone I know.. lol...

  7. So funny, Paula! Love that photo. I lived on a farm until age 12 and we had a hen house. The chores fell mostly to my older sibs, but I remember trying to get eggs out from under chickens---I was really scared!!! I think I would just pass by your gal:)

  8. She sure does have her feathers ruffled about something..was it your hand? bahahaha..

  9. oh goodness she seems to be defining "feathers ruffled" - attack mode chicken. Yet another reason I don't have a rooster - so far I haven't had hens go broody without a male to (wait for it - you know where I'm going)
    a male egging them on!
    Oh the groans and moans but it was fun.
    sorry about the wound - but now you are officially henpecked! aargh - enough from an egghead like me

  10. She looks like she means business! I say let her alone! :D

  11. Yeah, I've got two that went broody on me this week. But, it isn't cold and I got to choose which eggs they sit on. Don't they look so cute when these broody hens fluff up?!

  12. We're pretty broody around here today; just got a new batch of baby chickens, around 66,000 plus. Our November weather is much warmer than usual so it's a good time to get them started.

    Your little hen looks so soft.

  13. Thanks for the smile this a.m.
    Wishing you an enjoyable December weekend, Paula. I'm not posting on my blog for a few weeks - John just started on insulin and prednisone (for an allergic reaction to medicine) I'll still be visiting and feel free to email me any time.
    Hugs to Lily!

  14. Sadie is a totally Round hen! That eye does look rather cold and calculating! I had a goose named Paris that was so intent on having babies that twice she went to a neighbor that had about 20 geese. She was sure she could find a man there. Well, I had to go and get her. I guess you know that you really KNOW Your goose if you can spot her among many others that look just like her! I always let her sit until she actually lost weight over it-then I said, "Enough!" and took the eggs. Poor Paris never did become a Mama to geese, but she did have a chance to mother some baby ducks I had. She was a content old girl then. I'm sure she's mothering something in heaven now!

  15. Dear Paula
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  16. Poor little Sadie...such a wanna-be-mother!!! She is a chicken after my own heart! I had one child but we wanted more. I know how she feels! :-)

  17. Always make me laugh!!!
    Can't you go to the feed store and get a fertilized egg? Or, maybe a big glass egg?
    Poor thing!

  18. Hi Paula - did she draw blood? Welp, I got a choice - Barbie or Ninja Turtle band-aids?

  19. Ha, I hear you ! My Silkies have put their broody pants on too, no matter it is wet, and stormy, and dark. I keep taking their eggs away, and they keep tryin' to sit.Love my Silkies.:) ( I love your term "broody pants".)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. She is so beautiful, I want to pet those soft looking feathers. grin. I was away for awhile, I am so glad to be back. I love to visit - I love the photo of the sheep, they are gorgeous. And Lily had every right to have a break!!! Kisses to our girl! Thanks for sharing this world, I am very glad to be back. All the best.

  22. Awe.... she's so sweet.
    Just can't suppress that "mama" feeling she's got :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  23. Sounds like Sadie is a woman of my own heart. What a cute photo. Love this posting.

  24. Love this one.. That hen is so pretty.. Thanks for sharing. Susie

  25. ✿ °•.¸
    Olá, amiga!

    Que ave bonita!

    Bom fim de semana!
    ✿ °•.¸¸.•°♡⊱╮╮


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