An apple a day...

I know apples are good for you, but my wrist is killing me.  :)

Hubby and I took an unexpected day trip last week and wound up going to one of our favorite places~ the Smoky Mountains. Along the way we stopped by another favorite place- Carvers Apple Orchard in Cosby, TN. We came home with a bounty of fried pies, pumpkin butter, and a half a bushel of Granny Smith apples. (A cute apple basket came with the deal! *squeal*)
The Granny Smiths will be dried and put into the freezer to use later, so I spent the day peeling, slicing, cutting, and drying, and constantly cleaning up the mess from these juicy apples.
I'm just about finished.....


Here are some apple slices waiting to go into the dehydrator... 
they're soaking in a bath of Fruit Fresh to keep them from turning brown.

The Quality Control Inspector is taking a break while I clean up yet another mess.
(Actually, she took one very long break in which she was snoring... 
I think she was supposed to be on the job in this picture.)

I also had to take an unexpected break when I heard a commotion outside.
Something had the chickens very upset, so I ran outside and looked... and looked..
It took me a minute to find the source of all this uproar and when I finally did, 
I ran inside and got my camera.

Can you see the hawk in this picture?

It's not a very good picture because it was a couple of hundred yards away, 
but it was still too close for comfort to the Silkies. 
I clapped my hands and it flew off, and everyone finally calmed down. 
Back to the kitchen. (And the mess...)

Most of the apples go into the dehydrator....

  But some go into the oven, 
in part because I don't have room in my dehydrator for all of them at once, 
and the other reason is they get a crispy texture in the oven, almost like a potato chip, 
and they are delicious that way. 
In other words, the ones that are in the oven will be eaten soon.
Like in, as soon as they come out....

*om nom nom*

Why do I even bother putting them in a bag? *Sigh*

Happy Thursday, everyone! 
(Don't forget to eat an apple today!)


  1. Haha, that's how I feel about Christmas baking!!

    Looks like you tackled a pretty big job. That's a LOT of apples! It's tough to maintain a good attitude throughout the work, but man, it's sure something to be thankful for when you're enjoying the benefits for weeks and months to come!!

  2. It sure does look like you had a hard day for sure, but I am sure you will be enjoying them when the weather does turn cold.
    I also don't understand the bag>>Lol I would be snacking on them through the day. Love apple chips.
    Hugs and Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. oh Paula I can smell those apples right now! Few fruits as delicious and versatile as apples - I do love 'em.

  4. Hi Paula!
    I love Kyle Carver Orchard, and we always make a trip or two up there for apples in the fall. It's one of our more relaxing day-trips, especially since they have the restaurant.

    Hawks, the bane of Tenn. farmers.
    But hey, it's like the TWRA says: "Hawks don't eat chickens." *rofl*

    My my, how Lily must love those birds. *smiles*

  5. Hi Paula... Everything you do looks so neat and tidy.. I am taking off my glasses and looking to see the mess.. No where to be seen..grin..
    That Lily is a darling.. Did I ever tell you that before? Oh, Yes.. many times..
    I had a hawk take a cat I had once.. I so like to see them, though..
    Have a great day, my friend...

  6. i always helped my mom peel, core and slice apples for the freezer. :)

  7. we have buzzards and hawks here, but they never take any of the hens or even the bantams!

  8. You make me want to visit the Smokies so badly! Sure do miss that place! I bet those apples are delicious! I don't think I'd be able to stay out of them! Does Miss Lily like them? Our Bella loves apples!

  9. Looks like a big job but such a rewarding one.. I love Granny Smith Apples. I dried some and canned some homemade Applesauce..They are delicious.. Those hawks will really wait on the chickens if they can.. I hate them..Take care, Susie

  10. I am envious of your trip to the apple orchard, Paula!!! Looks like Lily got the easy job!

  11. Those apples do look delicious. We are going up about every two weeks to get more apples. Oak Glen is our local 'supplier'. Picked up some Arkansas Black apples, very good. I can not keep Granny Smiths in the house. My son eats them with just about everything.

    Any tips on buying dehydrators?

    blessings, jill

  12. Those apples look wonderful. We know you don't snore. Neither do we
    Benny & Lily

  13. I can smell those apples in the oven all the way to Texas!!

  14. The apples look soooo good. There is a shortage of apples in my neck of the woods due to the late spring frost. Our apple tree had none---the deer and bears are going hungry and it will be a hard winter for them. For us, the prices are high and supply limited.
    So enjoy your bounty!

  15. Paula, the first picture of all the apple peels, makes me think; we used to boil the peelings and make apple jelly from the juice. No waste at all.

    Seems like every pot and bowl in the kitchen gets messy whenever I prepare veggies for the freezer.

  16. Hmmmm I've never dried apples before, but i will have to try it! I've been making applesauce in my crockpot and then freezing it. Another messy job... But delicious!

  17. Good morning Paula,
    I can just imagine how delicious your home must smell!

    Won't those apple taste so delicious as winter settles in, and you have a tasty treat from Fall?!!

    I like your last thought about putting them in the bag... that's how I feel about dried pears.
    As soon as they are dry, I start munching on them.
    Very few make it into the bag***grin*.

    Have a great weekend, my friend.


  18. Hi Paula,
    Yummy apples and a visit to an orchard in the mountains, what a treat! and that Lily is just way to cute, and i believe she knows it too. ~wink~ BTW we have had our share of hawk experiences and they weren't fun, they do intimidate me! Enjoy your weekend, and a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  19. I am so jealous of your trip and yummy things you brought home. I have never thought to dry apples before. What a great idea! Now, the dehydrated ones, do you use them to bake with? And I have never noticed Lily's front paws before but they are grand! :)

  20. yes, I could see the hawk; nice photo! you made a wonderful haul with the apples and you're right... preparing our own food is time consuming and, sometimes, painful!

  21. I dried apples last fall outside under a screen, but this year I need to get the apples so I can make apple butter and apple sauce. It's so much work, though, dealing with them! :-) Yours look yummy!

  22. OH you have me wanting some..and I do have a bag of apples just waiting for attention. I guess I now what I am doing when I finished here.

    I can not believe the hawk left when you clapped! The hawks here are rather brazen..I run right at them and clap and yell and they just stare down at me!

    Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend.

  23. I just came across your blog and your pictures are stunning.
    Have a great Saturday!

  24. Oh, my, those apples look so delicious. They will be so good this winter. Sounds like a real nice trip to the orchard.
    Glad the hawk didn't get any of the chickens.
    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Mmmmm! Delicious! I had some wonderful apples off of my boss' really old apple tree this year that made the best pie's ever. None made it to the dryer - lol!

    Dang Hawk. Glad you scared that bugger off!

  26. Hi Paula - We stopped at some apple orchards on our trip. Love it! I don't think we grow just too many apples down here - so bloomin' hot. I do like the dried ones, tho!

    Hawks. They're beautiful but deadly. We've seen a pair around here, but so far they haven't bothered our hens. Now we DO have a pair of huge owls here, too, and I worry about them taking my chihuahua. Guess I need a Lily - might be a little harder picking her up! :)

  27. OOOH all that hard work will be so wonderful later on! Hawks are so bothersome! Love Lilly! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. I've never dried apples in a dehydrator (don't have one), but I have done it in the oven. I was blown away by how delicious they were. It's so time-consuming to peel and slice them, though, for how little you end up with. That taste is oh, so worth it, though. ;-)


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