Fall Farm Randomness

 Not much excitement going on around here lately... which is really a good thing, I know; 
but it also means I don't have very much blog-worthy material to write about.
Fall has been beautiful here this year, and with the exception of some very warm days this week, 
our temperatures have been very cool and crisp- especially the mornings.

The shadows are lengthening.....

Don't worry- our house is not on fire.....
it's just the warmth of the morning sun burning a little frost off the roof.

And the warmer afternoon temperatures mean you will find the sheep enjoying the shade.

Although occasionally they wander outside to have their picture taken....

Our little garden spot produced a bounty of greens... 
I fixed what I could and put the rest in the freezer.
They are now too tall for us to eat, but we will cut them down and feed to the sheep and chickens.

We've already made a dent in our hay supply, and we still have a long way to go before spring.

My egg-laying girls have slowed down production due to the shorter daylight hours, 
so I've been letting them free-range most of the day to get in as much sun as they can. 
They seem to enjoy it tremendously, and I get a kick out of seeing them sneak under the fence 
of the sheep lot on covert bug-finding missions.
I just wish they would leave my flower beds alone.... *sigh*

I turn the Silkies out for recess every day to let them soak up the sunshine too...
That is Cecil in front of the coop... he doesn't like to wander far from home.

OOOOH~ fuzzy bottom alert!!!

It won't be long until the weather turns cold enough for our little honey bees to huddle up 
inside the hive and hibernate for the winter.... but for now they are still coming in and out, 
getting water at the birdbath and stopping off at any wildflower they can find.
I pray they have plenty of honey stored away to eat this winter....

Of course, in all the goings-on around here there is always time to find a nice sun puddle to nap in....

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I enjoy your pictures! Your chickekn coops are nice! It is beautiful here in western NC too. The color is past its peak but still beautiful.

  2. Paula--I love seeing your farm through your pictures. I really love the sunrise in the post on your computer. The Sunbonnet Sue quilt you made is very cute. I hope to find more time to come back and read your blog.

  3. Hi Paula,

    I like your post tremendously!

    Have a lovely weekend with lots of sunshine,


  4. Hello sweet friend...
    Where on earth have I been? I caught up though.. smile..
    I am going to pin that dear Lily.. I believe the board is mostly her.. I so love your photos.. It is hard to believe that your landscape is so much like ours although we are so far apart...
    Luv ya..

  5. Happy Friday to you too Paula, gorgeous pics and it looks like Lily is enjoying the sunshine, lol!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Love your new Fall backdrop to your blog.

    Oh wow, these photos are breathtaking and make my heart dance. Fall is the perfect time of year for farm photos and...well... Spring too. LOVE the house one with the steam coming off the roof.

    Miss Lily sure has the life... well all your animals do. LOOK at that chicken coop. Its a mansion.

    GOD bless and keep you all safe.

  7. Thank you for the fuzzy buns alert! Your barns, house and coops are all so beautiful-I assume they are the work of you and your husband-lovely...
    I pray your bees will winter over well too..

  8. i love your glee over your chicken butts. :)

  9. Hi my sweet friend...
    Such beautiful pictures. You always keep your land, and outbuildings so neat and tidy. Your place could be on the cover of Country Living!!

    That Lily is a sweetie, and smart too! I'd find a sunny place and nap away the day if I could, also.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    We are off to pick up my ATV... hope it's good as new, and I hope I regain my confidence to ride soon.


  10. I truly enjoy looking at your photos and your animals. Love the fuzzy butt alert.
    I am with Lily on finding some warm place to nap.
    We have been really cold,and gloomy here this week.No sunshine to speak of.
    Have a great weekend

  11. pretty blog worthy to me - wonderful scenes of a life well lived - rock on Lily - you are doing a great job of being friend and companion and sun soaker upper!

  12. Hahahaaa....Miss Lily looks comfy!
    Love all the shots Paula!
    Happy weekend!

  13. Simply stunning pictures, Paula...love the fall foliage! Of course, Miss Lily, gets my vote for best blog model of the decade!

  14. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Love the steam coming off your roof. One section of our wood fence always looks like it is on fire for the same reason as yours.

    Lily appears to have the best spot in the house;-)

    blessings, jill

  15. I always enjoy visiting the farm. Great pictures !!

  16. I love seeing your pictures with Lily and the chickens and sheep.Can't wait to post some of my own when we get to the property.I found a man selling silkies near where we are going to be.May get some.I show hubstead your pictures of Lily all the time,he wants a bulldog so bad!

  17. I really love touring your farm, and I'm pea-green with envy over that beautiful chicken coop! ;) Have a great weekend!

  18. How I love to see the sights around your farm. That Lily knows how to take it easy. Enjoy the pumpkin butter - I love it on bagels!

  19. I just love reading all your goings on around the farm. Things here are getting buttoned up for the winter. Firewood still needs stacked, leaves to be raked, and I might pay the granddaughters to do this, LOL, the chickens are ready for cold weather, and we have set the lights in the coop to come on at 4AM.I still have a few girls moulting and I really hope they get their new digs before cold weather sets in. We have heated water fonts so that is all ready too. The bunnies will be moved inside the barn soon, and I still have the garden to clean up of over growth. Have a great weekend. It's cold and raining here, and looks like we'll be in for more over the next 5 days.

  20. what a lovely day at your farm; seems just about perfect.

  21. You have the most comfortable looking farm :)
    Hi Lily!!!
    If I were a bee, I would be so happy to be there with you!
    Still enjoying every bit of that honey.
    Stay Warm!!!

  22. I so enjoyed this little tour of your property. Everything is so beautifully kept! It's been a horrible day for us here in PA and I hope tomorrow the storm has finally passed over us. Thanks for the visit today!

  23. You are always so good at telling a story with your pictures. I love that silkie co-op. Wow, that is some fancy digs! And I think on one of your last posts I wondered where bees went in the winter. And there was my answer! Happy fall!

  24. I always enjoy seeing photos of your farm and the critters! I love your chicken coop!

  25. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Paula :)

    hugs, Doreen

  26. I loved taking a stroll around your place!

  27. Hello Paula, new follower and fellow blogger from Manna Pro Community Blogs! I'm so happy to have found you. What a beautiful farm you have.

    I would like to invite you to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

  28. Hi Paula! I just LOVE your chicken coops - your hubby did a wonderful job on them. On your silkie pens, do you cover them with anything during the cold winters? They look pretty open there... My hens are not laying as well. I was thinking of putting a light in their coop to see if it would help egg production. Plus, some of them are moulting and they are not laying either. I think now might be a good time to worm them too, when they're not laying very good anyway. Whadaya think? Miss Lily looks so cute in her birthday suit! I bet she likes to snuggle...

  29. I just have to say it again, I have pasture-envy whenever you show pictures of yours, and now chicken-coop envy !


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