A Good Weekend

This past Saturday I turned 43.... 
No celebrations or parties~ just a nice quiet day at home, 
which for me is a perfect way to spend any day. 

I did splurge on a few things for myself..... 
Hubby took off from work on Friday so we could run some errands together 
and along the way I stopped at a neat little fabric/quilt shop that just opened in Knoxville. 

I bought some new fabric (*squeal*), some thread, and a couple of books. 

This place had such a wonderful selection of fabric that I could have bought lots more, 
but I was a good girl.... :)

I also bought a pair of appliqué scissors~ I've been wanting a pair of these for a while now. 

On Saturday morning, we had pecan waffles for breakfast.....

I spent the rest of the morning doing a little housework; 
once that was done, I sewed to my hearts content.

Lily likes to be lazy on Saturdays. Actually, she likes to be lazy every day.

On Saturday, football is the only thing on TV at our house....

It was a wonderful Birthday!

Storm update~ so far, we've just had lots of rain and strong wind from Hurricane Sandy, 
but the Smoky Mountains (which is less than an hour from us) has 2 feet of snow so far, 
with more to come.
Sending prayers for all those who were/are in Sandy's way.....


  1. Happy belated Birthday!!

    I love the cardinal photo - they're so skiddish it's not easy to get a good one like that.

    The birthday goodies look fabulous. I didn't know there was a new fabric store in Knoxville. I'll have to check that out next time I'm up that way. Thanks for the tip. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. So glad your birthday was a great one Paula! Of course I love the pic of Lily (tee-hee) and those waffles look SO YUMMY:P have a great day my friend!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Paula. I love your sewing goodies you purchased. The waffles look delicious and yes, Lily does look mighty comfy! We had a lot of wind gusts yesterday but no rain here in GA. God bless you!

  4. well, happy belated to you, dearheart! 43? youngster. :) i was 49 this year.

  5. Glad to see you had a great birthday! Love those "peace'n'quiet"-type celebrations!!

  6. Happy belated birthday, Paula. Looks like you got some yummy fabrics. That always makes a good birthday, in my opinion. :) I love seeing pictures of Lily with her tongue hanging out. LOL That corner of a quilt that I see under your sewing machine looks so cute. I love simple quilts. Have a great week, my sweet friend.

  7. Happy belated birthday, and I hope none of your kin is affected by this terrible storm.

  8. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me!
    Praying for safety for all.

  9. Happy Birthday dear friend.
    Much, much love to you...

  10. Happy belated birthday, sweet friend!
    Sounds like it was a wonderful one.

    We too are keeping those in the path of the storms, in our prayers.

    Be safe...

  11. Happy belated birthday.
    The pecan pie looks so good.
    The fabric is very pretty.
    Glad you had a restful Sunday and enjoyed the football games.
    Hope everything is well with you all and the wind coming from Sandy.
    We are keeping those folks in our prayers who were in the superstorm's path.

  12. Happy Birthday Friend
    Sounds like a perfect day to me.


  13. What!?! It was Paula's Birthday!! Happiest year yet!
    Wish you lots of love & happiness this year, every single day!!

  14. Awww, happy belated Birthday Paula.. It was the same day as my hubby's. Only he turned 65.. Love the fabric and what better way to spend your birthday.. Benn doing some quilting myself these cold days. Glad you didn't have none of the really bad weather.. I heard about The Great Smokies.. We live in Western N.C. and just had rain and wind but we're fixing to have our first freeze to night.. You stay warm, Susie

  15. Happy belated birthday! I enjoy quiet b-days too. Always a nice day when you can find some fabric.
    We actually have no snow at my house! It's mostly along the border of NC/TN. It's flurried/rained and the wind has been fierce.

  16. Happy birthday dear Paula, my lovely new friend
    Happy birthday dear Paula, glad you spent the day on the mend (hee)
    Birthday kisses from Lily, well at least in her dreams
    Where she showers you with love and lots of sun-beams
    We're all real glad that your day was so fine
    The love of family (and friends) is the best of any wine.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and kisses to our Lily, please :)

  17. Belated Happy Birthday and you had me at Pecan Waffles - yes a love language all of it's own. Sounds like a most excellent way to spend one's birthday * you are a mere young'un!*

  18. Happy Birthday!! You're a mere child! compared to me that is. Your gift to yourself is like my Christmas present to myself: a book of apron patterns. I've put it in the cupboard without opening it up to take a look. Hope you have many more wonderful years.

  19. What!!! housework on your birthday, you need a lesson on what not to do on your birthday. Its all about YOU! BUT I see you did get some YOU time. Happy sewing and glad to know you are all okay. We had high winds but the trees stayed put, thanking the LORD.

    Stay warm!

  20. Happy Birthday Paula!!
    Have a happy Halloween!

  21. Dear Paula, I am glad you had a happy birthday. I love your pretties! I just turned 43 last month. The cardinal is so pretty and I adore your sweet doggie Lily! I am glad you are safe and sound from the hurricane. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comment. Blessings, Paula

  22. Happy birthday! What a pretty quilt you are working on. I hope we get to see that again. Many blessings for a "new year" of life!

  23. Glad y'all are alright!!!
    Love a lazy weekend!

  24. Happy Late Birthday, Paula! Hope snows haven't buried your beautiful world since then and that all is well. Love your purchases, and those pecan waffles look YUMMY! God bless you and yours!

  25. Happy Birthday, Paula. I'm glad you had a day to do what you like to do best.

  26. Belated Happy Birthday Paula
    It sounds like my kind of day too.
    I wish that I would have gotten into quilting, I have seen so many beautiful quilts.

  27. Wow birthdays come up sudden when we are not looking uh? Happy late Birthday!

  28. My idea of a perfect day ! Lily seems to enjoy a perfect day every day, one of the great things about dogs.

    I like the quilt you're working on. Will it be a full size quilt for a bed?

    Happy birthday Paula !

  29. Happy belated birthday, and it sure sounds like you had a wonderful fun day.
    I'm with Lilly!
    We survived the hurricane too, with only moderate wind, lots of rain, but the creek behind the house didn't get close thank goodness.
    Have a great week.

  30. Happy Belated Birthday lovely lady!

    Sounds like he perfect day to me.

    Hugs, Doreen

    ps..applique scissors??? I will have to look into those..I just ordered supplies as I am getting started with wool applique!!! I'm so excited!

  31. Happy belated birthday, Paula.

    I can see that you have a lovely day :)


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