Friday Farm Fotos: Beans and Greens, Quilts and Blooms

One of my little honey bees hard at work....
Can you see the pollen sac on her leg?

A couple of months ago I showed a picture of our little garden spot that Hubby was preparing for some fall greens...

Here is a picture of it now!

Kale and mustard greens are in the middle and to the right; green beans are coming up on the left. When Hubby went to the farm store to buy the seeds he found these green bean seeds on sale, so he bought them and planted them too. I know we are in a race against time for the beans to make anything before the first frost, but at least we're hoping the blooms will give our little honey bees something to work.

Speaking of blooms, here are some more random blooms around here...

This is our resident horticulture expert. 
She likes to chew sticks to determine which type of tree it came from.

Then she gets choked on them and I threaten to take her to the vet to have her stomach pumped.

This is one of my favorite quilts hanging out to dry after being washed... even though it's "store-bought" and not handmade, I still love it because it is so soft and the design is wonderfully simple. 

 It's a full-sized quilt so it is too small to use on our bed but I can't bear to part with it so it is now the "couch quilt"- it stays draped across the couch. In the event a nap comes on suddenly, it's conveniently close by to wrap up in... and it also to helps keep Lily's hairs off the couch so I won't have to vacuum it every day. 
Do any of you have a "couch quilt" or blanket?

(And by the way, Lily is not supposed to be on the couch- she has two dog beds
but whenever she is left at home alone there is evidence to support otherwise....)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I hope you get lots of green beans in time to put up for winter. That Lily! Our dog doesn't get on the living room furniture, but he sleeps with us. Don't ask me how we all fit in that queen bed, but I suspect he gets the best spots! My couch has recliners on each end which foils a nice throw on the back if one reclines. And one does, often! I love quilts and will be working on one soon.
    We finally got a little rain last night and the temps are getting cooler. I'm ready!

  2. Paula, I hope you get some beans from your green beans. Our garden didn't do much at all and the rains we have had came too late to plant a fall garden. Maybe next year. I love simple and soft quilts. I always have one close by. Like you said, never know when the urge to nap will hit. LOL I understand about Lily. I think when we are gone, they think they are the masters of the house. LOL Have a great weekend, my friend. I am off to do some grocery shopping. Uggg! I hope it doesn't take all my money. LOL

  3. Love that quilt! My grandma was a quilter, so I've always had a huge appreciation for the handiwork that goes into them. Sweet Lily...I can't blame the girl for wanting to curl up on the sofa for a little snoozy time!

  4. Fabulous bee picture! Things are looking beautiful around your place. That naughty Lily. I have evidence that my little doggie lays on our DINING TABLE when we are not around. (It has a great view.) He is very bad. I have a favorite quilt, too, and it is in very bad shape. My mom made it and it is so old and very thin, but so cottony and cool. It is one of my most favorite things ever.

  5. Awwww! I'm loving your "Expert..."Hahaaaaa
    Love that quilt too! And yes, I have a blankie on our couch...'Ya Have to! Darn hair!
    Happy weekend friend!

  6. Love that late garden! Things always seem to taste better, maybe because we know there won't be anymore fresh, homegrown things until next spring.

    Your quilt does look soft and inviting. I have to put a sheet over the recliner, not because of a dog, but a dear husband, covered in dust from the chicken houses. ;(

  7. What a great shot of the bee!
    Puts a smile on my face.

    Looks like you still have quite a few blossoms for the bees too.

    Lily is a cutie, and it's hard to not grin when I see her sweet face.

    Yes.. we have a couch blanket.
    Even though Rowdy is not supposed to be on the couch, each night, we hear him pitter-patter into the living room, and hop up on the couch.
    He thinks he's a person.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  8. oh, lily! we keep couch covers on the doggie couch and their fold-out 'bed' too. *sigh*

  9. Love seeing the bee photo, Paula.
    Yes, we have sheets covering most of our cloth furniture - due to the cats, though. Harriet cannot jump up on furniture. If the cats are not on the furniture, they are in Harriet's dog beds!!!!! Animals!

  10. I love your blog. We are so much alike Paula. Please stop by my blog sometime. Visit with my chickens, our rescue dog that likes to rest on the bed ( despite his own bed in our bedroom)or on the couch when we go away.
    I have a small garden, most of which has given up for this year. I do have a ton of sunshine tomatoes still giving though.
    Also scroll down to see my post from last week called the Bees Knees.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Love all the pictures & I really LOVE that quilt! I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend. The two of you & all of the precious animals, too.
    I love these fall mornings!
    Can't wait to hear your next song!

  12. Your garden looks great! We love greens in the fall. We grow turnips and use the tops for greens.

    Lily is such a character! I can just picture her sneaking to the couch when you leave. We had a rat terrier that did the same thing. Gotta love 'em! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I love fresh green beans and greens. Add some cornbread and you have a meal. Pictures were great as always!

  14. Remember me with the greens.. We didn't plant any.. Love your beautiful quilt..Looking forward to the song..

  15. Hi Paula--all is well in the bee department here! Loved your photos, and glad you have a fall garden too. Mine is doing pretty well. I even have one tennis-ball-sized pumpkin! (squeal!) The quilt does look so cozy! Lily is so cute, and I hope she stays off that couch! :-) Have a great weekend!

  16. I would like to hire your expert to tell me what some of my trees are! She makes me smile...
    Believe it or not~we don't have a couch yet. Or even a living room! But that is going to change-I'm doing a room make-over and then I want a sweet quilt like yours-it's beautiful.

  17. I love quilts. I had a friend growing up who had a jean quilt and it was so. soft. We used to argue over who got to sleep with it when she had sleepovers!

    I'm curious to see how your fall garden does so keep us updated!

    And I've never seen a pollen sac on a bee! That's really neat!

  18. I bought 2 painter's canvas drop cloths to cover my sofa. Dollar and Bella both like to lay on the sofa. I had a dog bed but neither one of them would use it. I wish it would cool off enough to want a quilt nearby for a nap, right now all I want is a BIG box fan.

    Love the expressions on Lily's face.

  19. That Lily, she makes me smile no matter what. I bet when you are feeling low, you go get a kiss from her and that lifts your spirit. SO... with all that sugar she give she deserves a special place on the sofa. YEP!

  20. " in the event a nap comes on suddenly", love that line!

    Lily is so cute.Every picture with her makes me smile.

  21. Your Lily is quite the model! She knows how to make me smile!

    Love that quilt! Your living room looks so cozy!


  22. I can see a lovely farm whit your picture.

    And I love your expert on tree's :D

    I wish I have more time to grown my own vegetables. But first I have to sign in them becasue there is so many different kind of deers in my garden, and some moose and some wild boar that always knock on my door.

    Have a nice day!


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