Friday Farm Foto: Taking a break

Trouble is brewing here on the Fraker Farm.... 
Seems as though my computer's hard drive has seen better days.
The poor thing has been freezing up and making a pitiful clicking sound at me lately as if to say,
"Goodbye, cruel world..."
I'm taking a little blog break until I have my computer repaired or get a new one.
Until then, I'll be checking emails as best I can on my cell phone
so feel free to leave me a comment here or send me a note if you wish.

Take care, and I hope to be back soon!


  1. Oh no...
    Praying you back soon. I am enjoying getting to know you new Friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. About a month ago we had to buy a new computer. It's always stressful to get accustomed to a new one. Blessings to you and hurry back, Paula.

  3. I think Lily did something so she can have more rides.

  4. Oh I hope we get to see your pic's soon!! I will email to check in!
    Have a wonderful weekend on the most beautiful farm!

  5. Im a sucker for a great sunset photo, and this one is just great. Best of luck with your computer as I know they can be a big pain sometimes! Richard

  6. Hello dear.. Just when I get back you leave.. grin..
    Enjoy your break and don't work too hard..

  7. Yeah, I think my old dinosaur desktop computer (which is still the one I use most) may need a few days at the "spa" very shortly, too!!

  8. oh Paula~I hate this! Hope it's not too long, and you will be back...will miss you dear one.

  9. Beautiful picture!

    Hope you are able to get the computer problem resoved soon.

    Enjoy this weekend, my friend.

    Warm wishes..

  10. 'goodbye cruel world' made me laugh. but i know it's not funny. good luck!!!

  11. Hope to see you back soon. Darn computers have a lifespan too. Darn.

  12. You probably need to run a Registry program....It cleans the "brain" of your computer.

    BUT! Now that you have time on you hands...ENJOY the break Girlie!! You'll be missed!!

  13. Oh dear, been there! Come back soon.

  14. Great photo, amazing how we become dependent on computers, hurry back.

  15. Great photo, amazing how we become dependent on computers, hurry back.

  16. Oh that's a bummer...I hope you get it all fixed or a new one soon!

    Beautiful sunset photo, Paula!

    I'll miss you! Hurry back soon!


  17. Hope you get it fixed soon Paul. I'll miss you.

  18. Hope its a easy and quick fix!

  19. Hello my friend..i hope you are back online soon. Computers are a mixed Blessing for sure...Love, mare

  20. Your computer sounds like mine. I get a lot done while waiting for blogs and comment options to download.

    Beautiful picture, and hope all goes well with whatever computer adjustments are required.Beginning a new relationship with a computer takes time, doesn't it. Then, just when you trust it...

  21. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. I finally broke down and had to get a new one last year. It's always a hassle, too, to get everything set up, save pictures, etc. Good luck with that Paula - and we'll see you soon! And Lily will have her Doggles when next we see her??? :)

  22. Hope it will be fixed soon.

    Say hello to Lily from me :D

  23. Hope you have your computer up and running soon! Beautiful photo!

  24. Paula, I'm such a dunderhead when it comes to computers; Dave was the high tech geek. My constant prayer is, Please God, make the electronics work a Very Long Time!

  25. Oh no! I hope you were able to get things fixed! My desktop is 11 years old now and it's still chugging... but it's been acting odd lately so I've been backing things up like crazy!!

  26. Hi there!

    I came across your blog whilst randomly blog hopping...

    I love what I see and read here!
    That's why I've signed up.

    Greets from Holland,


  27. Oh no, I just found you :(. I am really enjoying your blog, I hope you are back soon. Thanks for writing for us!


  28. Oh, hope you come back soon! I'll be missing you! Great photo!


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