Finally, a Rainy Day!

Here in East Tennessee we've been like a lot of other places around the country recently.... 
Although not to the extent of some of my blog friends in the Mid-west, 
but our last decent rain was over a month ago and the grass is turning brown, 
not to mention the trees are losing their leaves because of the lack of moisture.
Sunday and Labor Day we were blessed with a pretty good amount of rain; 
even though we had to endure a pretty hard downpour at first, 
we had a several hours of good soaking rain behind it. 
I took advantage of the rainy day by working in my sewing room and getting some things organized.

  Oh, and someone stayed close by to make sure I didn't take too many breaks along the way...

This is my new "project" table Hubby made for me... I had an old cutting mat I wasn't using anymore because it had a run-in with a hot iron once and the heat made it bubble up on the edge. (You can see it in the picture...) Hubby took an old table we weren't using anymore and used contact cement to glue the cutting mat down where it won't slide around. This table is great for cutting out patterns and fabric and even for drawing so it's a perfect place to "start" a project!

This is my new pressing station- I keep my irons and  accessories here so they can be plugged up easily and allowed to cool down without being in danger of coming in contact with something and accidentally burning or melting it. This works out so much better than having to clear a spot to press something!

 I was also able to move my sewing machines next to the window so I can have more natural sunlight to work in.

This is my computer desk where I work on my embroidery designs... this is also where I blog! :)
Needless to say, I spend a lot of time here.
(And if you look closely you'll see Jojo and Lulu sitting on the top of the bookcase.)

This little chest of drawers is great for keeping fabric scraps, notions, and unfinished projects organized.
I also enjoy having a place to put my embroidery thread on display... there is something about seeing all the pretty rows of color that makes me smile!

Now that I'm a little better organized, I'm hoping I'll be able to work on more than one project at a time by keeping everything in its "place".

Here is something I've been working on recently- this cute Sunbonnet Sue applique quilt for a special little one in our family. I LOVE doing applique, but this was my first attempt at doing so many in the same project. I love gingham and this block turned out to be one of my favorites...

Here is another block- I love the way this one turned out too.

And here is the finished quilt... 
Not perfect, but I didn't think it turned out too bad for my first time!

Next project on my list- time to make some fall pumpkins!

But first, I think I'll give myself the rest of the day off from all this work 
before I start anything else.

As for my supervisor....

All this work has her tuckered out, too.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. We loved the rains the past few days, too!
    Your work space looks very organized and serviceable. I just read Jojo & Lulu's reunion story and loved it. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  2. I love a cozy rainy day!
    That last picture takes the cake!! HOW PRECIOUS!
    I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you!
    It's raining in Alabama as I type. I wish my little love's could stay home today :)

  3. Your Sewing room look very cool :) There is so much interestand things.. You heve got very interesting hobby it must be really cool to do things like you :))
    I love this quilt ♥
    And your chef look very tired.
    I greeet Ilona

  4. Awww, what a beautiful little quilt! So whimsical and simple. I love it!

  5. That is quite the supervisor you have there, Paula!
    I love your craft/project room and it's nice to see where you blog, too. I would love sewing by the window; you have such a pretty view. I may have told you before, but my 90 yr old former neighbor has a Sunbonnet Sue quilt her mom made her when she was young - the fabrics used were from the outgrown dresses the mom had made her! Your pumpkins are delightful and get me in the mood for fall. Enjoy your day.

  6. So glad the rain has made it to your area! Your craft/sewing room looks great. Love your table your hubby made for you. Love when they get involved in a project to help make our lives easier, right? The quilt came out lovely! Can't wait to see your pumpkins! Enjoy!

  7. Rain is headed our way...and I'm so ready for it, too! You are so creative, Paula...wish I could say the same for myself! That Lily...just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

  8. LOL the pic of Lily cracks me up. What embroidery software do you use? I see something on your computer screen :O). I use a very old Buzz Tools that I never had a manual to LOL so I can only do so much with it LOL. You got more quilting done than I did :O). I love Sun Bonnet Sue or Dutch Doll as my grandma called it. We worked on one together when I was little so it has a special place for me. We need rain so bad. This week 104 and 103 for highs its going to mean dragging a lot of water hoses around for sure. Glad you guys got some rain! Looks like you got a lot done on organization in your sewing room too!

  9. that quilt is adorable! the little blue sunflower girl is precious!

    hooray for rain for you!!!

  10. Happy Tuesday to you too!
    So happy for you that it rained, and rained good!
    What a blessing.

    Love that work-room of yours.
    Perfect for the coming colder months... you'll be able to get all kinds of great projects done.
    I love when everything is organized :)

    Your quilt is darling!
    Cute little sun bonnet girls.

    Lily is a sweetie.
    I love that she loves you so much, and wants to be with you all the time.

    Enjoy the remainder of this week.

    I'm off to work on my organizing now... still :)

  11. What a great craft room you have. Loved seeing your cute quilt and that silly Lily with her tongue. Does she not bite it? I guess not. So thankful for rain!!!

  12. Love the picture of your tuckered out "supervisor" ..................

  13. I was thinking I'd try re-learning to sew - but just looking at your project room has me thinking it over again. I can't seem to keep my own ironing done - let alone keep a room so organized and planned out! Lily - you are my kinda gal! the little quilt is just adorable - only you could see anything less than perfection in it!

  14. So happy for your rain! Isaac brought almost 2 inches to us and the grass is trying to revive.

    Thanks for sharing your sewing room; always fun to see where someone else creates beauty. Sunbonnet Sue is a favorite of mine. Good work on the quilt!

  15. Beautiful quilt. And thank goodness for the rain
    Benny & Lily

  16. What a talented girl you are Paula and so tidy, too.. smile..
    Love your boss and wish I had one just like her.. grin..
    Blessings sweet friend..

  17. Paula, I love your little Sunbonnet Sue quilt, very cute. Good job. We are slowly catching up with rain. Kevin actually mowed the yard today, first time in months. LOL We had a little shower last night, but it mainly just made the humidity unbearable today. LOL I love your different stations for crafting. So nice to have a space dedicated to what you need to do whether cutting, sewing, or pressing. I hope you have a great week, my friend.

  18. I forgot to add how cute Lily looks with her tongue hanging out. LOL She looks like a good supervisor!

  19. You have a wonderful sewing room, a great place to create. The little quilt is a treasure and I love the applique.

  20. Hi Sweetie~
    I saw the pin cushion too-you were my very first sale at etsy!

    I love your quilt! Your sewing room is perfect.
    Lily is very sweet-even with her tongue hanging out!

  21. Oh, Kathleen, what a wonderful workroom! I love having the space I do for my sewing room, but unfortunately could use a place for a high cutting table. Bending down when cutting just kills my back. If I put one in, I'd have to take out the guest bed and that just isn't an option. Oh well. :-) But, just having my new sewing machine has made life such a joy these days! :-) Loved seeing your workspace and projects! The sunbonnet sue quilt is adorable! Poor little puppy looks just tired out from all the work! :-)

  22. Wow, do I have egg on my face (perhaps the egg from your last post!) I said Kathleen, and meant Paula!!!!! So sorry dear blogger friend. She had the comment just above yours, and I still had her name in my head when I started writing. I knew it was you, just didn't move on fast enough in the name department!!!

  23. Oh My Word!!! I Love your work spaces! SO neat!
    I need to go home and rethink my arrangement!!Hahaaa
    Love the projects too!

  24. Hi dear! ;)
    I invinite you to my blog for after award : Blog Awards :)
    I greet Ilona

  25. OK, I'm back--and I will actually call you Paula this time! :-) Just wanted to tell you, yes, indeed that grandson is a ham! :-)

  26. 彡♡` Olá, amiga!

    Muito lindas, que cores harmoniosas e alegres!

    Bom fim de semana!
    Brasil ♡彡.

  27. We've gotten rain, too. It's great.

    I was wondering, is that a brindle bulldog?

  28. What a ham that Lily is. As for rain, I believe today you'll get a boat load. Might want to battan down the hatches (not Richard)

  29. LOVE your work studio room; it's the perfect set up and you'll be able to get so much more work done.
    You're not that far from me and we've had nothing but rain this week. Thank God, we put up dry hay last week.

  30. Well, one thing I can say is that you hade got a very nice room to do your work in.

    Hahaha ... I love your beautiful dog!

    Answer: Yes, the mushroom are indid very tasty :D


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