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Friday Farm Foto: Taking a break

Trouble is brewing here on the Fraker Farm....  Seems as though my computer's hard drive has seen better days.
The poor thing has been freezing up and making a pitiful clicking sound at me lately as if to say,
"Goodbye, cruel world..." I'm taking a little blog break until I have my computer repaired or get a new one.
Until then, I'll be checking emails as best I can on my cell phone
so feel free to leave me a comment here or send me a note if you wish.
Take care, and I hope to be back soon!

Wordless Wednesday: Gone Ridin' (Lily's new car)


Friday Farm Fotos: September Morning


Wordless Wednesday: She'll be a Beauty... Someday


Monday Sunrise


Friday Farm Fotos: Beans and Greens, Quilts and Blooms

One of my little honey bees hard at work.... Can you see the pollen sac on her leg?

A couple of months ago I showed a picture of our little garden spot that Hubby was preparing for some fall greens...

Here is a picture of it now!

Kale and mustard greens are in the middle and to the right; green beans are coming up on the left. When Hubby went to the farm store to buy the seeds he found these green bean seeds on sale, so he bought them and planted them too. I know we are in a race against time for the beans to make anything before the first frost, but at least we're hoping the blooms will give our little honey bees something to work.

Speaking of blooms, here are some more random blooms around here...

This is our resident horticulture expert.  She likes to chew sticks to determine which type of tree it came from.

Then she gets choked on them and I threaten to take her to the vet to have her stomach pumped.

This is one of my favorite quilts hanging out to dry after being washed... even …

Wordless Wednesday: Something in the Water, Part II


Finally, a Rainy Day!

Here in East Tennessee we've been like a lot of other places around the country recently....  DRY.  Although not to the extent of some of my blog friends in the Mid-west,  but our last decent rain was over a month ago and the grass is turning brown,  not to mention the trees are losing their leaves because of the lack of moisture. Sunday and Labor Day we were blessed with a pretty good amount of rain;  even though we had to endure a pretty hard downpour at first,  we had a several hours of good soaking rain behind it.  I took advantage of the rainy day by working in my sewing room and getting some things organized.

  Oh, and someone stayed close by to make sure I didn't take too many breaks along the way...

This is my new "project" table Hubby made for me... I had an old cutting mat I wasn't using anymore because it had a run-in with a hot iron once and the heat made it bubble up on the edge. (You can see it in the picture...) Hubby took an old table we weren…