Friday Farm Fotos: Summer Smiles

Just a few random pictures of some things that make me smile this time of year....

Honey bees getting a drink from the birdbath.....

My shade tree book-reading chair...

Happy hens.....

Curious hens....

An empty nest...
Not because it's empty, but because it means the trees 
have a few more birds in them than they did before....

Hubby and his tractor....

Long evening shadows....

Cecil crowing....

Fernando trying to out-crow Cecil.....

The sheep in the field......

Enjoying the view from the front porch in the evening....

I hope maybe one or two of these made you smile, too!
Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Good Morning, Paula! It is hard to choose a favorite picture! I love the honey bees drinking at the bird bath and of course, Lily enjoying the view from the porch. Wishing you a delightful weekend. Think Autumn!!!

  2. Haha, "Curious Hens" is too funny! Talk about a 'bird's eye view!'

    Beautiful photos again, my friend. Your "Li'l Patch o'Heaven" always makes me smile.

  3. Yes Paula they do make me smile, thank you, love,Diana

  4. I can relate to the curious hens. I can't bend down without 2 of them all over me. I'll bet Lily is dreaming of going for a bike ride.

  5. Love those cute little roosters! But the sheep are so sweet too.

  6. Love the pics! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  7. I loved my walk around your farm, Paula. And the instant you said that was your reading chair in the shade, I could "see" you sitting there! Lily should have the title, "Little Empress" know she and Luke have the same carriage anyway. She looks to be supervising from the porch in the shade. She's a smart gal. :)

    Have a great weekend, girl!

  8. These are the most peaceful pictures I've ever seen! If I was an animal, I would want to live at your farm. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, you & your hubby, Paula!!

  9. The curious hen made me lol. has so many good things to offer.

  10. I'm giggling!
    Cecil and Fernando must put on quite a show!
    My fav was the curious hens and Lily...
    Love ya...

  11. All of your beautiful pics made me smile. Have a wonderful week-end!

  12. It definitely worked! I'm smiling! Have a Beautiful weekend my friend..Love, mare

  13. Hi
    I've got the chicken like your. I like your web site. I'll be watch your blog
    I greet Ilona of Poland

  14. So do you EVER really just sit and read in that nice reading chair under a tree? So busy on your place - and everything looks interesting - would take half the day just to "check in" with all the critters and growing things! Lily has such a calm look - although I bet the prospect of going for a ride would pep her right up

  15. Hey sweetie-I have a little pile of things to send you-I'd like to send along the shirt you liked-which one-the red one or the checkered one? With the sheep I mean. I made them and haven't worn them yet! I like them too, but I don't need 3! They are XL, so probably be best worn like an over shirt. Let me know~

  16. I wanna come live witch CHOOO!!!Hahaaa...
    Love all your babies Miss Paula!!
    Hope you had a super weekend!!

  17. Hi Paula...
    all the pictures made me smile!
    You guys have such a nice life and have been so blessed, and I love that you share your blessings with us :)

    I love the way you guys decked out the hay barn... darling barn star!!

    Hope that this week is filled with lots of smiles, and lots of blessings for you both.


  18. I did LOL at the picture of the curious hen with her face plastered up against your lense. ;-)

    And pictures of Lily always make me smile. :-)

  19. Thanks for the smiles. All lovely pics.

  20. Such wonderful photos. Love them all!

  21. I like all of them, especially Cecil.. hope you had a nice weekend..

  22. have I asked you this before? are you familiar with Zelda's Dogmas? They are so...SO...funny! send me a p.m. and I'll send one one, you'll want to subscribe, I promise!

  23. Paula,
    I love all of your farm photos. I really like the sheep, the chickens, and your dog. Your home is such a lovely, peaceful place.

  24. I like your blog a lot. I'm curious about this what you write. Your photos make me laugh. I live in a cottage, too. I raise hens, goats and sheeps. We have pet hotel and we also offer lessons for children. Please, visite my blog
    Iza from Poland

  25. Dear Paula,
    I'm coming to you from Sparrowgrass...just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following! So nice to "meet" you! ♥ LOVE Lily and the chickens (chicken envy!)...:)

  26. My hubby wants a bulldog so bad and I showed him Lily he thinks she is so cute.

  27. I like that star on your barn! Richard

  28. Oh, Paula--seeing all these wonderful things make me happy too! I really love the chicken face close-up! :-) By the way, the bee swarm did move on. I'm sure they were fine. Just made me a little nervous because there ARE killer bees in AZ. But these started out docile and stayed docile. I just hope they or some others come back to visit now and then.


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