Friday Fall Fotos (Fall?): Apple Pie Dreams and New Toys

Okay, okay- I know it's only the first of August so I might be rushing the season a little....
but I have to admit, I am really looking forward to Fall this year, even more than usual.
Fall just happens to be my favorite time of year; I love the crisp air and the amazing blue skies and the chilly mornings- but most of all I love Fall decorations.
In fact, I've got my boxes of decorations ready...
but I guess I'll try to put it out of my mind and hold off at least until September..... *sigh*

We all have dreams, I guess... things we want to do (or at least try)
and no matter how far-fetched, we can't seem to quit thinking about it.
I have a dream I've kept secret for a while now...
Oh, Hubby knows, because I only mention it like 30 or 40 times a week, but....
I've kept it to myself until now.

I dream of having an orchard.
As in a real, thriving apple orchard.
I've been doing lots of homework- finding information on the Internet about which trees grow best in our climate and where and when to plant... and happily, from everything I've read, we have not only an ideal place, but we also have the perfect fertilizer- sheep manure.

LOTS of sheep manure.
Plenty for each tree and then some.
And since Fall is the best time to plant trees....
-Oh my, I said Fall again, didn't I? -
Hubby got a new toy to help with the planting- a new auger to go behind his little tractor.

This will drill the holes for the trees to go in and make planting a snap.
Now I just have to decide how many trees I want.
I would have a hundred if I could, but realistically, I'll probably start out with 10.
And the best thing about it-
it will give our little bees plenty of work to do when the trees start blooming!
It's a win-win!

Speaking of new toys, you may remember Lily's car from a few months ago-

Well, Hubby and Lily had a little wreck a few weeks ago.
Everyone was okay, just a few scrapes-
but sadly, Lily's car was totalled.
The frame was bent so badly Hubby couldn't straighten it out and the wheels wobbled when it rolled. Come to find out, Lily had slightly exceeded the weight limit for her little car by about 10 pounds (just what every girl wants to hear), 
so we started looking for a new car for her with a bigger load capacity.
We found just the thing on Ebay- it's made lower to the ground and wider than her other one
and it's called..... get this-
the "Tail Wagon"! :)

It's been a little too hot lately to even think about riding bicycles, but now we are ready to do lots of riding this Fall. (Oh dear, I did it again...)

I think I need to go put up my scarecrow wreath or something.....

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I'm with you on the Fall subject.. so ready after this droughty/oppressively hot summer. Orchard - now that's a great idea! Wishing you well.. and hopefully this drought is about over and done w/ for the next century (we can hope!). The bees will love you for this! So glad everyone came out of that wreck okay... New car looks awesome, Lily! -Tammy

  2. TOO cute. I love Lily's new ride. I'm glad they were both ok in the accident.
    I'm ready for a breeze & beautiful leaves changing colors. Isn't that such a beautiful site?
    I hope you, your hubby & all of the loves on the farm have a good weekend!! HAPPY FRIDAY!
    Bring on the fall!

  3. We did our homework when we started our pecan orchard.....but we still didn't have a clue what we were getting into. We underestimated the orchard in three main areas: 1the equipment we would need as the orchard grew, 2 the amount of time it would take to maintain the orchard, and 3 the disappointment from crop failure due to bugs, fungus, or weather.
    I guess I should add a 4 and the amount of money it takes to run all of this is enormous!

    It's all in what you expect out of your orchard.

    I encourage you to talk to growers around you. Not just one, but several. They may all have different opinions, and they should. But everything they tell you is based on hard earned experience. It will help you more than any other thing you do when starting and maintaining your orchard.

    Good luck...I look forward to seeing your orchard unfold!

  4. Oh Paula....
    I know I've said this a hundred times... but you are a girl after my own heart :)
    I too am longing for Fall.
    Although, I'm torn... there is still so much to get done around here, I need warm weather to last for a bit ~~~LOL!!

    I'm so excited about you planting an orchard!
    Your bees will LOVE it!

    Sorry about your husband, and Lily's crash!! So glad that neither one was seriously injured.
    Love the new cart too!

    Hope this weekend is a great one for you guys :)


  5. Love the Tail Wagger, hope Lily likes it, looks like she does.

  6. First off!! I am so relieved to know both hubby and lily are okay... that was scary reading that. Looks like a very solid car for her and pray for safe driving.

    I am with you on the Fall season, the blue sky and smells. Cant wait.

    I will be watching to see you plant your orchard and using the new toy! I dare say now you have use of all that manure.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Hi Paula, I am thrilled about the plans for your orchard. I know you guys usually make a trip into north GA each Autumn to buy apples. This is very exciting and I wish you much success!
    So sorry about your hubby and Lily's accident. I love Lily's new ride (Harriet is a little jealous!)
    Fall is my fav time of the year, too. I am beginning to see fall decorations in the stores. Won't be too much longer now!
    Have a terrific weekend.

  8. good luck with the orchard planting! poor lily. glad no one was hurt!

  9. Yikes! So glad Lily is willing to get back on the horse so to speak. What a neat dream. I just got back from The Valley (TexMex Border) where citrus orchards abound. I really liked seeing the trees all lined up in rows out of the airplane window.

  10. Glad no one was hurt in the accident, I dusted our bikes the other day. siggh we keep them in the office. We also said as soon as it cools off we are so looking forward to being able to take them out again! 107 last two days yuck... But fall is coming right!

    We have been trying like heck to get to get a fruit orchard in here. Its been tough. I tried several different fruits. Plums seem to be the easiest to grow here.

    Though we have been doing a test since spring on Chestnut trees! So far they have done super. Yes some have burned leaves on them now but the trees are healthy. Burned leaves on plants is normal here. Bees like them as well so I thought the same as you what a win win on the Chestnut trees!

  11. Before we know it Fall will be upon us...chilly breezes and golden leaves!
    I love your pup's new wheels! So sorry to hear about your husband's accident...but happy to see all is well again!
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend,

  12. How very cool!! I can't wait to see how your trees come out! And sheep manure is good for them. I think it's a sign... you are meant to be a tree farmer (on top of your other skills! :) )

    How big will the trees be when you get them?

    Also, I love summer. LOVE it. But part of me is excited for fall this year too. So I share in your closeted enthusiasm!

  13. I love fall also! I'm all with you on the apples. Hope it works out for you! Enjoy your weekend.

  14. I can see that apple orchard already! And your bees will love it too! I'm glad Lily got a new car. A pretty girl needs flashy wheels!

  15. I wish it was fall. I hate the hot weather of summer. We just had a humid thunderstorm go through here. We don't get rain much in the summer so it's kind of exciting when we do.

  16. Hi Paula, I have been ready for fall for 2 months. LOL I hate this heat and the drought has made it even more miserable. Lily looks like she is ready to go. (grin) Good luck with the orchard. Your bees will love you. Have a great weekend.

  17. I'm ready for fall too, and the trees must be... they're turning already here! Can't wait to put up my decorations!

  18. Love Lily's new cart. I really think you should put out at least one little thing for fall. Just because you want to!!!

  19. Oh what a fun new ride!! I can't wait for fall! I just love everything about it. Happy scarecrow hanging(Love scarecrows!)

  20. Hello dear~
    How lucky your bees are! We have 3 apple trees, but I've wanted more, plus some pear trees....our peach tree ususlly does so well, but the dry weather kinda hurt.
    I can't wait to see your new orchard-I know you'll do lots of wonderful things with the apples.
    I loved reading the blog post about your visit-I feel like I learned a lot more about you...That's so cool that you play the upright bass!!!
    Love you my friend!

  21. Poor Lily (and your hubby) :)! Glad they were both ok. A Burley is what we have for Luke. You're hot for riding now. We have to wait until about 7:30 each evening before we can even leave and then it's still humid.

    Apples! I think that's great! I'll be looking forward to reading about that.

    Fall..yes, I keep talking of it way too much already. It's my favorite too and it's followed by Christmas...two reasons to love it!

    Thanks for your comment on Faithful Friday. It's so good to know others "think" the same way. Not always a popular subject you know.

    Have a great Saturday my friend!


  22. Paula,
    I'm looking forward to fall, too. I can hardly wait until it gets cooler. It's been such a hot summer. I love the beautiful trees and colors of fall. Bring fall on! I can hardly wait until this season changes.

  23. Oh gosh...wonder if there's a weight limit for my car...who'd a thought?
    Love your new blog header...CUTE!

  24. Awww,,sweet Lily Bell looks so cute in her new car.
    Now you've got me looking around and noticing that I could put up that fall decorator plate in the kitchen.
    Thanks for keeping me in season.

  25. Yay, Lily got a new "ride"!!!! Oh, having an orchard is a big endeavor. I wish you all the best! How many trees do you plan to have? Good thing you have lots of sheep manure on hand! :-)

    Yep, I could use a bright crisp cool fall day about now!

  26. There's just nothing better than those beautiful fall apples. And I love Lily's new ride; very cute.

  27. Me again! We just walked thru a store called Tuesday Morning and I thought of you and this post. They had out Fall wreaths, candles, scarecrows, door mats, etc. I am so looking forward to Autumn!

  28. Oh yes, my favorite season, Autumn. I think we should celebrate Autumn all year..warm but crisp weather, harvests, apples, pumpkins...

    Poor Lily, a little too healthy for her old car, but she gets a new one, yay for Lily.

    I hope your apple trees are very productive. An apple orchard is a beautiful thing - home made apple pies, and home canned applesauce are the best!

  29. Witaj:) jestem pod wrażeniem. Macie piękną farmę. Pozwolę sobie zaglądać do tak ładnego miejsca :) :) pozdrawiam Ewa


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