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Wordless Wednesday: Gone Ridin'


Friday Farm Fotos: Birds, Bees, Blooms, and Butts

Sunpuddles sure do make a gal lazy around here....

Just a quick post this morning as I have a million (okay, so maybe not that many) errands to run today, but before I headed out the door I wanted to share some random pictures I've taken this week.

Mr. Woodpecker stops in about the same time every morning for his suet snack...

but then for some reason he has been flying up to the roof to clean his beak on the guttering of the house. I know he's finished eating when I hear a rapid-fire "bra-a-a-a-ap" sound coming from above... *sigh*... Nice manners, huh.


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how well the honey bees have been doing sinced they came to live with us back in March~ here is a picture of the hive.... See the four shallow boxes on the top of the two larger ones?
These are called "supers" and are full of honey.  Soon it will be time to take some of the honey off~ we will take half and leave half for them to eat th…

Friday Farm Fotos: Celebrating a Life

Morning Sun through the trees

It's the hardest thing about having animals... when you have to say goodbye to one of them.
Two days ago we lost one of our ewes, Baby. She had only been sick for a short time, but due to her age she was unable to bounce back and had become very feeble. Early that morning when I headed out the door to feed, I glanced toward the field and saw her body laying motionless on the dew-covered ground. For some reason she had wandered out of the barn during the night and fell, and didn't have the strength to get back up. Hubby spent the better part of the morning digging a grave for her... and afterwards we talked about how hard it was going to be to look out the window and not see her grazing with the rest of the gang. But I can take comfort in the fact that she lived a very good life here with us; and it's always better to think on the good rather than dwell on the bad. So, today's post will not be a sad one, but rather a happy one …

Wordless Wednesday: Staredown


Friday Farm Fotos: Barn Swallow Rescue

If this lil' feller looks sorta unhappy, it's because he's having a pretty bad day.
This is a baby barn swallow, and this morning I found him on the floor of the sheep barn- he had fallen out of his comfy little nest sometime last night. He was lucky- the night before one of his siblings also fell out and was trampled by the sheep before I found it the next morning. Mr. and Mrs. Barn Swallow just had to build their nest in the highest peak of the barn, too- a place where even our tallest step-ladder won't reach.... but even if I could put him back, he would probably just tumble out again because there are 3 more babies in the crowded little nest. (Great, more tumblers to worry about. *sigh*)

Not knowing what else to do, I picked him up and put him on the ledge of the gate so momma and daddy could see him on their way in... sure enough, it wasn't long before they were stopping by and giving him a bite to eat.
He is tiny....

And he doesn't pay me any mind wh…