Summer's Here! (A tad early...)

Lily trying to stay cool in her pool.
I wonder if there's room for me in there, too....

Welp, I'm trying to get back into this bloggie thing again, so bear with me.
While I was taking a break from the computer, Blogger went and changed the looks of everything on me, so now I'm having to figure things out as I go.
Summer came a bit early for us this year- we've already been having some unusually warm weather and the forecast for this weekend is supposed to be near 90. *Whew* We need rain, too- the ground is drying up and the plants and gardens are needing a drink.

Here's what else is going on around here:

The Buzz from the Hive: 
The honey bee colony that moved into the home we set out for them back in March have been working up a storm.... we've added 3 new supers to the hive in the last month ("supers" are boxes with frames for storing honey) and these little workers have already filled them full of honey!  I did a post last year about the precious little honey bee, and in researching some of my facts I found I came across something that blew my mind- it requires 10,000 worker bees to gather a pound of honey, and they will fly the equivalent of more than twice around the world to gather it. Talk about being "busy as a bee"... that wears me out just thinking about it!

The Scoop from the Coop:
The final count for spring chicks this year was 34- and I've sold all of them but 8. I'm trying to find a home for 4 of them who I'm pretty sure are roosters. (And that's one thing we don't need around here is more roosters...) You would think that after hatching off that many babies, the last thing these crazy little fuzzy-bottomed hens would want to do is sit on more eggs....

Think again.
And if you look close enough at this picture, she almost looks like she's smiling.

From my Sewing Room:
A few months ago I made it a point to try to get my sewing room more organized- and keep it that way. I especially wanted to figure out a way to tame my fabric stash, which can get really out of hand at times. (Not that I have that much fabric, but after I dig through it a few times looking for something it looks like a bomb went off.)

One day I found these cool little organizers on someone's blog-

You just tuck the ends into these little "clips" and wrap the fabric around it and once you're done, it looks like a miniature bolt of fabric.

I wanted to keep two fabrics together for certain projects so I wrapped them on the same bolt.

Now I'm sweet-talking Hubby into building me some beautiful wood shelves to store them on... *Squeeeal*

(If you want more info on these organizers, click here to go to the website.)

Well, that's enough for today I guess... hope I didn't bore you too bad.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Oh, I love Miss Lily Bell's pool! She looks like she likes it too.
    And next, I am so envious of those fabric organizers, I must go to that link and get some.
    Lastly, I noticed your sock monkey picture on the left hand side. I'm so glad you put it there as that is one of my favorite blog stories ever.
    We've been getting rain every afternoon for 4 days, come on down and take some. We can practically see our yard growing.

  2. So great to see what you and your farm are up to! (as always!) I'll admit I'm a little envious that you're getting summer already when spring has just barely started up here!!

  3. I need to get a little pool like that for Hiker.

  4. Lily has the right idea for a hot day.
    those material bolts are a real neat idea and I hope you get your shelves.
    We are having a see-saw type weather.
    We also need rain badly.
    Have a nice day and glad to have you back

  5. can always count on you to be busy!

  6. I think you've made good use of your time away from blogging. We aren't hot enough to join Lily in her pool, but we are definitely TOO dry here. We're feeding hay we've just baled, to the cattle already and they clean it up. It hasn't rained since we planted the last seeds in the garden; little plants came up but are just standing there. Grumble, grumble...

  7. Hey Paula, So good to see an update from you. That Lily is a sweetie in her pool. I love seeing your honey bees, and the chicks and the fabric organizers are great. You have some lovely fabric - looks like you'll have some fun projects for a rainy day! Hope your husband is feeling much better these days with his back. Wishing you both a good week. Smooches to Lily.

  8. I love the picture of Lilly in the pool!!!! I got Buster one of those, and he just stands in it -- just like Lilly is. He's never sat down or laid down in the water. Weird!!!! I'm facinated with the bee thing. I'm scared to death of them, but facinated at the same time. I would love to do that kind of thing! And chickie on the nest? I don't even see a head. . .???!!!!!

  9. Happy Summer, Lily! I want to buy some honey from you!!! Can I?

  10. Great post, Paula. I may soon be wishing I had Lily's pool. (grin) Supposed to get hot here starting tomorrow. Glad I got the mowing, pea picking and cherry picking done today. I hope you get lots of wonderful honey this year. Those fuzzy chickens are so cute. I can't even see her eye, but I know it is in there. LOL Those fabric organizers look like a wonderful way to store fabric.
    Be sure to show pictures of your shelves when you hubby gets it done. I have found out that ducks drink a massive amount of water. LOL I am enjoying them, though. Have a great week, my friend.

  11. SO glad to see you back again. And a big bah!humbug! to all the changes. This old dog is tired of re-learning how to use this interface at every login.

  12. Lily in her pool is just to sweet..Sounds like you've been busy ...I can send you plenty of rain, we're getting it everyday, to much so..Everything is looking pitiful..You know what they say you can either get enough of a good thing or Not..Hope you get it soon..Tkae care, Susie

  13. LOL, Miss lily is a bathing beauty:D looks like she's saying "WHAT mom?!" Lots going on in your neck of the woods, I can just taste that honey.....:)

  14. Goodness, you've been busy!! I love the Fabric Organizers and must have some. I see a trip to Hobby Lobby in the near future. Weather is hot down here too, hate to see what July/Aug will bring. Tell Lily to move over and make you some room..ha

  15. Totally enjoyed the post. Love the pic of the hen on her eggs....again. :-)

  16. we love your pool. Do you lay down in it?
    Benny & Lily

  17. That Lily is so funny! Happy Summer Paula!

  18. That Lily is one bathing beauty, for sure! Her face never fails me to make me smile! Just love her! Hope you have a great rest of the week, Paula!

  19. Lily is adorable in her pool! Love your bees!

  20. I'm smiling at the comment from the dogs above~so cute!!!
    Of course I love everything about your farm and your fuzzy family! And bees are fuzzy too. Lily is not fuzzy, but I think she's love-fuzzy.
    I'm glad to see your sock monkeys also-I loved that post-it made me cry.
    Love you sweetie!

  21. You certainly stay busy - clucker does look a bit smug. I agree with Lily - nothing like a comfy cool place to plunk one's posterior in hot weather!

  22. Lily has the right idea! So cute!

    I admire your bee keeping, chicken coop life, Paula! My dad (next door) is thinking about keeping bees and I'm trying hard to sweet talk my hubby into a chicken coop. If I succeed, I'll need some pointers from you!

    Tell your hubby that we all vote for beautiful wood shelves! I'm sure your sweet talking did the trick though! :)

    Have a great day, girl!


  23. Hahahahaaa....Oh, Sweet Lily! How fun...
    And I am SOOO glad to see you have the Bees again Paula! With so many reports about them disappearing, it's worrisome!
    LOVE the chicken shot...Hahaaaa

  24. Lily looks a little mad but I'm sure she's going to feel great after that bath! Richard

  25. Hi Paula..
    Lily is one 'cool' dog :)
    We haven't had the intense heat yet. In fact, there was a freeze warning last night.
    Golleee! Too hot in parts of the country, and too cold in others!

    Love those mini fabric bolts.
    Makes me want to start sewing :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  26. Yes, it is getting incredibly hot here in Texas as well. So great that you are selling chicks! Enjoy your sewing now tht you are all organized!

  27. It is hot here in N.Tex. But in the shade it is good, and the morning is delightful. I've been doing a lot of back porch sitting and soaking it up before it is unbearable. Love that hen's hair do and sweet Lily girl...keep cool!

  28. Been wanting to ask you about the bees! It looks like they are doing very well. I am very happy to have bees in my yard (did you see the picture of my grandson with the bee on his head?) and was thrilled to learn the information you just shared. I know I need the little guys to pollinate my garden so we will have vegetables, and wonder if there is a way to attract them (other than the hummingbird feeders which are really more bee feeders!) In Colonial times they had bee skeps, but I don't know why the bees would use it because it isn't actually a hive. Did they put sugar water inside to attract them? Email me if you get a chance.

    Great fabric organizers! I have been working in my sewing room this week too....I am giving away some pieces I inherited, mainly, and really don't want so I can keep the better pieces now and have more room in there!

  29. Love this post!! I am over the moon *excited* that you had bees just move in a hive. Hmmmm.... my little brain is sure working overtime now. Wonder if we could be so lucky next year? Checking out those fabric organizers - such a neat idea. I love Lily's pool - she looks so happy. Been meaning to price those little pools at our dollar store. We could use a couple! Also, I could use a big one for me! Your fuzzy chickens are sooo pretty. Enjoyed my visit to the Fraker Farm!! I'll be back... :) -Tammy


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