From my Kitchen: Road Side Bounty

Double rainbow over the field.

One of the things I love best about this time of year is all the little roadside stands that pop up along the highways and country roads selling yummy fresh fruits and veggies. These people are usually just hardworking "tailgate farmers" who sell their goods at reasonable prices and try to have the freshest products available, sometimes even coming right out of the field with them.

Most weekends we tend to hibernate in order to stay away from all the traffic (especially holidays), but this weekend we took a couple of day trips, one with our bicycles and the other just to do a little sight-seeing in the mountains, and along the way we passed several roadside stands, finally stopping at one on a less-traveled road.
Anyone that knows me knows that my love for sweet corn borders on insanity. I mean, I can plow through a half-a-dozen ears before I have to come up for air. But my love for sweet corn is only rivaled by one other thing- fresh, plump strawberries. I don't waste time when those things are near, I just dive right in and ask questions later.
Since we had Lily with us, I stayed in the car with the air conditioner running while Hubby checked out the goods at this particular stand. He came back to the car with a smile on his face and said,
"They have peaches and cream corn." (My favorite.)
"They also have watermelons." (His favorite.)
Then he said the magic words-
"They also have fresh strawberries by the quart or gallon."
I think I squealed.
No, I know I squealed.

They also had peaches, although they weren't from around here, but I never met a peach I didn't like so he got a small bag of those, too.

This bounty of fresh fruits and veggies pretty much made up our menu for the weekend- the corn and watermelon were perfect with the pork barbecue sandwiches we had Saturday, and the peaches got turned into a cobbler....

And the rest of the strawberries became a pie.
(The "rest" being ones I managed to keep from eating.)

Even the chickens enjoyed our roadside bounty- they got to enjoy the leftover corn cobs and the strawberry cappings.

Lily, however, was a little confused as to why the chickens got a treat and she didn't.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Yummm.. I agree. Summer is great with all the fresh goodies.

  2. Oh you made me laugh-I mean Lily did!
    The corn and fruit are making my mouth water!!Yum!

  3. Mornin' Paula - I'm with you! I love fresh ANYTHING in the summer - but peaches and corn are about my favorite, with strawberries and watermelon and tomatoes coming in a close second. Sounds like a fun weekend! Now you've got me wanting pulled pork...

  4. I absolutely CRAVE fresh fruit and veggies this time of year! Sweet corn is, without a doubt, at the top of my list! That Lily is just too much! :)

  5. OH! Poor Lily!!! NO TREAT??? BAD Momma!!Hahaaaa....
    I also LOVE fresh corn! Hardly Nothing better!
    Enjoy Girlfriend!

  6. I love the double rainbow photo. I also like the roadside stands, too. The corn and strawberries look so good. I would love to have some. Summer is my favorite time with all the wonderful vegetables.

  7. Oh I love fresh corn as well!!! Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! And I love the picture of your dog in the pool! So cute!

  8. Oh, we love roadside veggie stands too. Glad you were able to get out and about with Lily over the weekend. We have not had very good strawberries around here but we did find some yummy peaches last week. I love corn and watermelon, too. Harriet loves a bite of watermelon, also.

  9. We are lucky to live in an area where lots of fresh produce is available; for instance, this morning my daughter picked a gallon of strawberries for us! Thank goodness someone is getting enough rain to have successful crops. We're so dry my little garden plants are lifting their leaves in prayer.

  10. So delicious! I can't wait till I have corn! Oh, and the rainbows are so beautiful. Great shot! Poor little Lily wondering about her lack of a treat! :-)

  11. My goodness you made me hungry..We have quite a few roadside stands here plus a Flea Market with one open all week...I love the strawberries also.. That is a pretty rainbow..hope you have a nice week..Susie

  12. Roadside stands are wonderful. I live so close to the city we don't see any roadside stands around here. When we do travel I love to stop and shop...not only the fruits and vegies are great but the home made jellies are YUMMY. Fresh fig preserves and mahaw jelly are my favorites.

  13. Beautiful, those are some fresh looking veggies
    Benny & Lily

  14. It's only 6:05 am & I wish I had that corn so bad right now. It all looks delish :)
    I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  15. YUM!!! I LOVE roadside farm stands!!

    Hope you are well.

    hugs, doreen

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  17. I'm a little disappointed by this post. I misread the title "RoadKILL Bounty" and was hoping to read how you'd come upon a possum or some such southern varmint that had been hit by the vehicle ahead of you and decided to try cookin' it up!! Ah well, maybe next time... ;)

    You can't beat fresh produce though for flavour, that's for sure!

  18. (sorry, "tammi" is me, too, but that's my test blog log-in!!)

  19. Oh lucky girl!
    All that farm fresh produce looks heavenly!

    We are still having freezing weather here, and are sooo far from fresh produce.
    So, thanks for sharing!!

    Have a wonderful week!!

    p.s Our Rowdy won't chew on corn cobs, but we had a healer/lab that LOVED corn cobs.. hmmm just never can tell~~LOL!

  20. Yummmm! Girl, that all looks so good. We've been eating corn, too, along with strawberries and blueberries. No peaches yet. I can't wait.

  21. We had a rainbow the other night after the storm also and I love seeing them.
    I would love some of the fresh peaches and corn on the cob.
    It will be months before we have them in our Farmers Markets around here however.

  22. Lilly's face says it all! There is nothing better than fresh produce from the wonderful little roadside places!

  23. Your weekend sounds fabulous, I just wish I had been there. I can eat the sweet corn uncooked, just shuck and eat. It just don't get no better than that!
    I really think Lily should be in the movies.
    Love, De

  24. It's time for all the wonderful fresh produce we are blessed with in our area. peaches soon here.

  25. I would love to be able to buy from road side stands and have some fresh from the fields produce. The things they sell in the grocery stores here are picked green and have zero taste.


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