Friday Farm Funny: This little game we play

My precious Edie, the sweetest sheep God ever made.

Every day it's the same routine:
I start the morning feeding chores at the big barn where Daisy and Edie's stall is located...
not because they're that special (which they kinda are) but because it's also adjacent to where the chicken feed is kept.

I give Daisy and Edie a little grain and a nice, tasty block of hay, and then it's on to the chicken coop.

But then I turn around to see they are following me...
abandoning their grain and hay and walking along beside me on the other side of the fence.
Almost as if they want something more from me...

Could it possibly be the sweet corn I have in my bucket which was supposed to be for the chickens? Hmmm?

Try looking at this next picture and NOT imagine that they are saying,
"Oh please, just a little nibble? Puh-leeese?"

And then, like a National Geographic special on sharks- the feeding frenzy begins.

Daisy is always the first to get her head through the fence and her tongue to the scoop...
(Edie is a little slow...)

The corn flies out of the scoop as she licks all she can before
Edie manages to get her head through the fence...

Then Edie mops up what's left...

Ever heard of a "milk moustache"?
This is very similar and it's called "corn lips".

Once the corn is all gone,
they turn and calmly walk back toward the barn;
back to their grain and hay......

I feel so used....

Happy Good Friday, everyone!!


  1. Good Morning, Paula. What sweeties they are! I think they have you trained well!!!!! I love their "corn lips!"
    Easter blessings to you and yours.

  2. they are so precious. corn lips. :)

  3. Love those cornlips. I also enjoyed catching up on your earlier post but I must say I about freaked out on the snake photo. But was glad to hear you were the hero.!! Hate snakes.
    Have a happy Easter and a wonderful Good Friday.

  4. Hi Paula...
    Seems like they've got your number all right LOL.
    Sheesh ... these critters are smarter than we generally give 'em credit for.

    Love those corn lips... pretty sweet.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  5. Corn lips! haha I love it. They have the prettiest faces and used or not they love sure love you.

  6. They are just precious Paula, I ♥ them! Hope you and your family and furry ones all have a lovely Easter:)

  7. I wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful Resurrection weekend for you and your the corn lips! hugs and smiles

  8. Now you must have spoiled them! But they are cute; I'm feeding a calf on the bottle ~ again!

  9. If I was a sheep, I would want to live at your house :)
    What lucky animals you have!!
    Have a fun weekend!!

  10. The last pic reminds me of Oliver Twist. "Please sir, may I have some more?" ;)

  11. Those cute little sheep girls are so darn sweet! I'd love to visit you and play with all your animal babies! Happy Easter Paula!

  12. Ahhh..Edie is beautiful, and all girl sheep need to have cornlips now and then. :)

  13. I don't think there is a farm animal anywhere that doesn't recognize a feed bucket : ) Love these black-faced beauties!

  14. Oh my goodness! And I thought your fuzzy bottom pictures were adorable! LOL I love Edie and Daisy. They are so beautiful. I wonder if I can talk my hubby into us getting some sheep. Hmmm, probably not, since he has already agreed to chicks, ducks, goats, and rabbits. I guess I shouldn't be greedy, huh! I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful Easter. Our kids are coming home for a BBQ. So it will be wild around here. (grin)

  15. And if you need a godmother for Edie, sign me up! I mean, I am ready willing and able to love her with all the love a person can give an animal! You can TELL she's the sweetest sheep in the whole world, with a face like that!

  16. lol... feeling used huh..You make me wish I was there with you..Happy Easter my friend..

  17. Happy Easter, HE IS RISEN!!!

  18. Hahahaaaaaa....awwwwww!!
    Happy Easter sweet and fun friend!!

  19. Hey Paula! Hope you had a Happy Easter - you should with all those little chicks hatching!

    Thanks for all your sweet comments about my chickens. I'm so happy to have them FINALLY I just wanna dance a little jig every time I go outside and watch them do their chicken-business. My husband just rolls his eyes and smiles...

    Who knows? I may even get a rooster one day!

  20. By the way, I just LOVE those little black fuzzy lips! Even with a corn moustache!

  21. Paula..they are SO sweet..gosh I am looking forward to the day our property takes on the life that yours has!!!


  22. You know you just love it -- corn lips and all, don't you!!!! If you weren't being used, what good would you be????!!!! They are just so sweet!

  23. How can you refuse with those sweet faces!

  24. Animals sure get into their routines, LOL. LOVE the corn lips :-)

  25. OH,,,that's a most excellent post! Who could resist? No one could resist that pair! Love corn lips,,,

  26. Awww Paula-this is sooo cute! My geese have corn lips too-I mean corn beaks!
    Love ya~Debra

  27. Oh, Paula.. I am in love.. Those sheep are so sweet but that dog of yours captures my heart.. She is so funny... LOL...
    Blessings sweet friend..

  28. Following your sweet blog! Found you through pinterest's top 50 farm blogs article. Come visit me sometime @ the Farmhouse Porch


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