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Friday Farm Foto: Oh, you again....

I'm pretty sure these little chicks get tired of seeing my big head peeking into their coop every few hours- in fact, their expression in this picture says it all: "Oh, it's her again."
But I can't help it... I have a fever and the only cure is more fuzzy-bottoms. :)

A little unexpected blog break is happening for me right now... there is much to do like mowing the grass and lots of spring cleaning of the house and the barns, and I've been doing a little embroidery work to pick up some extra money.
 I've also experienced some issues with Blogger lately, like not being able to leave comments on some of my favorite blogs. Well, actually I was able to comment, but then they would disappear-  for some reason they were going into the "Spam" folder.... very frustrating. (By the way, you might want to check the spam folder on your blog to see if my comments or comments from others might be in there...) I almost decided just to stop blogging... but …

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Ready to Ride

Or, maybe not.

Friday Farm Funny: This little game we play

My precious Edie, the sweetest sheep God ever made.

Every day it's the same routine: I start the morning feeding chores at the big barn where Daisy and Edie's stall is located... not because they're that special (which they kinda are) but because it's also adjacent to where the chicken feed is kept.
I give Daisy and Edie a little grain and a nice, tasty block of hay, and then it's on to the chicken coop.

But then I turn around to see they are following me... abandoning their grain and hay and walking along beside me on the other side of the fence. Almost as if they want something more from me...

Could it possibly be the sweet corn I have in my bucket which was supposed to be for the chickens? Hmmm?

Try looking at this next picture and NOT imagine that they are saying, "Oh please, just a little nibble? Puh-leeese?"

And then, like a National Geographic special on sharks- the feeding frenzy begins.

Daisy is always the first to get her head through the fe…