Friday Farm Fotos: Fuzzy Bottom Maternity Ward

They're heee-ere!!

Well, not all of them- in fact, not even half of the eggs have hatched yet,
but it looks like we will have a bumper crop of Spring Chickies for 2012.

Before the hatching even began, we almost had a terrible tragedy...
I heard one of the hens making a unusual squawking sound, like they do when they're scared or very upset, so I went up to the coop to investigate.
To my horror, I saw a huge black snake in the nest box with it's mouth wrapped around
one of the soon-to-be hatching eggs! 
Without thinking I quickly moved into Chikie Protector mode... I squeezed Mr. Snake's head until he gently laid the precious egg back down, then I lifted him out of the box and introduced him to the business end of my garden hoe.

I'm just glad I was at home when it happened, or Mr. Snake wouldn't have stopped until all the eggs in that box were gone...

A couple of days later, the first chick hatched..... *squeal*

Then came the second one....

 In the meantime- while we were waiting for all these hatchings to slowly take place,
somebody had to get a bath....

Then there were more....

How many we have once they're all hatched is anybody's guess... there are still at least a couple dozen more to go. In the meantime, I get to "Oooh" and "Ahhh" over each one... and I also get to be the first to hold them! *tiny squeal*

Have a happy Fuzzy-Bottomed Friday, everyone!


  1. Way cute chick pics :-) And... eeewwwhhh to the snake!! He would have cleaned them out.

  2. There's something about baby critters that just sings Sping, isn't there?!
    How darling those sweet chicks are!
    Fuzzy bottoms and all :)

    I'm certainly glad that you were able to kill the snake before he consummed the eggs.
    Good job!!!

  3. they are precious! good going on the snake dispatch!

  4. They are so sweet and cute! Great job saving the egg from the snake! I would have probably just killed the snake out of fear! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Hold it right there, Paula...did you, actually, TOUCH the snake with your bare hands? Please, oh, please tell me you didn't! I am not a fan of those slippery, slimy critters! You're a superhero in my eyes!

  6. You are one brave lady!

    These are the sweetest chicks. Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

  7. Paula, your fuzzy bottom babies are so cute. I am so glad you were able to rescue the eggs from the black snake. I don't think I could have grabbed it. I have quite a phobia where snakes are concerned. Ewww! Still shivering here. Have I told you that we have 15 baby ducks ordered as well as the 15 baby chicks. Also, Kevin is going to start on a rabbit hutch for me this weekend. Yea! We are going to get some rabbits. Have a good one, my dear friend.

  8. Greg would have had an accident in his pants and ran and got me if there had been a snake around. Did you use gloves or did you just reach in there and snag that snake right out of there. Wow...

  9. Dear Paula~
    There is a poster with your name on it at Snake Town. "Most Wanted~Fearless, Snake-Strangler."
    There is no reward because all snakes are dirty rotten creeps...!

    I am holding those babies in my imagination. Oh I just love them!!

  10. Just wonderful!!! Those nasty old snakes...........I have trouble each year with bullsnakes or rattlers..........sigh. But the baby chicks are precious!

  11. Is there any way to keep those snakes out of the hen house? I presume not. You are brave. I would have screamed, screamed some more and ran like my life depended on it!!!! Those fluffy little chicks are darling. Enjoy your sweet-smelling Lily. BTW, can you post some photos of your other dog? Have a great weekend!

  12. SO cute!! Quite different from our chicks.

    A few days ago our son-in-law caught a black snake with an egg it had swallowed, creating a big bulge right behind his jaw. He took it to the house (this was just at dusk) and held it up to show his wife. The first thought that crossed her mind was, it's a cobra! because of the way the snake's body flared out because of the egg. I've never seen a snake with an egg in its mouth.

  13. I get two squeals from you today. haha. I should make a road trip and take some gray splash off your hands. ;)

  14. So darling! I don't know if I could handle a snake big enough to swallow an egg - even if was a bantam egg. You are my hero.

  15. I love your little fuzzy chicks, so cute and you have more nerve than me..If I'd a seen the snake I would have run , very

  16. way to go with the snake - and yep - them's cute chickies - fluffy little cheepers - oh and Lily girl - you know how to relax don't you?

  17. You are my hero... My word.. I would have run screaming.. We don't have real snakes here just the garter one..
    The chicks were worth it though.. grin..

  18. I admire the bravery of you farm girls, Paula. I'm afraid I'd have fainted in the chicken poop..I mean coop! ;-Þ

    So glad all your fuzzy bottoms are safe!

  19. Paula, the black rat snakes also eat rats and mice galore... we have always welcomed them and the price of a few eggs is worth it... our llamas have almost run them all off now, though.

  20. Oh my are one brave mama tiger! I wouldn't have touched that snake! Bless you for your bravery!!! They are so so cute. We had a batch last summer and now they are all grown up. Way to go girl ;D

  21. You did WHAAAAAAH?????? Oh. My. Gosh. You are THE WOMAN! Never ever ever ever in a 100 years could I would I do that. You showed him!

    Congrats on the cuties!

  22. What cute fuzzy babies they are! Good for you getting rid of Mr. Snake.

  23. How beautiful! And you're a brave lady!

  24. OH PAULA!!! SO glad you were There Girl! What Sweet little babies...
    Pried his mouth open??? Brave mommy, indeed!!

  25. one of my older hens is sitting on 8 eggs...these should be ready around the 17th :o)

    Way to go Paula!!!! Mighty Chicken Defender!!!! not sure if I could have done it or not....???

    One of my grandsons (13) was over and went to the hen house and collected eggs without me knowing....he was so thrilled to find so many eggs,,,,:o)....13 or so in various boxes...he filled his pockets, then to his delight he looked under a hen and found 8 more so he put them into his shirt....I think I sqawked as much as the hen did LOL.....those 8 went back to the box with the mad hen in it :o)
    Happy Spring!

  26. I'm so glad you were 'round to take care of the problem. I hate snakes!!! (sorry folks, I've heard all the good snake stories) I've got a system to kill 'em.

    Black snakes have to be the hardest.

    Your little fluffies are sooo cute!

    God bless and have a fantablous day sweetie!!! :o)

  27. I'm with April here ---- did you REALLY touch that snake??????? Oh YUCK!!!! It's amazing what a farm gal will do when here beloved chickies are threatened, huh???? And bath time . . . Buster needs one of those, too.

    Haven't heard you mention bees lately. Are you still doing bees???

  28. Just caught up on the bees!!!! How did I miss that???? Thank you!

  29. Ugh!I hate snakes and I hate them even more when they threaten our babies!Sweet little chicks,it is so fun to see them hatch.I haven't even set any hens this year.Have a great rest of the week.Hugs,Jen

  30. Sweet! We're expecting kittens any time now.

  31. You are such a good MOMMY!!! How precious that the eggs were protected! God brought you there just in time!! I'm so happy that those precious babies were all ok!!!
    You deserve an award for that!

  32. How I would love to come back as a baby chick on the Fraker Farm when I die! :-) Oh these babies are so SWEEEET! And you are the best protector Mom in the whole world, wresting that egg from that snake! You go girl! What a sweet little Easter present they are. I would love to be able to hear their cheep cheep!

  33. Gah!! I can't believe you squeezed the snake's head until it let go of your soon-to-be-chick!!! You are one brave lady!!

    The baby chicks are so cute! We haven't had a chicken go broody since the one a couple years ago. Maybe one day!

  34. you are brave!!!

    good for you for protecting your little feathered friends!!

    lovely blog you have!

  35. ...can...not...breathe...that story about you and the snake completely did me in. completely. I want chickens, but not snakes. Is there a way to have one without the other, I wonder? 'Cause I do not have your courage.


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