Friday Farm Fotos: Changes

I've not been doin' so good on this here blawg thing lately....

For some reason the days are rolling along so fast right now and since the Daylight Savings change I've been losing track of time even worse than before... it's dark for almost 2 hours after I get up in the mornings, but now it's daylight for a long time after the supper dishes are cleaned up! *JEEZ*

There have been some changes around here lately; some sad, some happy.... and some letting go of things that were before and moving forward.
A few weeks ago Hubby looked at me out of the blue and said, "I don't know if I'm going to be able to put up hay this year."
This took me totally by surprise since he was so excited about all of his new hay equipment just a couple of years ago.... but I understood where he was coming from since this statement was made after we left the doctors' office for the last time and he issued Hubby a pretty stern warning about taking it easy from now on.

So the tractor shed has gone from looking like this:

To looking like this.

Gone are the big tractors and all the heavy equipment- now a cute little tractor sits in their place, complete with a front loader to make our life easier.

(This means I can clean out the barns now without having to use a wheelbarrow! *squeeal*)

And since we'll be buying our hay this year we will stack it next to this tractor in the last stall of this shed instead of storing it in the barn.... this was decided upon after we found out a skunk thought the barn was a no-tell motel and checked in for a couple of nights on top of some bales of hay and ruined them.

That's enough for today... I don't want to spring too much change on you at one time.
I'll save the rest until later. (insert evil laugh)

But just in case you're wondering, Lily is still spoiled.
I don't see that changing any time soon....

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Talk about down-sizing. No more driving endless hours, cutting, baling, hauling, unloading, stacking...
    I like that little tractor.

  2. what a face! Lily can make a stone statue smile -- what a hoot she is. I am all over that downsizing thing - eager to see the rest of your changes - the new tractor looks great!!!!!

  3. Love the little tractor but my that is a big change.Lily is as a sweet a furchild that I ever saw.Hugs,Jen

  4. Hey Paula!
    This Daylight savings time change has me in a bit of a tizzy, too! Just takes awhile to get full adjusted, I guess. That Lily makes me smile from ear-to-ear every time I see her adorable mushy face! Love her!!!

  5. Lily just puts a huge smile on my face:D I know it must be hard to adjust to those types of changes, but he will have more free time to spend with you;)

  6. Paula - I've been in a blogging funk, too. Sorry to hear your husband needs to slow down. It's all for the better I'm sure! He can spend more time with you doing fun stuff!
    Yes, that's a big change from the big tractors to the small one, but you can run it yourself! I love driving our small tractor! Lily looks SO cute - such a great smile she always has!

  7. I don't do well with change usually but it's so much a part of life. huh?
    Darn skunk.
    Lily looks so sweet in that pic--she's irresistible!! Have a great weekend and stay out of these storms.

  8. I love the little tractor! I'm glad your hubby is taking the doctor's advice and slowing down. Lily is adorable. I haven't been blogging much this week. I've been working in my yard. I am out of school for Spring break. The time change will really be rough when school starts back up.

  9. well, i hope scaling back will give you both a better life (maybe with less aches...)

  10. I hope that your hubs will follow the docs advice.
    I don't like the time change either, but I do like it lighter longer at night. I like to sit outside after supper on the deck with hubs and talk about the day.
    Lily's smile is to cute.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. I'm hopeful that by downsizing your husband will stay healthier and I know the small tractor will be invaluable to you. Bless Lily's heart - she makes my heart sing!

    Blessings to you all this weekend, Paula.

  12. Spring is a time of changes, isn't it? LOL! I love Lily's smile!

  13. Downsizing? But what about the antique tractors? But sometimes we have to do things for the benefit of our health. I wish Popa would downsize just a tad. I'll be in the hayfield at age 71 this year!

  14. Yay that your husband is the kind of man who listens to his doctor and follows advice. Good for him...and you! I know it must be hard though and I'm sorry. Lily is so cute.

  15. I love Lily. I can see how spoiled she is.

  16. I know what you mean Paula, I hate this time change and it donesn't seem like there's enough time to get what we need done either..It's been a bad week for me also..hugs, Susie

  17. Now that is one cute face!. Like the new ride
    Benny & Lily

  18. I'm in a blogging funk, too! I thought it was because I'm getting older, doing the same old thing every single day, and even that is nuttin' to write home about.

    I love that little tractor thang you got there. Even I could manage that, and I sure could use one. Lots of dead trees that need sawing and hauling.

    I do hope your hubby takes it easy. That's not an easy thing for a farm guy to do, is it?

    I've fallen in love with Lilly. Linda is right --- she could make a stone statue smile ---- and I'm smiling!!!

  19. Hey Paula..What a surprising post.. I know how much your hubby loved his tractors and such.. Poor guy.. Ever since you told me that he was wondering what tractors were in the barn pic I posted my husband has been checking to see each time we drive by ... smile.. Can't catch the doors open yet..
    That Lily.. I think I have a pinboard just for her pics.. grin..

  20. The time change doesn't bother me as much as it used to, I think retirement has a lot to do with that. Lily still looks beautiful and a good girl like her deserves to be spoiled. ))smiles))

  21. Lily is too much. She cracks me up. The time change has been hard on me too. Change can be good. Your hubby's health is the important thing. I am glad he is listening to his doctor's advice. Have a great weekend, my sweet friend,.

  22. Of all my blogland friends, lilly is my favorite, I absolutely adore her, and if she had a fan club her numbers might surpass all of us. ~smile~.

    I know all about changes due to health issues, my dh had a back operation in the 80's, it was tough for a while, but thanks be to God our Healer, he is doing wonderful. i am so glad my dh followed his doctors advice, just as your dh is.
    Much prayers to all as you make this new journey. love,

  23. Don't worry about being busy sweet friend...we all get that way! There's things 'ya just have to do!
    Love all the shots and you KNOW Miss Lily is always going to be my favorite!!Hahahaaa....What a Look on her face!!! I KNOW she's spoiled!

  24. Change is always an ever occuring event.........somtimes good, sometines sad and sometimes necessary. My prayers are with you and your husband as you go through this.

  25. I can relate to your hubby and his back problems. I have changed things tremendously and am glad he's listening to the doctor. Enjoyed your photos!

  26. We're downsizing around our house, too. We plan to plant only a small garden this year. I hope your husband will be well and listen to the doctor's advise.
    Lily sure is a beautiful dog. Have a great day and enjoy this lovely spring.

  27. It's good your hubby is thinking of his health, as you guys are youngin's! I am hoping you don't have to give up the sheep---how selfish of me. Lily looks like she is thinking, "no hayin'---more time for moi!"

  28. An important change and your life will be made easier using that front-end loader to clean out the barn! Hope you hubby is doing OK. I'm glad he is heeding the Dr's advice! Love the shot of Lily!

  29. Dear One~
    Now I call that a God thing-you and your husband have been on my mind a lot lately. So I have prayed. I will keep it up.
    I'm glad it sounds like your hubby will mind the doctor-some don't heed advice-I'm praying this will be temporary and he'll be back to his old self soon.
    Sure do love you.

  30. Stopping back by to say Happy Spring to you and Miss Lily! I saw some rooster tassels at the flea market this week and took photos - I think of you whenever I see roosters. They pics are on my blog this aft. Hope you get a chance to look!

  31. Paula sometimes you just do what you gotta do. Hubby's health is so important. That Lily is just so darn cute. Give her a good belly rub from me please!

  32. I'm sure that was a hard decision to come to, but glad he's listening to the doctor! Lily is not spoiled, just well loved~

  33. Big change! I hope your husband enjoys his slower pace! I'm sure there is still a lot he can do to keep busy. Love the new 'lil tractor! And Lily's smile, lol!

  34. A good way to downsize and be organized, looks like you are ready to start farming. Love Lily, give her a big kiss from me! (I am going private, if you care to follow, come and leave me your email) ;D


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