Friday Farm Fotos: Good Morning!

 Good morning, Sun!

 Good morning, Barn Boots!

 Good morning, Edie!

Good morning, Shadow! 
(I wish I were as thin as you...)

Good morning, Silkies!

Good morning, Li...
oh, nevermind...

Good morning, world..... I hope it's a wonderful day wherever you are!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Happy Friday to you! Wonderful photos and Miss Lily, did mama wake you too early for a photo session? Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

  2. I needed a smile and here it is.
    Breathtaking sunrise and sky pics, love the Silkies and Edie to where I want to just grab then to smother them with kisses.
    Love shadows, they do make us smaller but better yet taller and I like that.

    BUT the best of all is Miss L... Good morning you precious one.

    Good Friday to you and yours gal, I pray you have a blessed one.

  3. I laughed out loud at the pic of Lily and your comment and started coughing.. You are one crazy girl.. hehehe... Both of you girls.. grin..
    God bless sweet friend..
    Oh, I loved the rest of the pics, too..

  4. LOVE this post! I am SO HAPPY I read your blog!!

  5. Oh mercy, I laughed out loud, too. What a great morning post to read before everyone is up and moving here at my house. What a velvety black face Edie has...and Lily's face is priceless! Good morning to you!

  6. Good morning Paula:) Lovely pics, what a stinker that Lily is, LOL! Hope you have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos, have truly outdone yourself today! Oh, that sweet Lily...I just want to hug her!

  8. Happy Friday to you also.
    Wish our morning looked that beautiful here.

  9. Good morning, Paula! Great photos and I can tell you are in a wonderful mood! How can one not be with all that beauty and cuteness around you! Even if Lily is still dragging this morning!

  10. what an awesome post! full of beauty, freshness, and a good laugh!!!

  11. Good morning and happy Friday to you too :)
    I truly love seeing pictures of your farm and your view of the world. So peaceful and serene :)

    Hope you have a wonderful, happy weekend!

  12. Wow! Those are beautiful!!! Hope you have a nice weekend!

  13. All these wonderful things ~ they make our life worthwhile don't they?

  14. Happy weekend to you all. Gosh, your sweet Lily Bell isn't a mornin' gal is she? She makes me laugh. Thanks for posting that picture.

  15. What great things to wake up to! Lovely pictures. Lily is somethin' else! Have a great weekend!

  16. Hope you had a happy Friday as well..beautiful weather here in our neck of the woods..hope we don't pay for it later on..have a good weekend Paula..Susie

  17. I'm changing the title of your post to....FABULOUS Friday Farm Fotos.. ;~)

  18. That was excellent!

    It brought out laughter, as I also laughed, when I saw poor Lili as her Momma snapped a (totally by surprise) morning pic of her. hehe

    Hubby says; the sunrise here yesterday morning was a sight to see. I missed it as it's been so cold I don't even want to open the curtains until the sun has risen. It does warm up (some) 31* yesterday, today will be around 35* I will not complain however, it is February and we are very fortunate to be above zero...

    I'm trying to talk hubby into a few silkies. I have read they make wonderful brooders. Are they winter hardy or do they need special care?

    Good Morning To All On The Fraker Farm & Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  19. HAHAhahahaaa...GirlChild!!!
    Everytime I come here I leave, laughing!!
    Miss Lily is adorable!!!
    Loved all the shots friend!!

  20. Love the photos, Paula, and Lily is way to cute! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend.

  21. Posts like this make me want to hug the morning!

  22. Oh, Lilly, looks like your already had your weekend fun..........and it's only Friday!!.......get some rest!Lovely post, Paula! blessings,Kathleen

  23. Thought I'd pop back over and thank you for the sweet comments.. My husband has already mentioned that about entertaining angels..I'm sooo glad you liked it..God Bless..

  24. And good morning to you! What a beautiful place to wake up to each day. Edie looks so sweet...I'd love to have sheep! Beautiful photos! Thanks also for your comment on my post about the glass globes.

  25. The best for Fridays to you too my dear!!!

    Loved seein' the pics and that Miss Lily is just too darn stinkin' funny.

    God bless ya and have a fantabulous kinda weekend!!! :o)

  26. Oh, I love the photo of the dog. These beautiful photos brought a smile to my heart. I loved all of them. Your farm is so pretty. You are so blessed to live in such a wonderful place.
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day.
    I also like the border of your blog very much.


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