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Leap Year!

It's Leap Year!

"Excuse me- did you say Peep Year?"


I said, "Leap" Year!

"Did you say, Teef Year?"



Happy February 29th, everyone!

JoJo and LuLu: A Love Story

When I was a little girl I was crazy about stuffed animals..... oh, I had a couple of baby dolls here and there, but they were never played with very much and always got left behind on the shelf in favor of some stuffed critter. Many years ago when sock monkeys first became popular, my grandmother (or Mammaw, as I called her) made one for me. Well, not only for me, but she also made one for each of her other grandchildren, who are more like sisters and brothers to me instead of cousins. (But I was her favorite. I know this because she made a hat for my monkey. *grin*) My sock monkey was named JoJo... I don't remember exactly how JoJo got his name, or even why he was a "he", but for some reason I want to think my grandfather (Pappaw) had something to do with it. (Pappaw felt like it was his purpose in life to give everything a silly name.) But it didn't matter; he was JoJo, and he was my new best friend. He went everywhere I went.
Even if I was playing with anot…

Wordless Wednesday: This Morning


Friday Farm Fotos: The Great Unwashed

Do you see it?

 Do you see the beauty in raw wool?

I do... The fibers are so soft, yet so strong....
 And just needing to be washed and cleaned in order to serve another purpose.

But there is one problem....

The wool is still attached to the sheep.

Unruly sheep.

Fidgety sheep.

But that's okay... since shearing time is drawing near, the combs and cutters have been sent off to be sharpened and the clippers will be ready in no time.

"Did you say... clippers?"


This might be the year we start using sedatives... (for us, not the sheep...)
Happy Friday, everyone!

A Favorite Recipe

When I was growing up, beans and cornbread were a staple at our house... my mother usually put on a big pot of pintos or white beans at least once a week and most of the time we had enough leftovers for at least another night. Mother loved to try new recipes, especially ones that could be made inexpensively and with ingredients she already had in her pantry. When she found this recipe for Mexican cornbread many years ago, it was a big hit at our house and one she used alot to add some spice to the beans. This is a simple recipe with many variations- you can make it as hot or mild as you want to; as cheesy or low-calorie as you'd like, and you can use a cast-iron skillet for a crispier crust but I prefer a 13" x 9" baking dish so  that the top and bottom come out with the same texture.

Mexican Cornbread
2 eggs, well beaten
1 can of Mexicorn (preferable, but you can also use a small can of regular corn.)
2-3 small hot peppers, chopped finely. (Or if you use diced peppers fro…

Friday Farm Fotos: Good Morning!

Good morning, Sun!

 Good morning, Barn Boots!

 Good morning, Edie!

Good morning, Shadow!  (I wish I were as thin as you...)

Good morning, Silkies!

Good morning, Li... oh, nevermind...

Good morning, world..... I hope it's a wonderful day wherever you are!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Wordless Wednesday: A Little Corner of my Home