Spotlight on Hubby

Since tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, I thought I would do a little post about my Hubby..... 
I feel so blessed to be married to my best friend- who also just happens to be the sweetest person I know-but even better for me, he's hardworking and pretty talented as well. One thing that impresses me about him is that he always puts his best into every project, and if he doesn't know how to do something, he is always willing to learn or try something new.
Among other things, he built the sheep barn, chicken coop, and his tractor shed all by himself (well, I rendered as much help as I could...) along with some beautiful things for inside the house,
like my kitchen island-

Last summer, he dug an old hay wagon out of the weeds and restored it... I really wish I had taken some "before" pictures because it was literally nothing but a rusted hunk of metal but he turned it into a beautiful working piece of equipment-

After his surgery last month, he was pretty much out of commission as far as doing anything around here.... he was getting restless just sitting in the house so he started passing the days 
cleaning and organizing his little workshop.

Here he is in his shop, along with one very nosy bulldog.

 I have a special place in my heart for beautiful woodwork because my Daddy was a master carpenter... 
as a little girl I can remember seeing all the gorgeous cabinets, tables, bookcases that came out of his little shop, as well as two of my most prized possessions-
when I was a teenager he made Mother and I matching jewelry boxes out of walnut wood,
a little one for me and a big one for her.
In the last few years Hubby has tried to learn as much as he could about woodworking from Dad,
and all of a sudden, it must be sinking in because he has really gotten into working in his little shop.
I think he's been bitten by the creative bug.....

He's spent the last couple of weeks working on some really neat little projects,
like this box for Lily's toys-

Look at these gorgeous box joints that Hubby cut on his router- and they fit together perfectly!
This was his very first attempt at making these....I'm so proud of him.

Lily is checking to make sure it's big enough to hold all of her toys.

(And probably making sure there's room for more if need be...)

The box isn't finished yet- it still needs to be sanded and stained... but once it's done I'll post some more pictures of it, and maybe by then he'll be working on his next masterpiece. *grin*

 Happy Anniversary, Sweetie... and Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Everyone needs a red oak toy box with (dove-tail type) jointry.
    He sounds just like me, building major things alone. If I can't do it by myself....and I'm not even a control freak. Maybe that's not IN control. Never-the-less, that's a good looking box. Always enjoy a shot of Lily.

  2. Happy Anniversary to a dear couple..
    I pray that you have many more and so glad that we have MET my friend..
    Sending blessings to you both...

  3. Happy Anniversary! What lovely work he does. Lily's toy box is great! I also love your kitchen island. Wishing you both a great anniversary!

  4. What a talented guy! Happy Anniversary to you both! May this year be filled with lots of love & good memories.

  5. Congratulations Paula, to you and your hubby. It's so wonderful to hear someone praise their mate. It makes me happy to hear about your happiness! :D

  6. No kidding, his first try at dovetails, "wonderfully done".

    Great job on the hay wagon too, That's a beaut!

    Lily is a hoot, and looks as though she's a loyal companion.

    Happy Anniversary you two, and God Bless!

  7. OH! Paula, this is so sweet, a very Happy Anniversary to both of you. Your Dad is a great teacher, and your dh is a very good student, the workmanship on Lily's toy box, outstanding, looking forward to seeing the finished product.
    Lilly reminds me of our German Shepherd, Lucy, always checking everything out.
    I have always loved seeing your kitchen island.
    Enjoy your day, I am so glad to see that your dh is doing so well, God is Great!!! you and Lilly have done a great job taking care of him.

  8. Your hubby definitely does sound like a keeper, Paula! He is so talented! Love your gorgeous island! Hope you two love birds have a wonderful celebration!

  9. You are a blessed woman, indeed. Congratulations and happy anniversary!!

  10. Aw, sweet post about your sweetheart, Paula. He did such a great job on Lily's box! I love those joints - things are put together so cheaply today but your box will last a long long time. Looks like you've got a great guy and I'm glad for you!

    Happy Anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary. Love Lily's toy box it just gorgeous. Your husband is a Gem...

  12. i am so envious of a handyman hubby!!! love what he's able to create! happy anniversary to you!

  13. I have always been amazed at the carpenters and their skill. It seems like they go into a zone, are quiet, take their time and come out with a masterpiece. Beautiful work and Happy Anniversary to your both.

  14. Happy, Happy anniversary to you two!
    When I count my blessings, I always count you two!
    James is doing some great things to keep himself busy. I know it must be hard to adjust but soon, he'll go back to work and then he'll look back and think what good times he had being home! We never know what HE has in store for us. For now, James is really honing his woodworking skills. I would be thrilled to have that kind of skilled craft in my home!
    Big hugs and lots of love......

  15. Girl, its so good to know he is up and about and feeling up to being creative too. That box is outstanding and sure to hold all of Miss Lily's toys and then some. Heck... it even could hold her should she try squeeze in there and use it as a bed. Not saying Miss Lily is heavy but she has lots to love on in a gentle way.

    Praying your hubby gets back to normal soon and bless you for taking on the load while he was healing. You are a good wife!

  16. OH!! forgot, Happy Anniversary! I pray your day will be blessed and many more years ahead.

  17. Such a beautiful post! I love your kitchen island! It's so pretty. And yes, I would agree that those joints are fitting together so beautifully. You are very blessed! Enjoy your anniversary, I hope you have something nice planned!

  18. Happy Anniversary to the both of you! What a wonderful man he is...and I love the box he built for Lilly's toys, bet no other dog has such a great box! Have a fun time. :D

  19. What a lovely tribute to your hubby!Happy Anniversary to you both! He does beautiful work!Hugs,Jen

  20. What a nice tribute for an awesome guy
    Benny & Lily

  21. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby.
    I think that little box is so cute and I sure could use one.
    Love how Lily is checking things out.
    Our little Maxwell has to do that also.
    Hugs girl ]

  22. Happy anniversary Paula and your hubby. Sounds like you have a keeper. That box is really a beautiful piece of workmanship. My dad was a master carpenter too, so I always appreciate anything made out of wood. I hope you two have a wonderful day together.

  23. Yep he's a keeper.. Happy Anniversary to you both and may you have many more..Blessings, Susie

  24. What could be more satisfying than working with one's hands? Your hubby is really good at it. That kitchen island is so cool. Happy anniversary!

  25. What a great post! Happy Anniversary to you both! Your island is gorgeous! I have been thinking of ways for my hubby to dress up my island and yours inspires me. I thought maybe Lily would get into the box!

  26. Now no wonder you're such a cheerful person!! With a hubby like this! I had Popa read your post and he was very impressed with the wagon and box. We are wondering, did he restore the Farmall H?

    Popa is a "jack of all trades" too, having made my kitchen cabinets and my sewing cabinet and quilting frames. Isn't it nice to have handymen!!

  27. Wow, you are indeed blessed! My sweety does some woodworking, but he doesn't have much free time right now. He also has to work in our garage, which means the vehicles have to be moved. Your island is beautiful!
    Happy Anniversary!

  28. Happy Anniversary..Hubby sure is doing some awesome work, love your kitchen cabinet..and the hay wagon looks just right for a hayride!

  29. Where do I start? I LOVE your kitchen island - and everything else too. Just one question. Does he happen to have a single brother?

  30. What a wonderful post! Happy anniversary!

  31. Happy Anniversary to you and Hubby!!!!
    He's a KEEPER Girl!!! Look at all that hard work!
    My hubby also woodworks...he loves it!
    Enjoy the day!!!

  32. Happy Anniversary to you. You are so blessed (as am I) to have such a wonderful hubby.

  33. It's so great to have a husband who is into wood-working. Love that toy box!

    I hope he's taking ample time to heal properly the first time around so he can get back to doing as much as he can. Being out of commission temporarily can be maddening!


  34. Happy anniversary to you two!

    You're right, your hubby is a very talented man. I LOVE your kitchen island, wow! And I need a box like that for my Leyna's toys. Isn't it amazing how many toys a pooch can collect? If anyone drops in on us, it usually looks like there's a toddler in residence, because of all Leyna's strewn toys. Fill that box up with Lily's toys and see how fast she can get them out of there. When we put Leyna's in their basket, she pulls them out faster than we can get them in there. ;-)

  35. Happy belated anniversary to you both!

    You are made for each other... and so sweet. How blessed you are to be each others better halves :)

  36. A slightly belated Happy Anniversary to both of you.

    Your hubby is a very talented man, I love that kitchen island. Lily is adorable. Looks like she is a good helper.

  37. His workmanship looks pretty close to Master Carpentry to me. Your kitchen island is magazine cover perfect, and it would go well in my home!

    Not only is he talented, he has a loving wife too, a wife also worthy to be praised. A precious jewel for him.

    Happy anniversary to you two, and I hope Lily appreciates her toy box ~

  38. Happy anniversary! My dad was a carpenter and made some very nice things. I still remember the smell of wood when it is being cut. What a nice toy box for Lily!

  39. Oh, Paula! You are so very blessed! What a great guy your hubby is! And I love that beautifully crafted toy-box for Lily! And, oh, that kitchen island is to "die for!!!" Happy Anniversary, you two!

  40. Now that's a nice handy man to have around the house :o) your island is beautiful and I'm dreaming of having one kitchen is so small there is no room for all the
    pots and pans I have...Happy Anniversary and many more..we have 63..64 coming in May. :o)

  41. Happy Anniversary to both of you! blessings,Kathleen

  42. He is such a good carpenter! Love the toy box! Hope y'all had a very Happy Anniversary!!!

  43. Happy Anniversary to you both; may you have many more years of happiness!

  44. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the posting about your husband. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. What a talented man!

  45. Happy Anniversary. What a sweet post. Your hubby is a great guy. That box he made is beautiful and that kitchen island is as well.


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