Slowly getting back to normal

Lily and Tiny passing along some barnyard gossip.

January is rolling along and I haven't posted anything in almost two weeks... I just can't seem to get caught up! Christmas and New Year came and went rather quickly for me this year... actually everything has been a blur to me lately. Once again, thanks so much for your prayers and well-wishes.... Hubby is doing very well since his surgery. He is still having some discomfort from the incision but hardly any pain in his leg or back at all now.

Hubby and I had been talking for some time about exercising more and getting back into shape, and since we live close to several state parks and trails we even talked about doing some fun things like hiking or riding bicycles.
I was very excited about this back in the fall and had big plans to surprise Hubby with two new bikes for Christmas, but the surprise was on me when we found out in early December that he would need surgery to repair the disc in his back.
By then it was too late to send the bikes back, so I had to go ahead and tell Hubby that there would be no presents under the tree other than my bonehead premature purchase.

 So, our shiny new Christmas presents are in the spare bedroom on their shiny new bike rack where they will have to stay until Hubby gets the O.K. from the doctor to be able to start riding.... we are walking a little bit each day and hopefully he will get the go-ahead soon.  I used to love to ride bikes but I haven't been on one in a long time and I'm a little scared- I have a feeling my leg muscles are in pretty sad shape right now.

However, Lily has already been enjoying her Christmas present-
she now has something to ride in right along with us when we start biking...
her very own "car"!

Actually it's a bike trailer for pets that doubles as a stroller -

Here she is checking it our for the first time....
(This is with the stroller wheel on the front.)

I think she liked it...

In fact, we brought her "car" back inside the house and a short time later I couldn't find Lily...

I looked everywhere and here's where I finally found her-

 Sitting in her new ride.
And she wouldn't come out...
not even for a treat.

Do you think she's trying to tell me something?


Even though the chores around here have been keeping me busy,
I've found time to get some sewing done.....
it's been nice working at my machine while Hubby naps in his chair in the living room.

I'll be showing you in an upcoming post what I've been working on but right now
I wanted to share some pictures of the fabric I bought a few weeks ago.

This was my first online fabric purchase- I was very unsure about buying fabric sight-unseen because I like to put my hands on it (I know that sounds nutty...) but once it arrived I was very pleased, especially since I live a pretty good distance away from any place that sells fabric. Now I'm excited about the idea of being able to pick out fabric from home and have it delivered to my door, and I've been spending most of my computer time adding more fabric and notions to my online "wish list".

I'm not really a cat person, but when I saw this fabric called "Parlor Pets" I thought it was too cute not to buy to make an apron or something for a cat lover...

I just love the honeybees in this next fabric- see if you can spot them.

And of course I had to find something chickie".... *grin*

Well, I'm off to run errands today instead of Friday- snow is in the forecast for tonight and even though I don't think it will do anything, I want to be the first one in the grocery store.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Good Morning Paula, So thankful to hear that James is feeling better. I hope he continues to do well and that before you know it, you'll be riding bikes together with Lily! Love her new "ride!"

    Your fabrics are cute as can be. Nice to know you were so pleased with your online purchases. Hardly anyone sells fabric in stores around here. Can't wait to see what you make.

    Take good care of yourself, too.

  2. Normal, what's that exactly? Hmmm
    I know the hum-drum or recovery. The bikes were a good idea. As your hubby comes along, I'm sure they will eventually suggest he can bike again. I had major back repair in 03 from a freak accident. It took a good year before I could resume my 'normal' of gardening, walking long distance, and GrandLove chasing. Sitting too long, sweeping and vaccuming was the most difficult.
    Love your chickee fabric...girl after my heart. Any farm-fresh eggs come with that?
    Lambing season is upon you, that, in itself, is extreme exercise.
    Have a great day and

  3. Such cute fabric! Your sweet dog just makes me cute how she loves her new car! Loved the pic of her and the sheep chatting too. May your hubby be well soon and on that bike...that looks fun! ;D

  4. Love the picture of Lily and Tiny "conversating" through the fence. You just wonder what is going through their heads in that picture. I was also hoping for a picture of "hubby" asleep in his chair. "snicker, snicker"
    I bought me a bike last year too. Aiden and I rode a lot at the camper. LOVE IT!!! Hopefully James will be good as new soon.
    Mucho Love

  5. Reading your blogs is a bit like eating my favorite ice cream... Always worth waiting for and always good! I think your bonehead purchase was in fact, brilliant! And Lily's pics... Hahahaha! Made me smile before the sun came up!

  6. OH MY, that Lily is something, she sure seems to LOVE her present:O Hopefully it won't be too long till you & hubby can go biking and let her try out her car!!!!

  7. I think Lily is saying she's a bit out of shape, too.

  8. May God heal your honey quickly.

    Have a terrific week!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. Oh Paula ... I laughed throught the whole post.. That Lily is such a dear.. I love a dog with a sense of humor.. grin.. I think she and Sammi would get along fine..
    So wish I would have run into you at the groacers.. smile..
    Blessings dear girl..
    PS... good luck with the bikes..

  10. Oh, my goodness! Lily and her new ride...PRICELESS! Sure glad to hear that your hubby is recovering well. We've missed you, Paula!

  11. that lily went back to her princess carriage cracked me up!!! i hope you're able to use them soon!

  12. Hi Paula,
    So glad to hear your hubby is on the mend! Your fabrics are very pretty; someone is going to get a special apron, that's for sure.

    I've never had a bike that would go anywhere - only one you just peddle and peddle - hoping to burn some calories. lol

  13. First, so glad you hubby is coming along nicely. I know riding a bicycle will be great exercise for you both---you made a great decision on the bikes as your gifts. What can one say about Lily in her "side car?" Those pictures are precious. I laughed out loud!!!!---several times. And I love all your fabric choices. Can't wait to see what you do with them in the future. Sounds like things are going quite well on the farm. So glad you are back!

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  16. The pictures of Lily in her 'car' are darling. It reminds me of Leyna whenever we bring her crate in the house. We normally only use it for traveling, but when it's inside, she immediately goes into it, and doesn't want to come out.

    So sorry about the delayed use of your Christmas presents, but I understand the comforting feeling of having your fella nearby while you craft. My hubby is 'almost' completely retired now. I know a lot of wives complain that it disrupts their days to have their men at home, but I thoroughly love it.

    I love your fabric choices, and can't wait to see what you whip up with them. Another good source for online fabric is that of a blogging from of mine, Randi. Her etsy shop is called Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics. She always has such eye-catching stuff.

    Have a great weekend, Paula! :-D

  17. Paula I am thankful to hear that your hubby is recovering .I am sorry that I have not been around much lately but please know that you all will be added to my prayer list.Before long you both will be out riding those awesome bikes.

    Lily is such a sweetheart!The only thing her new ride needs is a personalized license plate.LOL!

    Love your fabric choices and can't wait to see what you are doing with them.Hugs,Jen

  18. Glad to hear your hubby is doing well! I hope his recovery continues and his pain is relieved from the surgery. The bike riding sounds like fun and especially for your dog! I love the chicken material. So cute! Hope you're having a nice day!

  19. So glad your hubby is on the mend, and Lily is TOO CUTE! How will she do once her bed is rolling?

    We have recently started taking the occasional bike ride and OUCH! I have a bike trainer hooked to one of our bikes in our attach it to the back wheel to make it stationary. It is a great way to get a workout in bad weather...and it isn't quite as difficult as the real deal. Oh, AND I can read while I do it. =D

    Love that chicken fabric!!!!! Do you like it as well in person as online?

  20. Hilarious that Lily loves that stroller so much! Too cute.

  21. Hi Paula, i too have had issues with posting to my blog, and have decided that this year i am going to try to do better...So far so good, but it IS only mid January and i have 11 more months to go! hahaha LOVE the bikes(i never learned how to ride one so i am envious!) and Lily's new ride. Don't blame her for wanting to hang out in there! And your new fabric is gorgeous! I love it all. The chicken print reminds me of my Gram....

  22. Hi Paula, so glad to see a post!! Love the bikes, gives the two of you something to look forward to. Lily looks so great in her new car, isn't that neat that she likes it so much.

  23. I literally laughed out loud at that sweet Lily Bell! She is such a cutie pie.
    I love your fabric,,what a concept,,if I could only do groceries that way!
    You will get to ride your bikes and then won't the pictures be sweet!

  24. I'm glad your husband is doing well. The new fabric is adorable. I know exactly what you mean about being able to touch and feel it. I am the same way! Lillynloks so cute in her ride!

  25. Hey Paula - Lily is a hoot. I think she's found her new hideaway! I saw those fabrics online somewhere. I love the chicken fabric. I am thinking about doing some new kitchen curtains in that yellow chicken fabric. Love it - what are you going to do with it?

    Glad to see your husband is feeling better. Sounds like HIS back surgery was successful. So many people have back surgery and it doesn't work. Hopefully, you two will be on your wheels soon!

  26. Oh my word Lily your own ride! You rock
    Benny & Lily

  27. Oh, Lily. She looks ready to go. Love your fabric/

  28. I am so happy to hear that hubby is doing better and prayers for a continued healing.
    I love bike riding and it is good excerise for sure.
    I wish we lived close to a place that you could ride.
    Lily sure does look good in her new ride and I hope she gets to get one real soon.

  29. cute fabric and if I can fit in that contraption, will you give me a ride?
    like my daddy says...keep on keeping on!

  30. I'm glad to hear your hubby is doing better.. that back surgery can be a pain.. I want Lily's bike.. I could ride in it better.. love your fabric...Hope you have a great weekend Susie

  31. Paula, have not commented in a while, but am glad your better half is doing well, and I LOVE the shots of Lily inside the carrier... bravo to you for having the guts to start bike-riding when you are able!

  32. Good to read he is doing better and I pray he will be back to normal soon.

    If the farm work is not enough you now want to exercise??? Goodness, you all are like the energizer bubby. I would be too pooped after farm work to even think exercise.

    Those bikes look like fun though and Miss Lily sure has is made in the shade with her cart. Now who will be the lucky one to haul that? Talk about thighs burning.... not saying Miss Lily is heavy but...

    GOD bless you all and keep you safe and healthy this coming year.

  33. Hey Paula, I hope hubby continues to feel better and gets the okay soon. I can't wait to hear about Lily's first ride. I haven't been on a bike in years and years and years. Yikes too many years in there. Take Care :)

  34. Hi Paula,

    Sweet bikes, not to worry your hubby will be back up and ready to ride come late spring, early summer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    Lily is so funny, love the story and pics of her in her car... priceless!

    I completely understand how time gets away, cannot explain it, but things seem the same around here.

    Christmas came and went so fast... it didn't seem as though we had Christmas.

    You two hang in there... and God Bless.

  35. I wondered where you were : ) Those are some really nice bikes. I do hope you get to ride soon. You wouldn't think that would be hard on the back - but I am no Dr. not for people anyway. Love the chick material - it is rare.

  36. awwww, that dog is so cute in the new ride.
    I know all of you will have fun with those new bikes.
    Praying for a fast recovery for your hubs. :))

  37. Sorry I'm late!!! Been out of town again!

    LOOOOK AT LILY!!!Hahahaaaaa....
    OMG!! Now which one of you is going to pull her on your bike rides???
    What a Hoot!!!
    SO glad hubby is healing just fine...I Like good news!

  38. Oh, Paula, I am so sorry your husband had to have the surgery, but am glad he is getting better. I know the two of you will enjoy the bicycles once he is able to get on one again. I got the biggest kick out of Lily in her "car." VERY cute! And I adore your new fabric! Can't wait to see what you get done with them. Thanks for your comments! I know what you mean about getting behind after Christmas...that pretty much happened to me too!

  39. Hello--just stopping in gor a visit. Hoping your husband makes a speedy recovery. Come on over and say hi. :)

  40. Lily!!!!!!
    Thanks for the smiles Chicky!
    What an adorable post!

  41. Hi, and so glad that your husband is feeling better. Biking is such a fun and wonderful way to exercise. Lilly is just adorable. blessings,Kathleen

  42. Paula,

    You guys are going to enjoy those bikes. You'll build those leg muscles up in no time! And I love Lily's ride. I think she's telling you two to hurry up! :)

    Love those fabrics too. Did I tell you that Joy is getting a sewing machine for her birthday in February and yes, I'm going to learn too! I think I can...I think I can...I think I can.. :)

    Hugs and Blessings,

  43. I know what you mean about fabric being hard to come by. There are no outlets near us. It's over an hour in any direction to find a place. I can't believe WalMart quit carrying everything I use! Can't get embroidery floss either!
    Glad James is on the mend. Bicycling will be great exercise and a lot of fun! And with Lily willing to get in the side car--well, let's just say it is going to be a real experience for all!

  44. Love Lily's new ride! Boy isn't she a spoiled little girl! My chihuahua is too, though. Hope y'all will be able to ride those soon!


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