Pumpkin seeds and Decorations

December Sunrise

This morning I'm toasting the last of the pumpkin seeds I saved from our fall decorations.... I had planned on saving some for adding a tasty little crunch to our tossed salads from time to time, but I doubt very seriously if they will last that long. I ate most of the first batch as soon as they came out of the oven and this time I had to try and control myself to keep it from happening again.

I seem to have acquired a taste tester in the kitchen.... 
I don't even want to think about what pumpkin seeds would do to her digestive system, 
so she'll just have to settle for something else to sample.
(And preferably something that won't give her any more gas than she already has....)

Mmmmmmm... they're still sizzling....
Can you hear them?

They're saying, "Don't wait until we cool off... savor the flavor NOW."

"Just one little taste won't hurt me..."


Hubby got the Christmas wreath up on the barn last week.....

The sheep are happy with it... but the Silkies? Not so sure...
Their coop is right next door to the barn and every time the ribbon flaps in the wind,
they think the world's largest hawk is coming in for a landing.

One of my goals is to some day have all handmade ornaments on our Christmas tree. I only have just a handful right now, but I'm getting there by adding a few more every year.
I'm still working on my new ones for this year- I ordered this pattern from a website called Connecting Threads... my good blog friend and quilter Charlotte told me about them and said she had ordered fabric from them before. I saw the kit for these tiny little mitten ornaments in their online catalog and I just had to have it- the pattern came with everything you need to make all six of them including the felt and floss.

I know some of you probably like to collect certain type of Christmas decorations, like Santas or angels... my thing is snowmen. I just love all sizes and shapes, and especially their sweet faces. These are my caroling snowmen- aren't they cute?

I also love making the table look festive this time of year...
is it just me or do the meals seem cozier when the table is decorated? ;)

Well, I'm off to put some more wood on the fire,
then work on my little mittens and to do some blog visiting.
Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. LOVE the snowmen!! So cute!

    And I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds, too ~ they never last long enough around here either!!

  2. Poor little silkies. That gave me a chuckle.

  3. That Lily.... how can you say 'no' to a face like that??

    I love your table. You've got it set so nice, and festive.
    Makes me want to jump in the car, and head on over for dinner.
    Can I have some pumpkin seeds ??

    Have fun working on your cute projects, and stay warm.

  4. That is one big wreath, looks beautiful on your barn.

  5. When you walk back into the kitchen I will be sitting there with Miss L drooling for some seeds. Yummy!!!

    I so love handmade decor too, those mittens will be darling on the tree or elsewhere.

    The barn looks lovely all newly painted and the wreath. To top it off, all you need is some snow and that will be picture postcard perfect.

    I pray your day is a good one. Stay warm!

  6. LOL, miss Lily is so funny! I LOVE those little mitten ornaments, I will have to check out that site, and your barn looks just gorgeous!!!

  7. I have never tried roasted pumpkin seeds...maybe I should! Lily has got to be the sweetest dog EVER! I'd probably give her way more treats than her waistline could handle!

  8. Yum, ooooh and awwwwh! My dern chicks ate all of my pun'kins so, no sizzling seeds for Katie.
    I have to say your green dishes made my heart go pitter-pat! Love green. Love dishes.
    When are we doing dinner again....

  9. Love your wreath! We finally got ours up, too! Funny story about the silkies...bless their hearts!

  10. oh, your pup made me LOL! and poor freaked out hens!

  11. I've never eaten pumpkin seeds. Isn't there some myth about eating them? ;)
    Your decorations are so pretty! I tried to make some little snowmen using gourds; I'm not too handy with a paintbrush though. I'm looking forward to seeing the mittens. And, did you see the sale Connecting Threads is having now? Think I'll gift myself!

  12. I have never had pumpkin seeds but those look really good! Love the snowmen and the wreath. Looks a bit like Christmas coming to your house! Hope you're enjoying it all!

  13. Oh, the seeds look Yummy! Lily didn't even get ONE??Hahaaaa...what a face!
    Those are cute little mittens!
    Love the setting!!

  14. Save some of those seeds for me, I'll be right over..lol.. I love your decorations. I love to make home made ones myself... You take care...Susie

  15. I've never tasted warm toasty punkin seeds. Guess they must be good, huh!Pay no attention to Lily. Dogs are liars when it comes to treats. You give them something different cause you feel sorry for them begging, and they wake you up at 3am insisting that, for some reason, they need 'to go'. I love the little mitten ornaments, and yes, the room does seem cozier when the table looks pretty. Why is that?
    Debbie :D

  16. You are making me hungry with those pumpkin seeds! That Lily is cute as a button. Does she have a Christmas stocking yet?
    Your table is so very festive and I love the mittens you are working on.
    Your barn looks beautiful. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful Christmas season.

  17. Everything looks good...I cooked my seeds too long so I couldn't even eat them..what a wasted effort, next time i'll be more careful.

  18. I love seeing what's new in your home, and hearing about all the family members. Lily looks like she belongs in the kitchen. How about an apron, Mom?
    Love, Debra

  19. It looks Christmassy and cosy at your house. Love that wreath and sad about the g-a-s problem. Oy. It is always something isn't it?

  20. I really like the barn wreath and your snowmen. My thing is mangers.
    I couldn't resist that sweet Lily Bell.
    Oh,,,your table should be in Southern Living...you go girl. I can't wait to see your mitten ornaments.

  21. The wreath is awesome! So funny about Lily's "wind" problem:) I thinks she knows you are talking about her! Poor Silkies---at the lower end of the food chain. Cute snowmen and your table is FAB! Country elegance!

  22. PS Forgot to mention the little mitten ornaments are charming.

  23. ohhhh, poor Lily, pumpkin seeds are so good...

  24. I know I would love to have a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa with you in your very festive Christmas kitchen Paula. I love the snowmen and have snowman pillows on my sofas all winter long. ( hey, snowmen aren't just for Christmas you know)

    Those Silkies are pretty cautious about hawks, being the broody mamas they are, always on the look-out for anything after their eggs or chicks!

    Toasted pumpkin seeds are delicious and I am thinking you show a lot of self-restraint regarding the second batch. I would be tempted to give the taste-tester in your kitchen some in spite of her foul emissions, just because her soulful looks demand it .Of course you would have to share them with her....

  25. I forgot to mention, LOVE the wreath !

  26. I am sorry that I missed you yesterday. I left early from work as our snow was coming down so hard and the roads were getting dangerously slippery.
    I love snowmen also and I have several that I set out each year.
    We have a little begger whenever we are making something in the kitchen.
    It is so cute of them.

  27. Pumpkin seeds don't last long here either. Lilly is growing more adorable each day. The little ornaments to sew look sweet and I love your snowmen. The barn looks pretty with the wreath. Have a great weekend. blessings,Kathleen

  28. You dog is hilarious and very cute. Love the barn wreath!

  29. I love the table settings! I managed a centerpiece from the greenery outside but now I am inspired to make napkin holders like yours, too!
    Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

  30. oooohhhhh, Christmas at your place looks wonderful! I toasted pumpkin seeds and decided they are too much trouble to break into; I'd much rather eat the seeds than mess with the hull.
    But I'm not lazy in other ways so it works out...'k? LOL

  31. I've never had roasted pumpkin seeds before, maybe its because my lack of patience eating anything inside a shell. That dog is a trip, and i mean that in a good way. Richard

  32. Ahh, I can almost taste those pumpkin seeds. I didn't make any this year. I did pick up a package at the store, and let's just say, there is no comparison to them and home-roasted seeds.

    I'm a snowman collector, too. I realized as I was setting out my Christmas stuff this week, that I seem to now have an 'unintentional' collection of Christmas trees. That's okay, though, 'cause I love them, too.

    Your home looks festive! :-)

  33. My favorite pic is your Christmas wreath on the barn. I LOVE it!
    MERRY Christmas!!!


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