Looking at the world through a phone

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had bought an external hard drive to store all my pictures and videos from my computer, and I forgot all about all the pictures I had taken with my phone's camera....
*sigh* (More pictures?)

Hubby and I bought our new cell phones in the summer of 2010 and we weren't really that hung up on having ones with built-in cameras; but since then I've found out that I like having the camera feature. (And so does he, surprisingly.)
These pictures are not nearly as good as my "real" camera, but they're little random snapshots in time of our life over the past year.

12/20/10- The day we brought Lily home. (She was 10 weeks old.)

 Another one of Lily as a pup.

 My special girls- Daisy and Edie.

 Cecil crowing.

 Meatball peeks through the gate.....

A cotton field in Georgia.

Lily watching something educational on TV.

Tiny little bluebird eggs in the spring.

 Pola after her brush with death back in the summer.

A huge Luna Moth.

Road trip- Lily checks to see if Hubby brought her back anything to eat.

On the road again....

Following Hubby into the hayfield.

Our first frost in October.

Lily riding shotgun.

 Hubby took this one from his tractor seat.

I took this one from my car seat.

Thanks for letting me share some more random pictures!
Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. these are all great. handy to have the cell cam. :)

  2. You never know what you're gonna get on the spur of the moment, huh? Cute pictures of Lily and all the rest of the gang!

  3. I loved all the pics, Paula. Lily was so tiny as a pup and sweet as can be! I really like the pic of the sky you took also and of course, all the animals. Have a great day.

  4. Aren't puppies adorable? Also, those cell cams took some terrific looking pics. Mine does not.

  5. The puppy pictures are Great!!! I also love the one of Lily riding shotgun. Her reflection in the window is so cute. Funny....I picked all of the "Lily" pictures...

  6. The snap shots of our life...makes me think of "the book of our lives" that we may get to review as we go into the next life! Great pictures. :D

  7. How lucky to find those pictures.

    Lily has certainly grown up:)

    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.
    It's amazing how quickly this year has passed!

  8. love love these pics - your life is beautiful - ya know that?

  9. Great pictures, Paula. Hard to believe that Lily has grown so much in a year. Have a good one.

  10. Thanks for sharing these with all of us.

    Lily should have her own show, she poses so well... How adorable!

    Phone camera's do come in handy, and the bright side is you don't have to carry your digital wityh you everywhere you go.

    Blessings, Mel

  11. Loved all the pictures. I rarely use the camera on my phone, since I keep the other one with me most of the time!

  12. A nice mix of photos, Paula. Love Lily watching TV and Pola. Your log home is so lovely. BTW, you did a smart thing backing up your computer. We had a bad lightening strike last night and it took out my modem and hard drive! I'm going to an expert to see if photos and videos can be retrieved. Until then, I have my lap top. BACK UP, everyone!

  13. These are great Paula! Especially the one of Lily as a baby!

  14. No matter what camera you use , Paula, your world looks wonderful! I though about you this weekend........ I visited a friend of mine who has just gotten a couple of silkies! A little rooster and hen. They are a butterscotch color and are so sweet. I think she will enjoy them as much as you do! blessings,Kathleen

  15. I love love your photos.. So interesting..The one of your house and of Lily watching TV are my favorites.. I think although the one of your hubby and Lily is cute, too.. grin..
    Blessing dear friend...

  16. Oh darlin, I loved flippin' through your wonderful random pics almost as much as I love the name "Meatball"!!!

    God bless and have a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)

  17. Great pictures. Mom loves finding pictures she forgot about. Prescious Lily
    Benny & Lily

  18. OK...in my opinion, Lily takes the cake, hand's down! Oh, and I love the beautiful sky picture, too...BREATHTAKING!

  19. ...and thanks for sharing your photos. The ones of Lily are my favorite. She's so cute! I never use my phone camera.

  20. Well goodness knows I love pictures. Beauty all around you, girl.

  21. The pictures are GREAT! Camera phones have come a long way! I took so many pictures in August of our daughter moving into college using my phone because I could easily upload them onto Facebook so my mom could see the pictures! Enjoy your day!

  22. Wonderful! All of them. Makes me feel good.

  23. Wow! Your cell phone takes great pics! Technology!

    Love the pic of Lily watching something educational! That's precious! And I love the pic of your home for the first frost! Beautiful!


  24. I especially love the snapshots of Lily as a puppy! I tend to forget all about my cell phone camera!

  25. awww...Lily was so cute when she was a little girl! Great pictures, I always enjoy them.

  26. They are really good, Hon!
    I don't have a cell phone but my kids all have them and they are addictive. They do everything these days
    I love the Lily pics and cotton fields and James cutting hay and the sheep and the chickens.......all of them.
    Funny how we see no pics of Paula....

  27. Really enjoyed these!! Especially the one of the cotton field; that's unbelievable! I can barely take pictures worth viewing.

  28. I love looking back at Miss Lily, I remember when you got her. She never knew what a happy home she was going to have and all the new adventures on the farm.

    LOVE all your farm pics, you are blessed.

  29. Awwwww,,,,Lily Bell is the cutest thing. Meatball? You have a knack for naming your animals.
    Love the pics,,,especially the last one...Glorious.

  30. Oh Paula! These are ALL wonderful...especially, Lily AND....Cecil...Hahahahaa....I think I'm in love...Hahaaaa

  31. Great pictures and that Lily was such a cute little thing! Oh my. I need one!!!!

  32. Great pictures Paula, those camera phones come in handy.. Love your animals and your farm.. We had a big frost in October as well.. Hope you have a nice week,,Susie

  33. I love having a camera on my phone and I never thought I would even use it.
    Your pic's are great Paula!

  34. Love all of your precious pictures!

  35. I love having a camera on my cell phone. They are more handier than a regular camera, just doesnt' take as good a picture.
    I love puppies!! Lily was sucha cute one.

  36. Hey Paula, Love the pics. Especially the last one with the clouds. Mine never show up that well. Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog. I am sorry I haven't stopped more. I hope you have a good weekend. Love Lisa

  37. Where do I begin! Oh, I just loved so many of these pictures! Your phone takes some really great shots! I just love Lily as a baby! SOOO Cute!

    Thanks for your comment on the Visit. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  38. What great pictures! I don't have one with a camera right now, but it sure would be handy so I could take pics whenever I see something.


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