Friday Farm Fotos: Fall Happenings

Shy Mr. Redbird waits for me to move so he can land on the feeder.

For some reason time has just flown by these past few weeks.... I can hardly believe it's almost the middle of November and Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! I've been busier than an ant in a picnic basket lately but it seems like there just haven't been enough hours in the day to get everything done. I also can't believe it's been over two weeks since I posted anything....

Things are finally starting to slow down around here, especially since the time changed and the days are getting shorter..... *ugh*... but at least now I can get back in the swing of being on here a little more regularly and stay caught up with all my bloggy friends.

Thanks for all your sweet birthday wishes- I had a wonderful day.
In case you were wondering what my sweet Hubby gave me-

A barn star! *SQUEEEAL*

I also enjoyed a wonderful day trip with Hubby and Lily to the apple orchard and saw some
beautiful fall colors and cute decorations along the way.

Speaking of fall decorations, it won't be long until my cute little pumpkins will have to go in order to make room for Christmas decorations....
But at least I'll have some yummy pies and toasted pumpkin seeds to enjoy from them. (Yay!)

We've had some gorgeous warm weather this week and I know it won't last, so I've found any excuse I could to be outside in the sunshine.
Lily is loving it too.... here she is taking a walk to ponder the meaning of life.

(Actually she's looking for a place to potty.)

"I heard that."

The pasture is pretty much gone until spring so the sheep are now enjoying the fruits of our summer labor- they've been dining on the hay we put up this year, although that doesn't stop them from trying to snatch up every last little green sprig they see in the field.....

After a bumper crop of baby chicks this year, (I stopped counting at 42... *whew*)
I sold most of them so I wouldn't have to feed them all winter 
but kept a few of my "favorites" from August's unexpected hatching
They are now in the company of a lonely little Silkie roo from the first batch in June.
(Yep, he's pretty happy about that arrangement.)

Here is one of the girls I kept- she is already starting to get a beautiful silky "hairdo".

After we finally got the house washed and applied a new coat of stain, Hubby built a beautiful new railing for the front porch.....
Here it is from the front.... we will have to wait until the wood dries before we can paint it to match the porch- probably not until spring.

Well, that's about all the latest news from around the farm- at least now you know I am still around and haven't been abducted by aliens or something....

And finally- I want to say how proud I am of the veterans in my family, including my daddy.....I am so thankful for all who have served our country past and present. May we never forget that freedom is NOT free.....
Happy Veterans Day, everyone!


  1. I really like to look at photos of your chicks.They are so cute and unique.
    I love your new star and bless that hubs that got it for you.
    Glad to hear that you had a nice day.
    The railing does look nice.

  2. oh, you are a woman after my own heart - i smiled with glee with your barn star! :)

  3. What a sweet lil chick!
    And Lily does look like she is on a
    Bless your Daddy for having served. Mine did too.
    How is James doing? He is probably glad he got it all done before, huh? Give him big hugs and kisses for me!

  4. Love the shots...Especially your Dad...
    Sweet weekend to you my friend!

  5. Hello dear Paula.. I am so glad you posted:)) I read your dear comment that you posted on my blog to Terry and did he laugh:)) So, now I just read your posting to him and I said.. "she has sheep" sigh... grin... I think he got the point.. Love all your pics and that railing is glorious.. I want one of them, too.. lol...

  6. Glad you're back! That is one great looking barn! and the star is wonderful!

    We're feeding hay and the rows are getting fewer and fewer and it's only mid-November! Hoping we have enough.

    I've been asking for a porch railing; I'm afraid I'll totter off some day.

  7. My heartfelt thanks to your dad and all our Veterans. I love your barn star, Paula! The porch railing is nice too. All your photos of the sights around the farm are gorgeous. Wishing you a special weekend! Take care.

  8. Wonderful pictures Paula, I love your Farm and everything that goes with it.. It seems we've all been busy lately but like you sais with the time change, it'll slow down now..Tell your Dad Thanks for his great sacrifice and hope you have a wonderful weekend..Susie

  9. Time is flying. I hope this winter goes as quick as last month.
    That star really jumps out at you.
    Where's Lily's coat? Can't expect her to go 'huntin' without one. ;)

  10. Cool star, Paula ~~~ and I like what ya'll did with your porch railing. Looks good. Nice barn - that's about the size I'd like. I'm wanting to get a couple of horses sometime soon... Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Paula, I love that star. Your hubby did good! I have been busy enough to be a little flaky, so I can't remember if I wished you happy birthday or not. If not, then a happy belated birthday. If so, then you get another wish. LOL Yep we need to enjoy every nice day we get now, because we will soon be under snow. We had our first snow this week. We had about 2 inches of very wet and heavy snow. It melted in a couple of day, though. It is nice out today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  12. Love the star! Lily Bell is looking good. Wow, do those Silkies have the attitude to match that doo?

  13. Paula,
    I guess we can call off the search party :)

    Love that barn star! It's just perfect; and a perfect present for a farm-girl!

    Tell the hubs... great job on the railing. Looks terrific.

    Glad to know you've been busy, and it sounds like a good kind of busy.

    Yes.. we are all grateful for those that have served and sacrificed for our country.

    Our son is in the Army, and he knows how proud we are of him. Today, he is being thanked by all.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I love the photos! Especially the new porch railings. Everything looks great and ready for Thanksgiving. The chick looks cute too! Hope you're having a great day!

  15. The star looks just perfect on your barn. Lily and the sheep look relaxed and content. The little Silkie is so cute. You have accomplished so much---makes me feel very lazy!

  16. I love all your farm photos, Paula! I just love your farm life! :)

    Love that barn star! It's perfect! And your hubby did a great job on the railing for your porch!

    I agree. Freedom is never free. As a matter of fact, that's the name of my post today. Bless your dad for his service to our country too! I am truly thankful!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  17. Love that barn star! (It's on my list, too!) All of our animals are "feeling their oats" lately with the nice weather...running and jumping around like little kids! Lovin' fall!

  18. BEAUTIFUL pics from around your slice of heaven and LOVE that barn star! It looks like it was made for that spot, so pretty!!!!

  19. Your dog is cute. She's a chubby one isn't she (LOL). I love the photo of the cart with the fall colors.

  20. Happy Veterans Day to your father.
    Love the little fuzzy chick

  21. Great pictures Paula, seems you're enjoying the fall season!

  22. A barn?!!! I am so jealous! That is a beauty too, love the big old star front and center. Love the Silkie's too, wish I had some. Lily is getting so big! :D

  23. Your whole place is really looking good! The barn star is perfect.

  24. You have got to be beaming with pride, I love that start, it completes the barn! I love reading your post, I find myself grinning as I read and have such al calm about me.

    YOU have one handyman there, that is an awesome looking railing!! TOP NOTCH!

    I LOVE your Silky, give that baby a kiss for me and Lily too.

    We honor your father and all the vets and we always keep them in our hearts and the families. Dad was in the service and I know what its like to grow up without him.

    I too went to the apple orchard...what fun huh? Don't forget to take a pic of your pie you bake with the apples.

    GOD bless you and yours.

  25. Your front porch is so nice. It looks like a wonderful place to relax and enjoy looking at your beautiful farm and the animals. I really enjoy looking at your animals. I love the barn star! Bless your father for serving our country. I honor all our vets for serving our country.

  26. Paula, I may not comment often, but still read your wonderful blog... loved the barn star, love your very lovely Lilly!

  27. Love your barn star! You are definitely one LUCKY lady, Paula...and you're livin' the GOOD life!

  28. Loved your barn star and that beautiful new porch, the place is lookin GOOD! :-) Glad you had a wonderful birthday! I always get so tickled at your tags on your photos (ie Lily looking for a place to potty) :-) I know what you mean about time getting away from you! I have two weeks to finish unpacking and getting things put in place for the Thanksgiving dinner bash with the kids here at OUR HOUSE (we'll do Christmas at theirs) plus I have made a commitment to start quilting now that the sewing room is ready (ahem) and I don't want to ignore the blogs!!! A LOT to do!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my Veteran's Day post! Thank your vets for me, especially your Dad whose picture I very much enjoyed seeing on here, for their commitment and service to us all!


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