Friday Farm Fotos: Whole lotta paintin' goin' on

After several rainy days in a row, it's nice to see the sunrise this morning!
And then of course, the fog moves in...

Instead of "Gorillas in the Mist", this is "Sheep in the Fog."

Lily poses in front of my Fall decorations.

The pumpkins have now been test-licked for freshness.

Remember back in the March when we built the bovine barrier?

We finally got around to painting it.

We liked the color so much, we got a few more gallons and...

Painted the big barn....

Painted the sheep barn.....

Painted Hubby's tractor shed....

And painted the chicken coop.

The Silkies are especially thrilled with the new paint job!

Really, they are.... they just have a funny way of showing it...

The house is next, but we won't be painting it- it just needs a fresh coat of stain and we're using same color that's on it now.

But before we do that, we are going to celebrate Lily's birthday, which was yesterday...
Look out PetSmart- here we come!
(And Chik-fil-A... her favorite restaurant...*grin*)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Everything looks so nice and fresh. I love the barn and sheep shelter. It looks like you put a lot of hours in.

  2. PAULA!!!! I gasped from the beauty of your photography, I nearly sucked coffee the wrong way. OH MY STARS!! The rays of sun, the fog... you need to frame these.

    I started to smile reading of all the painting goin' on and then started to fear you got carried away and got that wild look in your eyes as one does when they get so focused they cant stop.... I feared you painted Lily and the animals to match the structures. Whew! I see they are all okay and the Silkies are fine.

    The Silkies are too cute!!! I could watch them all day... have you any video of them? If I could have chickens, I would get a few of them, I love the pantaloons.

    YOUR property LOOKS Awesome!!! LOVE the color you chose for the painting.

    God bless and keep you all safe!

  3. Wow thats alot of painting:O Everything looks just beautiful, and Happy Birthday to miss Lily, she's too cute!!!!

  4. The brown paint color looks wonderful!! I hope to have chickens, and maybe goats in the next 5-10 years. : ) Thanks for sharing the lovely photos!!

  5. These photos are marvelous... I also have been imagining our barns so lovely. My paint is ready though a barn red, but not a brilliant red, a little brown tone in it. I love the sun shining through the mist photos. Here near the Rockies, our mornings are so much like this. I love the glory the Lord brings to each of us... to help us get a glimpse of Him. Thank you for this lovely post... encouraged my day!

  6. wow, you got busy!!! LOVE that first shot! WOW!!! just amazing!

  7. Now that is a lot of paintn for sure.
    I love the looks of all the building and I am sure that chicks love it.
    Happy birthday to ms lily.
    That first photo is just breath taking!!!
    We have had a lot of foggy mornings here this week.
    Have a great day.

  8. Your photos are wonderful!! I'm envious of the little cart and the fall decorations. :) We need to do some painting around here; it just always gets put off. I showed the tractor shed to my husband; so very nice.

  9. Paula, everything looks so nice at your homestead. I love that first picture. It is so gorgeous. You should frame that one. Happy birthday to sweet Lily. Hope she finds a good toy to play with. Have a blessed weekend.

  10. It sure looks like a beautiful day. Lick all those punkins just don't do pee pee on them
    Benny & Lily

  11. Your paint jobs are fabulous...Lily you are so cute in front of that wagon of pumpkins!

  12. Hello my dear.. Love your photos.. Especially the sheep one.. I am going to send you a little email about that.. grin..
    You folks have sure been busy.. What a lot of painting but it surely looks lovely..
    Have a blessed weekend...

  13. Happy Birthday Lily!!! Enjoy your special treats.

    Love the paint color and everything looks so nice.

    That is a spectacular sunrise photo!

    Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

  14. Really beautiful pictures of the foggy sheep and sun peeping thru. The paint jobs look great---I ache all over just thinking about the work! The silkies are so sweet and love your decorations with Lilybug in front of them. Weekend blessing, Cindy

  15. Oh my goodness those rays of sun in that pic and the sheep and fog are absolutely awesome.. Love your paint jobs too. That looks like the color of my porch. You've relly been busy. have a nice weekend, Susie

  16. Paul girl, that first photo is it! And my goodness yes, there has been a whole lot of paintin' going on..looks great.

    Giggles at the "licked tested for freshness" go Lily, LOL..


  17. Oh, wow, you have been one busy gal! Love that first photo! It is dreamy. Happy New Year to Lily!

  18. I hate painting but, I know, it'a necessary and it does make things look nice.
    I like that little wagon ya got there.

  19. All that fresh paint has everything looking so good! Hugs and a tummy scratch to Miss Lily! Hope she has a good birthday shopping trip at the pet store! Wow it's hard to believe she's a year old.

  20. All the pictures are great, my favorite has to be the first one. Daybreaking through the trees, gorgeous. All that painting has everything looking fresh and new..!

  21. Great photos!! You should come on over and link up to my Farm Photo Friday linky party. :)

  22. Beautiful job! I love the orderliness of your farm ~ everything looks so neat and tidy!! And that first photo... takes my breath away!!!

  23. Oh Paula-I'm fainting from the beauty of your photos-these are truly incredible-you MUST print them, sell them, show them....what lovely gifts you have sweetie-I just love you to pieces.

  24. I love your place, Country Living, or Farm Life, or some such magazine should do a spread on your place. "Sheep in the fog" , made me smile.

  25. It looks great to make it all uniform. It's a great color. Something I might like to use in my guest room! But, alas, I don't paint big things, just little things.
    Looks like Lily may fresh test those punkins more than once!

  26. Dear Paula,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for my pumpkin. I love it and you for sending it to me.

    Happy Belated Birthday Lily!


  27. Amazing photos! What luck that you were there to capture the sun beams! Love the paint color! I love the richness of the dark color and everything looks so nice!
    So glad that Lily lick tested the pumpkins. Too cute!

  28. it all looks so beautiful; a fresh coat of paint makes everything look better!

  29. Your pictures are beautiful! The paint job looks good! Happy Birthday to Lily! Has it been a year?

  30. Awwww...Happy late Birthday to Miss Lily!!!!

    LOVE all that painting Girl!Hahaa...You just kept Going!Hahaa

  31. That is a lot of work!!! It all looks great though.

  32. Gorgeous photographs! And I just love the paint job you did on, well, EVERYTHING! :-) Look at that sunrise coming through those!


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