From my sewing room: A Special Gift

My nephew Nick, 1989
There are milestones in my life from a few years ago that I can recall very well; graduation from college, buying a car on my own for the first time, my first "real" job.....
and all these events took place around the time my nephew Nick was born.

Nick and Shelby, 2011
 And now the little baby boy that was born to my brother and sister-in-law 22 years ago is a wonderful and handsome young man with a bright future and an adorable fiancé to whom he is engaged to be married to this October.

(And he'll be sure to tell you he is my favorite nephew, too, and he is....
but he is also my only nephew. *grin*)

For their wedding I wanted to give them a special gift, and once I saw they had black towels on their wish list I thought personalizing them with a simple white monogram with their last initial (Y) would be just the thing. (Nuthin' fancy, because they're not into the "fru-fru" stuff. *grin*)

I got to work by first digitizing a monogram on the computer..... this is actually the hardest part because the computer design has to be "clean" enough for the stitches to look neat once it's ready to embroider. Once I'm happy with the design, it's as simple as transferring the design to the computer card and popping it into the machine.
Next comes the most nerve-wracking part for me: placement of the design. I have to carefully measure to make sure it's centered perfectly in the middle and not off to one side.

After I mark where the design will be, the hoop is placed over the top along with an embroidery "topper" to keep the stitches from sinking into the nap of the towels so the design will look nice and smooth. Once the machine has finished sewing, you just tear it away, leaving nothing but the design. It looks and feels a lot like cellophane, but is a lot thinner and is also water soluble in case it doesn't all tear off at first try.

The machine takes over from there....




This is how the design looks on the bath towel;
I just had to resize the design to make it smaller for the hand towels and washcloths.

I also commissioned my friend Dani, who has a wonderful new ETSY shop, to make a special stitchery for their bathroom- done in black work with a black frame.
Thanks, Dani- I know they're going to love it.

Now if I can just convince myself he's all grown up and soon-to-be married...
Time passes so quickly, doesn't it?

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Lovely... I wish my machine could do that but I probably couldn't figure it out enough to make it do it... grin.
    Yes, they all grow up so fast..

  2. I'll have you know I stopped by about an hour ago because I hadn't seen any movement from this way.
    Ya know, talk about flying time, my first grand is 13.

  3. What terrific gifts you give - and he does look like a keeper.

  4. You did a super job on the towel and its sure to be a wower when they open the gifts.

    I know all about digitizing and the rest, it will fry your nerves and serve them on toast. You lay out 15 times as you can only stitch once then you pray the lights dont go our in the middle of stitching or the needle breaks.

    But I know that does not happen to ...Right? hehehehe.

    Good to see you back.

  5. duh...

    I wish many wonderful blessing on the new soon to be married couple, they do make a sweet couple.

  6. What an adorable couple! I love those towels and the stitchery will be awesome with them! I'm sure they are going to LOVE everything their special Aunt Paula got for them:)

  7. oh, what a great gift! and your personalized touch for your FAVORITE nephew is perfect!!!

  8. He was such a cute baby...that is so nice of you to personalize it, looks great! Love the bath one too1 :D

  9. I sure am impressed with your monogramming! It's beyond my abilities:( The bathroom stitching is just perfect to go with the towels. Who WOULDN'T love them!!! Your nephew is the same age as my eldest son. So nice you have a close relationship.

  10. what a lucky young man to have you for an Aunte! I love things that are hand made and personalized....I bet they will too

  11. What a beautiful gift for the happy couple! You're such a sweet aunt, Paula!

  12. What a cute couple and such a great idea for a gift. I would love a lot of white towels with all my kids initials on them in bright colors.

  13. Congratulations to your nephew and the towels will be cherished! blessings,Kathleen

  14. Can't stop time...sigh....Congratulations to them!!! Your gift is Beautiful Girl!!!!

  15. That's a beautiful job well thought out. I have a towel with our last name that was commercially done more than 63 years ago that belonged to my Mother in law, I grabbed it up and will pass it on to my Son,for his Grandson who was born this year.

  16. Looks very fancy to me! How thoughful and so personal. I am sure Nick will say you are his favorite creative, talented and loving aunt. I know if I got those gifts I sure would. That would ensure I would get more! lol! I love the bathroom picture done in black. Fits perfectly.

  17. Oh, he's grown into a very handsome young man! That was a great personalized idea!

  18. Very, very nice gift! That's way above my ability!

    My first grandson was born in 1989; where did the years go?

  19. what a nice couple and I was so pleased to be able to do the stitchery for you..its on its way today, priority....and does look better than than the photo....much brighter....great job on the monograms too....

  20. Beautiful, I wish my machine and my hands could do that. I know they will cherish those towels..Susie

  21. Hey Paula! Nice to meet ya. Thanks for visiting my blog. Vickie is such a sweetie, isn't she. Enjoyed my visit here.
    Will be back.

  22. Wow, those towels are beautiful and they will love them. I like that picture of them. Time it does fly by.

  23. I am going to have to look for that topper stuff. I used stabilizer on the top and bottom to get the thread from not showing up. That looks so much easier. You did a great job and I am sure they are going to love it :-)! Time sure does fly by doesn't it?!

  24. Aw, that's such a nice gift, Paula! I know they'll treasure those towels every time they use them. Didn't the time go fast! He's grown up to be a very handsome young man!

  25. I didn't realize so much was involved in doing the digitizing, etc. It was so interested to see and read how it is all done. You did a beautiful job, Paula, and I'm sure it will be the perfect gift! Dani's stitchery is a wonderful addition. Time flies, doesn't it???? They grow up so fast. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  26. Our Mallory is 16. She has gotten her first kiss recently. Sadly, her parents are punishing her for it.
    You seem to have been blessed to be part of a special young man.
    Great week on the towels. I am familiar with the precision that you work with, They will be thrilled by these towels. Dani does great work but I could have done that for you, too. It is adorable. I sure have missed you, Hon......
    Big hugs,

  27. Yes... time does pass too quickly !
    Congratulations to the adorable couple!
    And, I know they are going to love those very special monogramed towels. Very cool!
    Hope you're having a great day :)

  28. Congratulations to your nephew and his fiance, Paula. You did a great job with the towels
    I enjoyed reading and catching up on some other posts.I see someone likes roosters besides me, loved al of them. They just fascinate me~grin~, and lily I adore, how precious, she can visit me any day and if she ever decides to run away please tell her my home is open for her, though I know that will never happen she, like our Lucy has got it made and probably is spoiled. Shhh! don't tell her I said that.~!ol~

  29. Paula you are one talented gal. How cool that towel looks!! Congrat to your nephew on his engagement

  30. You are an awesome aunt! What great gifts! I have some special nephews, too. Have never tried monogramming anything....would love to give it a shot.

    Come by and visit my blog....I've been so off and on these last couple of years, some people think I've dropped off the face of the earth. But, now I am FINALLY online!!!!! And, I hope you will come by and see what's going on with me. Take care!


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