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Ducky and her orthopedic shoes

This is Ducky.
These are Ducky's feet.
Notice how they curl?
Ducky can't straighten her toes.

In all my years of raising baby chicks, this is the first time I've encountered this. I first noticed Ducky's feet when she was 2 days old..... I could tell she wasn't able to walk or stand very steady like the other chicks, so I picked her up and was shocked at what I saw. She also seemed to have some other problems- she was not interested in food or water and she was a lot smaller than any of the other chicks. I swallowed hard and thought maybe it was best to let nature take it's course, if you know what I mean.... But you know me- I couldn't let go without at least giving Ducky a fighting chance.
She was at once put on some drops of some special liquid baby formula (powdered vitamins and sugar water) and after spending several hours on the internet researching chicks with curled or deformed feet I found what I had been looking for. Apparently this is not an uncommo…

Friday Farm Fotos: A little "Biddy" surprise....

If you've read this blog for any time at all, you know my love for baby chicks borders on insanity.
However, I try to contain myself so I won't become one of those people on that Animal Hoarders show that has 800 chickens running around.
I keep the Silkie population down by gathering the eggs as soon as I can because there is nothing those hens love more than to go broody and hatch babies.

But I think I've been outsmarted.
One day while cleaning weeds out around the coop I heard some familiar peeping noises coming from nest box # 3......

Yep, definitely outsmaah-ted.
Apparently, one of those sneaky little hens had an egg tucked under her so tightly that the egg went unnoticed during my nightly inspection of the nest boxes- even after I stuck my hand under her and felt around. (Which I'm sure she enjoyed very much...)


Well, you know me- I wouldn't want a baby chick to have to grow up all alone... *snicker snort* So, I let a few eggs lay around until so…

From my sewing room: A Special Gift


There are milestones in my life from a few years ago that I can recall very well; graduation from college, buying a car on my own for the first time, my first "real" job.....
and all these events took place around the time my nephew Nick was born.   
 And now the little baby boy that was born to my brother and sister-in-law 22 years ago is a wonderful and handsome young man with a bright future and an adorable fiancĂ© to whom he is engaged to be married to this October.

(And he'll be sure to tell you he is my favorite nephew, too, and he is....
but he is also my only nephew. *grin*)

For their wedding I wanted to give them a special gift, and once I saw they had black towels on their wish list I thought personalizing them with a simple white monogram with their last initial (Y) would be just the thing. (Nuthin' fancy, because they're not into the "fru-fru" stuff. *grin*)

I got to work by first digiti…

Corners of my Home: Cock-a-doodle-doo!


Lily wants to ride

Which do you think Lily would rather do- eat or ride in the car?

Friday Farm Fotos: Summer Evening

It's a warm summer evening around the farm....

Lily is tired of being inside all day and is on the move.

"You talking about me again?"

The time for cleaning out the fence row is after the sun goes down.

Instead of picking grass, the sheep are enjoying their fan before it's turned off for the night. 

Big Bird has been going to bed early since her partner in crime, Sarge, is no longer here to keep her out late chasing bugs.....

Lily wants to take a ride on the 4-wheeler.

Across the ridge you can almost see the humidity in the air.

79 degrees at sunset- a little cooler than last night's 86. I think I'll grab a jacket. *grin*

Across the road someone's dogs are barking... probably at deer.

The moon slowly appears as the sun disappears....

And the barn light that comes on automatically at dark means it's time to call it a day.

Goodbye Sarge

Sunset over the barn

It's a feeling I never get used to... the feeling that comes over me whenever I lose a member of my farm family. No matter how many animals I've lost (and believe me, it's been a bunch...) I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that they're gone.
Even days afterwards I'm still counting heads and missing one....

Yesterday I lost one of my favorite hens in the whole world... Sarge.
Now just for the record, Sarge was no sweet cuddly chicken who loved to be picked up and held or made on over... but she was so unique and quirky it was laughable and this endeared her to me. She was odd-looking from the beginning; she had a huge comb that made you swear at first glance she was a rooster, and beautiful dark plumage around her head and neck that gave way to golden mottled feathers on her back and bottom. But it was her personality that made her such a hoot... almost like a drill sergeant she made the other hens walk the line. …