Friday Farm Fotos: I love......

Unexpected rainbows....

A tree full of pears.

A hubby that likes to landscape.

Making homemade ice cream.

Tiki lamps!

Old hens......

Nature's surprises- like these corn stalks growing behind the barn.
(Which we didn't plant, but apparently the birds did... indirectly.)

BLT's for supper.
(With fried bologna instead of bacon- YUMMY!)

Chicks when they start to get their feathers....

Sheep lookin' for a treat!

The manure spreader my daddy gave me for my birthday last year, because you should "never let good fertilizer go to waste."

A front porch with rocking chairs in the afternoon shade.

Happy Friday, everybody....
What are some things you love?


  1. Those are awesome things to love!
    Hope you have a good day.
    Patty H.

  2. I love pretty much every thing you do. LOL Great pictures. I would have to throw in a gorgeous quilt. (grin) Have a great weekend, Paula.

  3. Hi!

    I found you because one of my readers follows you.

    What kind of ice cream did you make? We made ginger, strawberry and cherry chocolat the other day.

    Answer my question on my blog and do follow it. I will read yours often as I love farms and chickens !!

  4. oh, those are great! i used to love fried bologna sandwiches!!! and love that your dad gave you a manure spreader for your birthday. so cute!

  5. I saw your comment on Farm Life Lessons Blog and stopped by for a visit. Nothing better than good ol' Tennessee farm land. I left a spot close to Murfreesboro 8 years ago to look after the MIL (mother in law)I hope one day I can get back to the wild ways of the country.

  6. YUM! Fried bologna! And I need to get a pear tree...those are gorgeous! (Oh...BTW the canning you aked about was squash good!)

  7. WONDERFUL!! Thanks for the little tour around your farm again! LOVE your front porch. Someday, I hope to have something similar...

  8. Beautiful photos! I love the sheep.

  9. It all spells "Comfort" and I love it all :o)

  10. I love your pictures with you!!! The Rainbow, awww the baby chicks,,,awww the sheep.
    I love how God blesses me with friends like you! Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh Paula, What priceless pictures. I love this post! I hope you all have a grand weekend.

  12. Love these Miz Paula! I hadn't realised I wasn't Following you until I saw you had followed Me!!Hahaaa....I'm slow...
    Now get back out there and make some More ice cream! I'll be right UP!!Hahaaaa
    Happy weekend!

  13. Cool Paula as always you have such interesting posts, love them fried bolonga sandwiches too, my favorite, heehee guess it is a southern thing. Have a great day and keep telling us all about your lovely farm life. Hugs Barbara♥

  14. Oh Paula, I love all those things too, especially BLT's! I have NEVER had them with fried bologna tho, definitely gonna have to try that;) I also love bunnies, homemade PIE, berry pickin' and reading such awesome blogs like yours:D Have a great day!

  15. Paula...thank you so much for letting me know some of your story with your comment on my blog. You give me hope after knowing you have gone thru such similar circumstances. Your pictures are absolutely makes me realize that living in the country is worth EVERYTHING it takes to get there. Thank you for sharing and the birds helping with the planting is very cool!

  16. Your favorite things are wonderful.
    Can I come sit on that front porch with you!

  17. Ahhh Paula, your pictures made it a Happy Friday..I think I'll have my sandwich on the porch while I rock in those inviting chairs ! !
    Have a great week-end!

  18. I love bologna fried and in a sandwich. My dil thought I'd lost my mind till she ate one.
    I love all of those photos of the farm.
    I'll have a dish of fresh strawberry ice cream please!!:)
    Have a great weekend

  19. Love the photos, but now we are hungry from looking at that yummE sandwich
    Benny & Lily

  20. I love harvesting things from the garden in the early morning hours. I love sitting on the backyard deck at twilight. I love laying on a cold leather couch on a hot summer day.

  21. You had me at home-made ice cream :)
    Looks to me like everyone is enjoying summer around the farm.
    Hope you have a great weekend too!
    I'm off tomorrow to take pictures of the bride and groom to be....should be fun.

  22. Gosh Paula... you sure are popular(-... smile...
    Anyway, I love your sheep of course and I want to come and have a glass of lemonade and rock in one of those rockers with you.. grin...
    Oh.. and you can sing to me.. lol..
    Take care, sweetie...

  23. A true farm girl like me, Paula, I love most of these same things too. How blessed that we are able to live in the country.... and to be able to enjoy a BLT is the cat's meow! topped off with home made ice cream,yum!
    ~big smile~
    loved the photos, enjoy our weekend.

  24. I thought I was the only one who loved fried bologna sandwiches!!! Here, so many comments on these being favorites. I do the same with Spam. Fry it crispy and crunchy and make a sandwich!!!! Loved your list, Paula, with all the pictures. Especially the porch and the rocking chairs. Add the rainbow, and looks like "the good life" to me!

  25. I love the photos. Your front porch looks so relaxing with the rocking chairs. I would love some of the homeade ice cream. The pears looks delicious, too. As always I like the animals: the old hen, cute chicks with feathers, and the sheep wanting a treat. That BLT sandwich looks good, too. I can hardly wait until our tomatoes get ripe to make a BLT sandwich. Your farm sure is a peaceful and lovely place.

  26. Your photos take me away to another place---like a mini vacation. So nice!

  27. Hum, I thought that tiki lamp was a squirrel proof bird feeder of sorts, the black base would ride up and down if the squirrel got on it. Can you tell I need to get out more, I am beginning to see things that arent..... ?

    Homemade ice cream, yum!!! Have not done that in years, I wonder if ours auto maker still works? Will have to dig around in the garage and see.

    I so hope you all are staying cool and Miss Lily is keeping cool as well.

    GOD bless and keep you all safe and thank you for your continued prayers.

  28. Love it!!! all of it, I need one of those mannure spreaders!!! But that rain bow is wierd....where is the bow?.....Thats like God just looked down on Pala and her lil farm and smiled :o)

  29. Wonderful, wonderful in all words and pictures!

  30. Hi Paula - now I've got some fresh bologna and home-grown tomatoes at home myself - I think I just got my supper planned!

    Love that old manure spreader your dad gave you, too. That's a memory of your dad that you'll have every time you use it!

    I think I'll add a dozen or so fresh jars of plum jam or peach jam from my own little trees to your list!

  31. that is the strangest rainbow I have ever seen.........where is the bow?........Its like God was just smilin on you and your lil farm because He was please to see how you take delight in the little things in life.........or sumthin LOL

  32. oh....I guess I already said that...LOL


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