A finished project (Finally!)

"Rollin',  rollin', rollin',
Keep those feed dogs rollin'...."

A few months ago (March, to be exact...) I shared a really cute pattern I found online for a reversible bag. Here is the picture from the website- 

(If you missed that post and would like the pattern you can find it here.)

I've tried to stay out of the heat as much as possible lately, so while indoors I got busy sewing and finally finished my bag:

Although it looks navy blue in the picture, it's actually black.

But the lining/ reverse side?
Hang on to your hats:

Here is the close-up:

Is this not the custest fabric you've ever seen?
It makes me smile every time I look at it.

As for the plain black side, I dressed it up with some sunny yellow topstitching.

I've always been intimidated by topstitching although I love the way it looks when it's done right... my topstitch seams always wound up crooked and I had to tear them out and redo them 5 or 6 times before I usually just gave up. Last year I bought a topstitch foot with my birthday money... I never knew this beautiful thing existed but I will never attempt to topstitch without it again. Some of you sewers may already have one of these and know how they work- if not, you can see the little stitch guide to one side that actually fits over the edge of the fabric and guides you while you sew.
Whoever thought of this brilliant idea- I love you.

I also put a snap on my bag to close the top.
I can still reverse it, though- the snap doesn't really show up much on the chickie side.

My chickie bag is done!


I received some handmade goodies in the mail last week from my good friend Vickie from the blog The Virginia Purl-  she made a bunch of knitted dishcloths for me in blue to match my kitchen colors! And they are so soft, too.
Thanks, Vickie- they're perfect!

Wait- Lily has to inspect them.....

They are now "Lily-tested" and "Lily-approved"!

Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  1. The chicken fabric made me smile too...love the expression! and now that you say that about the top stitch foot..will have to look at my machine parts and see if I have one..found a whole baggie of parts when I was cleaning out my craft cabinet..they came with the machine but I just filed them away...who'd a thought...

  2. Now that is one spiffy bag and love the chicken fabric. Topstitching is a trip but with that handy dandy foot its all fun.

    I love your song...Rollin Rollin... dog feeds rollin...
    Everything is Lily tested. That is the way it was here when we had cats, they had to see what was in the bags. How they make life fun those furry and feathered gifts from GOD.

    HOPE you are staying cool and hydrated.

  3. that fabric reminds me of the movie, Chicken Run. :)

  4. Love that chickie fabric! What a great bag. Love the nice blue dishcloths and of course, Lily has to inspect anything coming in! Have a great day Paula. That last photo of Lily is precious.

  5. Adorable bag! Oh my...the chickie fabric made me laugh out loud. Love it!!! And what a fabulous gift. Knitted cloths are my favorite and basically the main reason I learned to knit. =)

  6. Cute bag!

    Those washcloths do look really soft!

    That picture of Lily is so funny!


  7. Paula I'm squealing, too - I Love that fabric!!! You did a great job on your bag!

    It's been quite awhile since I've sewn anything, but I know what you mean about top-stitching. Don't know if I have a "foot" or not - will have to check. I did go get my machine oiled and cleaned and tuned up, so it's ready to roll.

    Lily is so cute - love her smile!!! Have a good week, my friend!

  8. I love the chicken pattern on your hand bag. It is sure a cute idea.
    My sil makes those dishcloths and I love them.
    Have a great day and stay cool.

  9. Paula - I forgot to thank you for your encouragement in the loss of my friend's daughter Kayla. It's been very sad, but God is good, and we know He's there for the family. Thank you for being a good friend!

  10. This will be very handy for you. Love the chickie fabric; matches your profile picture :)

    I've never seen the topstitch foot; I need a foot to make good 1/4 inch seam allowances and a throat plate that won't let the feed dogs "eat" my fabric!

  11. So cute! The bag and Lily! (Gotta get me a topstitch foot, too!)

  12. That purse is the cutest ever!! I didn't know about the top-stitch foot - now I must have one.
    Lily cracks me up. I love that little face. How's she holding up in this heat. Is she holding down an a/c vent like mine?

  13. Oh, I sure love the reversable bag. It's so pretty. You are such a talented person. I sure wish I could sew. I love the chicken fabric. I love the expression.
    Everything is Lily tested.

  14. LOVE that bag. Where do you find such cute chicken fabrics? The washcloths are nice too! I recently bought some cotton yarn thinking I would make some. I haven't started them yet.

  15. Adorable bag, Paula. Good job to get some sewing in while this nasty heat wave has us all in its grip. Glad Lily approved of your beautiful new dishcloths. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  16. Oh Paula i LOVE that bag you made! And Lily is so wonderful! What a sweet face! I love her soulful eyes....

  17. Oh Paula...don't know if I'm smilin or grinnin...but which ever..I'm lovin your chickie bag !
    PS...Hi Lily ! !

  18. Love your bag there chickie:-)grin..
    It is almost as cute as Lily.. I love that dog... And no I didn't know about that attachment.. I definely need one of them..
    Hava a good week my friend...

  19. What a wonderful bag Paula, I love it! The chicken fabric is just too cute. Give Lily a hug from me!

  20. Lily is absolutely a gorgeous girl! Your bag is cool also.

  21. Love your bag....especially the fabric! How fitting just for you!
    As I've said before, I'm REALLY impressed with folks that can sew! I don't have that talent! Wish you could teach Joy for me!

    Love your goodies too and glad they've been tested and approved!

    Have a great summer, Paula!

  22. I bought one of those crocheted cloths from a little old lady at a sale and it is the most awesome thing. You got some great ones there. Loving your bag--such cute fabric. I would never even attempt such a thing. I'm best with square things! lol

  23. That's a great bag and the fabric is just too cute!!

    Loved seeing your new goodies and a pic of Lilly to boot!!

    Stay cool!

  24. Such a cute bag! Love the chicken fabric.
    I just bought about 10 feet for my sewing machine. Now my sewing machine is messing up. Need to take time to work on it.
    Lily's smile brightened my day.
    Patty H

  25. Yes, I do remember your previous post. Hey, it took a while but you did it! LOVE the bag---yes the chickie lining is just so funny---the entire bag is just right! Inspector Lily is all business:) Keep cool!

  26. The chicken fabric made me squeaaaal with delight! Super cute.

  27. I like your new bag! I am not a sewer so I always admire someone who has the patience for it. I am tickled pink that Lily has approved of the dishcloths I made. Seeing her happy face made me grin from ear to ear. I hope they are living up to your expectations. Let me know if you need anymore! I love my bonnets. I will post about them soon.

  28. Just love that chicken fabric and the purse of so delightful! Such pretty hand knitted kitchen goodies. These last forever! Lilly is still the cutest!

  29. Cute Bag! LOVE IT.
    How sweet to get dishcloths, love the pictures getting the dogs approval!

  30. That fabric makes me laugh too...very cute and these are darling bags! :D

  31. Love, love, love the chicken fabric in the bag! It's great!


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