Scenes from a hayfield

Hubby mowing the hay

Wouldn't you know the time to work in the hay just happened to be right in the middle of the heatwave we've had for the last couple of weeks....
 But now we have enough square bales in the barn to last our sheep for the winter and all of the rolls are sold- which is nice because we have a little extra jingle in our pockets.

Heading out into the field, Hubby in front with the baler and me behind with the rake.

The large scary-looking spear on the front of the tractor makes me wish I had one on my car sometimes.... I have a feeling no one would pull out in front of me with that on there.

Looking over my shoulder to make sure the rake isn't too close to the tire...
(BIG no-no.)

That's hubby with the baler in action... and no, he's not on fire- that's dust.
*cough cough*

Rolling it up.....

It's getting dark and there is still lots of hay left.... *sigh*...

Even though it's hard work, the real reward comes in the dead of winter when I can take comfort in knowing I have plenty for the sheep to eat.

Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  1. You're a hard-workin' gal, my friend! We've lived out here in the country for 9 years already and I am just NOW learning how to drive our little yard tractor to mow the lawn!

    Love that picture of the darkening sky and the faint shadow that one cloud on the horizon sends straight up!

  2. Love watching people bale hay. Think it's so neat.
    East. TN is beautiful. We use to go from Asheville, by way of Murray Mountain, before the interstate went thru. Would always stop just across the state line and get water that was fed down thru a pipe to a little fountain by the road. Alwys looked forward to that. I love those little towns like Unicoi and Flag Pond. Yes, I could live in TN!
    Hope you have a good day!

  3. Country girl! Gotta do what we gotta do! But this heat is horrible, huh? "They" say it's going to rain Wednesday and Thursday...if it doesn't, I may be doing a rain dance soon!

  4. Love this!!!I always have such mixed feelings when the hay field is cut down... I love it when the hay field is tall and waving in the wind, but the sight of big rolled up hay bales on the large field are nice too! :-)

    great post!! Sorry you had to to do so in such horrible heat!

    Sweet, sweet picture of your lambs in the snow!
    Love carissa

  5. Sorry to hear about the heat. I almost turned my heat on last night....decided to get a blanket instead. I am sure when the jet stream moves we will have heat again. Try to stay cool. Lisa

  6. our field should have been done a couple of weeks ago, but the neighbor's hay guy had some equipment breakdowns. now it's getting a bit crisp so i'm not sure how much they'll get out of it yet! we've not had any rain lately and super-hot temps.

  7. I remember something like :Make Hay while the Sun shines" :o) maybe that's what it means :o0

  8. Sorry to hear that you are having so much heat. We sure could use a few days of heat and less rain.If only mother nature could spread things around a little more even.LOL
    I am glad to hear that you will have enough hay to feed your little darlings this winter.
    Have a great day.

  9. Great shots! Our hay fields are just about ready to be mowed in these parts.

  10. I love hay bales, something just so peaceful about the way they look:) Love your beautiful farm and thank you for sharing it with us!!! Have a wonderful day Paula:)

  11. Cool shots!
    What are y'all getting for rounds up there?
    It IS lots of hard work but SO worth it!
    Stay cool!

  12. Beautiful pictures. I would love to be doing this! But, I understand the heat, we're in a drought - have officially had less than 1" of rain in the last four months here in the Houston, Texas area. Triple digit day expected today. So, it's not fun to be doing such labor in the heat. But, you two make a great team.

  13. Hay baling is dusty work but it's so good to have the groceries in the barn! Thanks for the cool picture at the end...I think I'm gonna put a snowy picture on my backgroud to give me cool thoughts.

  14. It seems so strange that you are already getting in your hay. We are still sopping wet here...

  15. You inspire me :)
    You guys work hard to make everything on your farm shine. I love your attitude of preparedness, and wanting to be ready for the winter. Sometimes there are those chores that need to be done that are hot, dirty, and not too fun.... but your hard work is obviously paying off!
    Hope you have a great day!

  16. Now that's my kind of life!! We're just about finished with the first cutting and most of it is hauled. You are so much younger than me; I started raking for my husband years ago and this year I was 70 when we went to the field. So I'm always thinking I should praise God for health and sound mind to still work. Isn't it wonderful to be able to work together?

  17. Happy Tuesday to you too my friend! Ever since i raised guinea pigs, or "piggies" as we call them, i have been interested in hay. I notice it out in the fields and i love the smell of it...Soon we will have a few baby guinea pig sows living here again and i will be back in the hay business in a MUCH smaller scale than you are. Still i find it fascinating. And i too appreciate that wonderful "jingling" sound! ;) Love you, mare

  18. You are very wise to grow your own hay! It does get expensive and it is hard to get during the winter when you are running low.

  19. Awesome pictures !Lots of hard work but with plenty of rewards ! Have always love hay cutting time. Have a wonderful day ,Jen

  20. Been there done that, raking was always my job and yes I have turned to tightly and rolled that rake right up on the big tractor tire a time or two,luckily didn't break anything !!
    Glad you got all your hay in the barn.

  21. Fabulous! Almost nothing satisfied like dry hay, waiting for winter and feeding the animals.

  22. Great Pictures! Hard work, great rewards!

  23. The picture of winter instantly made me feel cooler. We are hitting 101 as I type so cool thoughts are better than nothing. You guys are hard workers!

  24. Hay baling is hard work and especially in the heat.. Hope you were able to get it up before the rain??

  25. As I told you before my dear...
    YOU ARE ONE GOOD WOMAN... grin...
    It takes a lot of talent to do all that hard work but it must be so satisfactory when it is over..
    Thanks for dropping by, dear..
    I missed you, too...
    God bless...

  26. How cool, we would love to run in those fields.
    Benny & Lily

  27. Honey, you are a goddess for James. You are a truly awesome farm wife. I cannot believe all the things you do. Mike and I have an agreement. He works outside. I work inside. There is no way I could bale hay. No way.
    But I do love those square bales. They just look right to me.
    How is your garden doing? Did you get a tomato in? Are the bees working? How is Lily handling the heat?
    Big ((()))s,

  28. A great and needful work! It's haying time here too, finally! :D

  29. Hi Paula, Hay gathering is one of my favorite things to do here on the farm. I am always a little anxious until hay baling season is over, we have had some dry years where we thought there was not going to be enough for our animals, But God was so faithful.
    Beautiful photos.
    Thank you for your visit, and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet note.

  30. You guys have been busy! Love farm pics!

    This reminds me of something my uncle told me once....Of course I thought he was being serious and he says (when we pass a field with the round bales of hay) know they outlawed those. I said, why? He said because the animals were getting square meals! lol!

    Just had to share!

    Have a great summer, Paula!


  31. Love all the pics. Lily looks as spoiled as our Boopie and Sam. What would we do without our babies

  32. Loved to see your pictures!!!
    And you did a fantastic job explainin and showing!

    I hope you had the chance to come over and read my tractor disaster post about raking hay??? I think you would like it!


  33. Yep, it's hayin' time around here too. Love to see all the bales laying in the fields. Especially when I have to buy some for my donkeys in the winter!! And in-between. At $40 a bale. Hope you get lots of jingle in your pockets! I am grateful for people like you who do the work....:) Oh, we are in our 3rd of 4th week of mid 90's and no end in sight.
    :( Take care and God bless.

  34. I love visiting the Fraker Farm.
    All that hay for so many mouths to feed!

  35. Great pictures, Paula. I miss our goats, but don't miss working in hay. LOL It is always hot when the hay is ready and so itchy. Glad you have your winter hay supply put up.

  36. Beautiful photos and your story, with photos, should be submitted to COUNTRY MAGAZINE! So nice to see the end result of the sheepies enjoying the fruits of your labor:)

  37. Just starting haying here, too... so satisfying to see it put up. We're investing in a bunch this year, so we don't have any worries this winter and next spring.


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