Mother of the Year and a new "Do"

The final count on my Silkie baby hatchlings is... 25!
Or is it 24.... or 26?
(Whoever said not to count your chickens before they hatch obviously never tried to count them after they hatched....)

The "Fraker Farm Mother of the Year" award has to go to my splash Silkie hen, Freida- who has been given the monumental task of raising all these babies. The eggs were incubated the "natural" way (by hens instead of an incubator), so the chicks all hatched out at different times. They range in age from 2 weeks to 2 days.... every time one hatched I gave it a few hours to dry and fluff up, then it was off to the "maternity ward" with Freida so the chickie's mother could stay put on any unhatched eggs she was sitting on.
Freida herself hatched out 8 babies, and the other chicks were from three different hens. Why didn't I let them each raise their own, you ask? Well, I only have one coop set aside for raising chicks, and since Freida seemed to be the most "motherly" by gladly taking in each chick I handed her, she got the job.

And even though she seems to have all the right instincts, raising 25 young-uns' ain't no small feat.

If you think about it, that is a lot of Happy Meals....


After the recent heat wave we had, I decided to go for a cooler haircut this summer... most of the year I keep my hair a little below the shoulder or even longer, but I realized it was just way too hot right now, especially when we were in the middle of putting up hay.

Here it is from the back..... still not real short, but the shortest it's been in a long time.

There is a down side to my new "do", however....

A lot more of the silvery-looking stuff is showing through now... YIKES!

Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  1. Good Morning Paula, I love, love, love your new hairstyle!

    Poor Freida....makes me tired to think about all those babies! They are so cute.

    Hope you have a nice day!

  2. Your new do looks wonderful and easy to take care of. You have beautiful blue eyes!
    I thought you were cutting back on the chickens? LOL so cute

  3. Hi Paula, Love your little babies. How cute, I bet it was hard to count them after they hatched. hehe. Your hair looks great. It will definately be cooler. Hope you have a good day. Lisa

  4. Paula your new babies are adorable! I have a few hens with babies at the moment and more hatching as the day goes on.Love your new hair do,beautiful lady! Hugs,Jen

  5. Hey Paula,
    The biddies are so cute! I do miss having them around here since we shut down the incubator. The Light Brahma's, Goldie, and Tara, just aren't the sitting type I guess.

    Love your new do. Looks great and didn't you earn each of those beautiful silvery stuff? I know I have.
    Have a great day.

  6. love all those sweet chickies! hurray for your momma hen o' the year!!!

    and i LOVE my silver hair. bring it on! i've earned it! :)

  7. Your hair cut is lovely...DON"T cheapen yourself dying to hide the gray. That gray is a reward and symbol of your gift of longevity< a special can't give yourself a better color..A Special gift from Mother Nature which you can't replace.

  8. WOW that is alot of adorable furry bottomed babies, so cute!!!! I LOVE your hair, the color too, you are a beautiful gal Paula!!!! You will be so much cooler, I hated mine when I first got it cut so short recentley but it is *growing* on me in this humid weather;)

  9. First of all, Freida is a champ and those babies are so cute.
    Secondly, you look stunning. I mean it,,love your hair, your eyes are dazzling. Who cares about the silver stuff...we earn those and they are a crown. Think of it as an advancement on your halo!

  10. You look adorable! Love the hairstyle and those bright blue eyes (with mischief sparkling).

  11. wow..what cute chick babies and Freida looks like she's up for the your it naturally curly? mine is straight and shoulder length..colored too..under the color, I am silvery white.

  12. I am beside myself with excitement over my Silkie hatch-lings. The hatch date is Thursday! I have 7 in the 'bator and 5 under the Mama. *squeeel*

    I love the new do! And the silvery stuff too.

  13. So cute, and I love your doo too, very nice, love the splash of silver also, me I cover mine up quickly,,,Hugs and be blessed, barbara

  14. Your "babies" are adorable! Mother hen looks like she might be hot with all her fluff.

    Your new haircut looks very nice. Don't worry about the silver.

  15. You are just too cute:-)
    BUT ... I thought you were kinda blodne.. No?
    Your are beautiful no matter what the color... Honest..
    And the chicks are cute, too...
    Oh.. I want some...

  16. Hi Paula,
    I love your new dew! Very cute! Also great for the hot weather!
    I just love all those baby chicks.
    I finally talked my husband into letting me get chickens. He is suppose to start working on the coop next week (yeah we'll see, I keep saying...) Any ways, that Frieda is a trooper!
    Hugs, Ann

  17. Love the new do! I'm letting mine grow out. I keep it up in a clippy most of the time, tho.
    The babies are so cute! Freida is a good momma. I bet she's tired tho.
    Patty H

  18. Paula that new "do" looks wonderful! Don't worry about the silver it's beautiful, it goes well with those gorgeous blue eyes! Freida and all those chickies is too precious for words. Can I come play with all those fuzzy babies!!!!

  19. Paula, you're beautiful and your system of getting the chicks hatched and cared for seems to be right on the money! One day, you'll have to share the lessons all the way through to getting the "Happy Meal" on the table. One day, I'll be doing this too. And I'm learning about these "meat" chicks...brand new at raising my first set of chickens.

  20. Dear Paula I love the new do. I have always kept my hair short.
    That is sure a lot of mouths to feed and to watch. I agree that she sure does deserve mom of the yr award.
    So cute and fluffy.

  21. Such sweet babies and a pretty good mom, too!

    Love the new do!

  22. Congratulations on having such a successful hatch. It is hard to wrangle all those new chicks, and I'm glad that you have such a good little hen that will watch over and care for all the chicks!
    Love, love, love your new haircut!!And, you are too cute with those beautiful eyes.... I'm certain that a few gray hairs never are seen by anyone anyway! They are too taken with your smile and sparkly eyes to notice any gray!
    I mean it!

    Hope that the rest of your week is terrific!

  23. Cute silkies and really pretty hair (and fabulous blue eyes!). Your cut is very flattering.

  24. Very cute hairdo, Paula! You wear it well...very pretty! :) Wear your silver proudly, and remember if you so desire, there's always little bottles of color for that too! You are in charge! :)

    Definitely a mother of the year award is due to that one, I'd say! :)


  25. LOOK how Beautiful you are!

  26. Beautiful hair and hair cut; looks great!

  27. What beautiful chickies! Freida deserves an award to raise so many!

    I love your hair! I have a lot of the silvery stuff, too. Wonder what causes it, LOL!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog (as well as advice on how ot post!). I'm hoping for a much better month of July!!

  28. I love your haircut. You look great.

  29. My goodness, Frieda! That is The Old Hen In The Coop/shoe, for sure! She seems to be ok with her appointed task!
    Love your new do. You are pretty as ever! Mike calls those highlights. My head is covered with them!

  30. Your hair is beautiful! I hope Freida has fun with all of those babies.

  31. Cute haircut - you and I both were blessed (?) with naturally curly hair. Sometimes it's nice, sometimes I fight it when the humidity is so high. A blessing and a curse, it is! But very cute! Now it makes me wanna get mine cut!

    Miss Freida has her wings full with all those little "chicken nuggets" doesn't she!!

  32. Your hair is just beautiful. So thick and just gorgeous!
    Your little silkies are adorable too :)

  33. I love these chickens, wish I had some...and I love the new are a beauty indeed! ;D

  34. You are too cute and love your new do...

    Now she deserves the Mother Of The Year award.

  35. That is alot of babies... they are the cutest little chicks, I ever did see... I have a brooder laying on; I don't know how many eggs, (she's in a trash can)we have a plastic trash can that we throw all our baling twine in and this hen has chosen to lay and brood in it.

    You are a pretty lady, beautiful eyes and highlights.

    We all get natural highlights sooner-or-later. Those are achievement awards!

    Hugs, Mel

  36. Freida has certainly earned her title "Mother of the Year..I sure don't envy her the job..for sure!
    Love your new hairstyle...!

  37. Twenty-five chicks and counting! Wow! Can it get any cuter?! I hope mamma doesn't burn out!
    Your hair-do is lovely. And I think the grey looks very, very nice---natural. I feel that those with dark hair have a beautiful shade of grey when it comes in---I'm jealous. Being a natural blonde all my life, the grey on my head is very dull looking. That is why I am coloring my hair. I figure when I'm around 70 I'll try to let it go au naturalle!

  38. Love the baby chicks. They can be a lot of work but are enjoyable. I love your new hairstyle. Just had mine done, to hot to wear it long..Susie

  39. You always have such good ideas... the reason we lost almost our whole hatch this spring is that the mamas had no privacy to raise their babies. Next year that's what I'll do... have a broody coop where one mama can raise all the chicks! Bravo!

    Love your hair!

  40. I love the new babies. They are so cute and they look very soft. I like the new "do". Everyone around me has short hair and here I am at my age, growing my hair out. It's hot!

  41. I found your site at Donna's Made In Heaven and I can see why you'd be blog friends...what a nice place to visit you have.
    I'll be back.
    Love those dear babies too.

  42. Hi Paula! Love all of the fluff...your new babies are just tooo cute!
    Your new do looks great. Your right with all of this heat I too cannot have my hair long.
    Have a wonderful day!

    Irma :)

  43. I like your "new" hair!
    But O MY GOSH That is a lot of babies to take care off!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  44. Paula-You're beautiful-but I already knew that from other pictures of you-and I love the new style. Gray hair is pretty too-don't do a thing about it!

    Oh how I love those babies! I want to hug each one and snuggle with them!
    Love you!

  45. Oh, I love your new hair do. It looks so nice and cool for summer. I also like very much the photos of the cute Silkie baby hatchlings. I really like little chicks. They are adorable. I wish I could raise a bushel of them. Have a great day.

  46. How did that little tiny thing sit and keep all of those eggs warm?? A very determined mother in deed. Is her name Mrs. Dugger? ( I love to watch 19 kids and counting) Paula, you look lovely!

  47. I just love coming over here and catching up! You look wonderful with you new hair style!!!!! I love it. Hey, we all get that grey stuff after a while -- I call it the squirrelly look.

    The babies are just too cute!!! I love how you worked out your maternity ward, etc. Everyone's happy with it, and that's all that matters, right???? Can't have unhappy mother hens around.

    It was great to catch up on your past posts! I'm still interested in those bees!!!!!

  48. I love your new do! And that many chicks? WOW. but they sure are cute. Have a great day!

  49. Hi Paula,
    Congratulations to Freida, she is indeed mother of the year! We just had a hen come off the nest with 6, and they are so adorable.
    Your new do is beautiful, but I have to comment on your beautiful eyes, they just sparkle. It has to the reflection of the Lord!

    I also read your post for your father, and was so touched beyond words. What a beautiful tribute to him, .Enjoy your day.

  50. I love your new cut Paula and the new babies are just precious!

  51. I was going back through some of your older posts and came across this one. I like your hair like that. Of course having those gorgeous color eyes don't hurt any. lol.


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